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  • Petit Hedgehog - SAGE 2018 Demo
    5.00 star(s)
    cool game i like it this is my best sonic games downloader with gamejolt!
    • SpoRRex
  • I Can't Believe it's Not Sonic 1
    5.00 star(s)
    I mean, the title says it all for me...
    • Custardly23
  • Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Demo
    5.00 star(s)
    Absolutely fantastic! I love the visuals, I love the music, I love absolutely everything that...
    • CBHGaming101
  • Dream Crafter
    5.00 star(s)
    Howdy there, big fan of the kirby series. I understand this game was intended for windows, but I...
    • Handsome_Lancer
  • Sonic Smackdown
    4.00 star(s)
    This has pretty good potential If it's finished with a decent amount of roster and content...
    • Clox

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  • Sonic Utopia Early Demo
    Is this only available for Windows or am I just doing something wrong with the .zip file? I'm gonna get a Windows PC soon enough, so it doesn't...
  • Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)
    I can't seem to fix the button layout on my PS4 controller so if anyone could help I would really appreciate it. Also while I was trying out the...
  • Fech The Ferret - SAGE 2019 DEMO
    Heck, I have no idea of how I missed this, and feel a tad ashamed for it, but thanks a ton for having streamed my game!! I don't know why the game...
  • Sonic Utopia Early Demo
    Duuude, you should make a Switch port. This would be so much fun to play on the Switch.
  • Classic Music for Mania Mode
    poggers. poggers indeed

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