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  1. Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

    Mushroom Kingdom Fusion (or MKF for short) is a Super Mario Bros 3/World styled fan game in development since 2008. MKF combines the gameplay of classic 2D Mario with MANY other video games. From other platformers like Mega Man, Sonic and Castlevania. To games from completely different genres...
  2. Demon Turf

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Demon Turf

    The Demon World is inhabited by all kinds of nasties... Most of them lumped into gangs battling for dominion, each led by its own head honcho. Yet even these bad dudes are no match for the Demon King himself! Instead the task falls to Beebz, a young demon barely a thousand years old, who decides...
  3. Super Mario XP: Remastered (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Super Mario XP: Remastered (SAGE 2022 DEMO)

    Super Mario XP - スーパーマリオXP "Super Mario XP: Remastered" is a restoration project of a 2001 fan-game called "Super Mario XP". Originally developed by a japanese with the nickname of CnC Darkside back in 2001, Super Mario XP mix both Mario and Castlevania mechanics. Making a cool and original...
  4. Essence Of Waluigi II: Eternal Awakening (SAGE '22 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Essence Of Waluigi II: Eternal Awakening (SAGE '22 Demo)

    In order to avoid confusion, it is recommended that you play the good ending of the first Essence Of Waluigi before playing this game. One year after the events of Essence Of Waluigi, Mario & Luigi are knocked out. While they were sleeping, Waluigi brings back the Essence thanks to the help of...
  5. Essence Of Waluigi

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Essence Of Waluigi

    Ralorche's Latest fangame! 5 years ago, Luigi was killed by "the essence". As a result of this, Mario has left the Mushroom Kingdom. Now, thanks to a reoccuring nightmare, Mario has decided to go back and destroy Waluigi's essence once and for all. However, "the essence" plans to destroy the...
  6. Isekai Mario

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Isekai Mario

    Isekai Mario returns for another year of SAGE!Mario and anime come together as one in Isekai Mario, the ultimate anime crossover! Collect over a hundred power stars across multiple scenarios, customize your character's look and voice, summon for hundreds of new anime characters to play as, face...
  7. Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Super Mario: All-Star Attack!

    PROLOGUE: Oh my! Bowser has stolen the All-Star from Star Haven, and Wanda, one of the sprixies, has came down from her home to warn the Mario Bros. that the entire Mushroom World is in grave danger, and it is up to them to thwart Bowser's plans before the land is warped by his jurisdiction...
  8. Sonic in Marios Mind

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic in Marios Mind

    This Mario 64 hack was made for the Simpleflips Crossover Competition. Mario is in a coma from a sport accident. Now Sonic has to enter his mind to help him gain back his consciousness. This Hack also showcases the moveset of M64 Sonic edition with levels made for his unique moves.
  9. Princess Quest Part 1

    Complete Princess Quest Part 1

    I've been working on this fangame in Clickteam Fusion 2.5 for 8 years. It's been a labor of love as a big fan of Mario RPGs. I am only halfway done with the story, but have decided to release the first half now as Part 1. I hope the second half will come sooner than 8 years! Plot Features...
  10. Demon Turf Trials

    Demo Demon Turf Trials

    The 3D Platformer with attitude is coming soon, but you can play the Trials edition right now! Check out the demo and compete in new challenge levels each week! Jump, spin and punch your way across these trials to become #1 in the leaderboards! Sonic fans will quickly notice how the "rollout"...
  11. Super Mario 64 Plus - 2.0 Update

    Super Mario 64 Plus - 2.0 Update

    Super Mario 64 Plus is a fork of the Super Mario 64 PC Port that focuses on customizability and adds features that not only fix some of the issues found in the base game but also enhance the gameplay overall. These features include (but are not limited to): - More responsive controls -...
  12. Proof-O: Super Godotrio

    Proof-O: Super Godotrio

    PROOF-O: SUPER GODOTRIO (Version 0.1.0) ABOUT This is a small proof-of-concept (and a personal programming exercise) showing that it is possible make a 2D Mario platformer using Godot Engine. Perhaps this will encourage more fan game developers to use this tool, especially those who may think...
  13. Five Nights at Sonic's Side Story Act 1 [SAGE DEMO]

    Five Nights at Sonic's Side Story Act 1 [SAGE DEMO]

    Disclaimer: This is not an official Five Nights at Sonic's game. This is a fan production made for the sake of making it, so I made it... again. Five Nights at Sonic's was originally created by TheCyVap and is currently owned by SmilerFurcifer. Five Nights at Freddy's was originally created by...
  14. Super Mario 127

    Super Mario 127

    Super Mario 127 is a fan-made sequel to the game Super Mario 63. It will contain a remake of the original campaign from Super Mario 63 and our unique campaign, all created inside of our Level Designer. Complete various platforming challenges to collect all the Shine Sprites. Super Mario 127 has...
  15. Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2

    Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2

    Luigi and the Quest for Nothing 2 is the direct sequel to the award winning* fangame, in development since 2014. Game History (if you care about that) *"Game Of The Month" award on the Mario Fan Games Galaxy website. Plot After the events of Luigi and the Quest for Nothing, a mysterious...
  16. Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    The Difference is Night and Day! Super Mario Unleashed follows Mario in a race against time to save the world... himself!? When turned into a Midbus, an ancient Pig species, Mario must Travel around The World, Restoring it From Bowser after he separated for his evil scheme to make his country...
  17. Isekai Mario (SAGE 2021)

    Isekai Mario (SAGE 2021)

    This is the old SAGE 2021 version of the game, and is available for archival purposes! One day, summoning magic was discovered in the Mushroom Kingdom, and with that, the ability to summon those from other worlds is now possible. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse! The magic goes...
  18. MagnumAlpasan

    JohnGagz(TBA) + Blitz S21 Demo [Not Available]

    JohnGagz SAGE 2021 DEMO download is no longer available anymore But, play the earliest version of JohnGagz "JohnGagzProject" or see JohnGagz characters from the game on "MagnumAlpasan Original Characters Museum(" WARNING: THIS GAME WILL MIGHT BE EASY TO HARD, JUST DO PRACTICE...
  19. Redstar

    Fan Game Super Mario Bros 5: It's about Time! (Complete)

    Description: Super Mario Bros 5 Is a fan game by no way affiliated with Nintendo and is suppose to be a fan made sequel to the original quadology. The Game is inspired by the old Classic Mario Games (SMB3 and SMBW mainly).The Only reason why it's not called SMB4 because 1. Super Mario Bros 4...
  20. Super Golden Sibs. (April Fools 2020)

    Super Golden Sibs. (April Fools 2020)

    Since our project called Erick Golden (Formely Crack) is still in the works... An unofficial Mario Clone starring Erick. It's only up to Erick to save his big sis Alice from the evil Chairman Clancy in his friery castle of DOOM! There's no score and the game uses instant health system. Use your...
  21. Super Mario Flashback - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Super Mario Flashback - SAGE 2020 Demo

    A fanmade love letter to the Mario franchise that brings back stages from his former 2D and 3D adventures. Visit the website for more info also the latest version! SFGHQ is dying right now so I can't update the demo here to fix some of the issues.
  22. Super Mario Generations

    Super Mario Generations

    The most asked Mario fangame is now a reality! Play as both Classic Mario and Modern Mario in remixed stages based on the levels of the past! Controls (Which you are able to change by pausing, going over the key and pressing CTRL, then pressing the new key input): Arrow Keys (NOTE: You can't...
  23. Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2

    Mushroom Kingdom Showdown 2

    A platform fighter featuring a ton of the Mario cast! Features: -Over 32 characters to play as and over 20 stages to fight across. -Standard and Tag-Team Modes for multiplayer. -A complete classic mode and a WIP adventure mode. -A fully-functional stage builder, with files that you can share to...
  24. MagnumAlpasan

    JohnGagz S20 Demo [Not Available]

    JohnGagz SAGE 2020 DEMO download is no longer available anymore But, play the earliest version of JohnGagz "JohnGagzProject" or see JohnGagz characters from the game on "MagnumAlpasan Original Characters Museum(" WARNING: THIS GAME WILL MIGHT BE EASY TO HARD, JUST DO PRACTICE...
  25. Antonball Deluxe

    Antonball Deluxe

    "Anton's an absolute douchebag" ~SomeCallMeJohnny "Antonball single handedly cured my insomnia and erectile dysfunction, put my kids through college and mowed my lawn. 2/10 not enough balls" ~Rob (Dinosaur Bytes) "I love Antonball" ~Endy "I hate Antonball" ~Apple "Wait, a brickbreaker and a...
  26. SimpleTeam

    Fan Game Super Mario Mania

    Check out our new Mario fangame that goes throw the history of Super Mario franchise We will organize a vote to select every level that we are going to remake. We implement modern gameplay mechanics into a 2D retro style. The Game: Join us on Discord...
  27. Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

    Mario & Sonic at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games

    Almost a year in the making, the final release of the first Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games fangame is here! Play 20 different dream events as either Mario or Sonic in familiar places of both universes! Press F1 on the menu to see the credits and shift to return to said menu. Enjoy a...
  28. Hello

    Fan Game Toadette's Sweets Gallery - Delicious 3D Platformer

    The Sweets Gallery is an exhibit full of magical dessert paintings containing worlds within them. The ever curious Captain Toad was exploring these worlds when all of a sudden, the paintings lost their magic, and Captain Toad was left trapped inside! It is now up to Toadette to collect the power...
  29. Hello

    Fan Game Super Mario Prism - 3D Mario Fangame

    The Sprixie princess has been trapped in one of the painting worlds! It is now up to Mario to rescue her by collecting the power stars to restore color to the paintings in this 3D platformer! Download
  30. MagnumAlpasan

    JohnGagz S19 Demo [Not Available]

    JohnGagz SAGE 2019 DEMO download is no longer available anymore But, play an earliest JohnGagz version "JohnGagzProject" JohnGagz JohnGagz is a game with various mixed play styles inspired by Sonic, Mario, Marble Blast, Marble Madness and Crash Bandicoot, for expert gamers. Whatever...
  31. Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    "This is what happen when you place a Super Mario Kart cartridge in Sonic & Knuckles." A Special stages mod pack for Sonic Mania including 6 tracks from Super Mario Kart (SNES) with a complete original stage layout with blue spheres, rings and UFOs. The pack also features a custom menu to have...
  32. JohnGagzProject(New Title: JohnGagz)

    JohnGagzProject(New Title: JohnGagz)

    JohnGagzProject is a Player-mixed(Sonic, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot) for experts, whatever beginner-impossible levels to practice harder.
  33. Grand Dad Mania Revived

    Grand Dad Mania Revived

    DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit parody game developed by a group of dedicated fans. The development team has no affiliation with SiIvaGunner or any of the copyrighted material's owners. The game is currently unfinished and will improve in the future. It also has nothing to do with the previous...
  34. Hello

    Shroom Editor

    The Shroom Project meets Mario Editor! The resistance is back, and this time, you get to create their adventures! Build your own levels with guns and blood with this easy to use level editor! Trailer Screenshots Download Game Want to share your level with others? Want to try out...
  35. Hello

    Fan Game The Shroom Project

    The zombie apocalypse is nigh! The world is in utter chaos, and death is commonplace. A malicious group is responsible for all of this destruction, and is busy at work on a dark scheme known as The Shroom Project. Play as one of two characters, join a rag tag team known as The Resistance, and...
  36. Zack

    Others My creations on Photoshop CC 2017

    All artwork are made by me in photoshop CC 2017. Sonic Pose in Sonic 1 Box Art by BlueParadox. Sonic CD Background Art by Nerkin
  37. Lu9

    Fan Game Untitled Linear Sonic Fangame

    Hello! I am new around here, but a few of you might know me from Mario Fan Games Galaxy. I am starting this project which is mostly an experiment: Sonic with linear, Mario-esque platforming style. You still get all of the classic abilities we all know and love, but the pacing will be generally...
  38. Super Mario Flashback - Engine Test

    Super Mario Flashback - Engine Test

    Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fangame that combines the mechanics of 2D and 3D Super Mario titles. This build of the game is an engine test and features a mostly complete version of the very first level of the game. The game may get updated during SAGE, the updates will be automatic so don't...
  39. Battle Cross FEVER

    Battle Cross FEVER

    Visit JOIN DISCORD! Newer Version: Battle Cross FEVER v0.1311 Whats new in v0.1311: - Change to Fullscreen to exclusive - Now people who has Nvidia Stream can play with friends over the net / Steam...
  40. Hello

    Fan Game Hello Fangaming Time Capsule + Launcher

    Hello Fangaming Time Capsule + Launcher A decade's worth of fangames, all in one download! The Hello Fangaming Time Capsule + Launcher includes a grand total of 40 fangames, all of which can be accessed from one convenient launcher. Full Game List: Download Link
  41. Mors

    Fan Game Super Mario Flashback

    Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fangame I'm working on for a long time. It takes some gameplay elements from 3D Mario games and applies them to 2D. I recently decided to remake the game from scratch. Here's the new engine. And here's a WIP sprite for Mario by Neweegee. Visit the site for...