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Christmas SAGE 2023 Prototype N (CSAGE 2023 DEMO)



What's New?!
The Christmas SAGExpo demo features mainly level design refinements, general quality of life and 2 new weapons! There are no new levels other than the ones available from previous demos including SAGExpo 2023's. The level total are 7 across 3 worlds and a single boss fight.

The biggest new feature is the Database. You can now look up entries of enemies, weapons and locations of the Prototype N world by collecting Data Chips.

Destructive robots are running rampant across the world! Nadine, an incomplete prototype robot of unknown origin, fights to save the world while searching for her creator.



Nadine using her Slide attack on a Turtlebot enemy.
Prototype N is a side scrolling shooting platformer. Nadine, a prototype android, has a limited loadout of weapons. She must use them to get through many stages filled with tricky obstacles such as dangerous robotic foes, hazardous traps and more!


Nadine shooting the boss, Tortoisebot EX, with the new weapon "Scatter Blast".

Nadine, equiped with her arm cannon, can shoot her way through the levels found in the game. While she is equipped with a little plasma shooter, there are several other weapons spread throughout the levels. Each have their own unique properities and interact with enemies and the environment in different ways. There are currently seven types of special weapons in this demo.


Nadine being protected from a fire projectile with the Fire Shield.

A major feature in the demo are Shields. The current demo only has 3 types of shields, Basic, Fire and Metal. Every shield protects you from up to two hits unless stated otherwise. Fire Shield protects you from fire projectiles from enemies and takes a hit from lava up to 4 times before wearing out. Metal Shield attracts items within a radius, it also protects you from spikes up to 4 times before wearing out. You can only find them from Shops.


Shield menu in Clara's Shop

Each level has several kind of collectables such as health pick ups, ammo refills, and Gems! Gems are this game's currency which you can use to buy Weapons and Shields in Shops found throughout the World Map. Currently, Shields are only found within Shops.


Nadine encountering a DataChip
Another collection are DataChips, which are permnament collectables. Each stage has 3 of them to find while boss levels will reward you with one upon destroying the boss. Most Datachips contains data about enemies, locations and weapons and are all viewable in the Data Base found in the Main Menu.


Screenshot of Carcinoshell's entry from the Database



Species: Android​
The main protagonist of this game. She is a prototype who does not know who built or and why. She sets off to an adventure when a robot army invades the island she resides in.


Species: Human
Age: 25​
The shopkeeper and Nadine's closest friend. She, along with her sister, found Nadine in an inactive state on one fateful day. She is responsible for selling items that helps Nadine on her adventure. Clara sees Nadine as more than a friend.


Species: Human
Age: 21​
The mechanic and Clara's younger sister. She played a vital role in restoring Nadine when they've found her. Her incredibly impressive knowledge on machines allows her to build weapons and shields, but they come at the cost of using the Gems Nadine fines across the levels. Her older sister, Clara, runs the shop for these inventions. She is a big fan of lesser known video games and even owns a plush of several characters from them. She does not appear in the demo but is mentioned by Clara every now and then.



v4.5.x (Christmas SAGExpo Demo)

(v4.5.1) Hotfix

-Mimicrystals no longer all disappear when one falls onto the ground.
-ScatterBlast can now destroy blocks directly in front of it.
-Typo was corrected in Squeeker's shop description.



-New Weapon: Squeeker. The first new weapon since v1.0. They're little mice scouts that crawls on walls and blows up on contact.
-New Weapon: Scatterblast. Fires 5 mini bullets at high speeds and does massive damage to enemies if grouped together. Think of as a shotgun basically.
-New Mode: Database. Learn information about various things via Datachips! Each Datachip you collect will unlock a data entry for this screen.

Gameplay Changes:

-Walk movement speed along with slide speed have all increased by 1%, providing a subtle but smoother speed boost.
-Door transitions are 30% faster now.
-Shields now have 2HP and an indicator when they're at 1HP left. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Hitting a checkpoint keeps a record of your level's gems and score count. Upon dying, you gain back all but half of the gems and score. It stacks each death to avoid cheating the score system. Gems and points accumulated *after* the last checkpoint do not count. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Bolt Strike has been rebalanced. During the mode where it burns into an electrical orb, it'll do 1 HP damage to anything it directly touches every frame. And during the screen flashes, it does 20HP damage to everything on screen. This still counts as a screen kill to every non-boss enemy as the enemy with the highest amount of HP are less than 20. It also does not get destroyed by enemies and hazards anymore. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Waspin's collision damage reduced from 4 to 3. They are also now placed around independently of their nests. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Firing a weapon with no ammo will instead fire the main plasma weapon to avoid tedium with having to swap back to it.
-Ammo Cans refill rate has been significantly increased by 50% or 100%.

Enemy Changes:

-Gem Bombers will regenerate their gem way quicker now.
-Snail Blasters (originally named CannonSnails) are more aggressive with their firing rate and now have a longer target range.

Level Design Changes:

Every level has a degree of level design changes following feedback and personal changes.


-Several areas in the level have been trimmed to improve the pacing of the level.
-More enemies has been placed around to make certain areas less empty.
-A sleeping turtlebot has replaced an active one in the slide tunnel to give people the idea you can hurt enemies with slide.
-Snail Blasters now debut in this level.


-The first wasp nest from the hidden path has been moved to way earlier in the stage.
-The new Squeeker weapon is added on the secret path.
-General enemy distribution has improved throughout the level.


-Underwater area got adjusted around with actual challenges with fish
-Waterfalls are darkened to give a better contrast with platforms
-Falling Bridges are replaced with Sinking Platforms


-The elevator section has been significantly redesigned to replace Gem Bombers with Drillmoles hiding in walls. The secret slide area has been removed with the gems from there moved to the elevator shaft.

-World Map pause menu now says "QUIT TO MENU" while in-game pause menus now say "QUIT TO MAP". (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-The life icon's heart changes into the icon of whatever shield you are currently using. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Explosions are all now redesigned and come in more variations to help differnate certain actions visually.

Shop Changes:
-Metal Shield and Fire Shield have swapped shop locations.
-Shield descriptions now matches the new shield changes. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)

Bug Fixes:

-Steel Blocks now sinks much earlier when falling into lava, giving players more time to hop on the block and slide into narrow paths in certain areas.
-Bolt Strike bugs found from feedback (such as not setting off the lightning strikes and other issues where using it off screen prevents you from summoning another one) all have been fixed.
-You can no longer swap worlds while selecting inventory item.
-The bagworm enemy has its code revamped to work more properly. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)
-Softlocks caused by moving and selecting levels at the same time no longer occurs. (Inhereted from Diamond in the Grave)

(v4.1.1) Hot Fix

-The last boulder puzzle's layout has been revamped a bit again to have less slopes.
-Fixed rare bug where panels don't appear in maps.
-Controls Menu options can now be highlighted with yellow text.
-KEYBOARD/GAMEPAD text changed to "CLICK FOR GAMEPAD/KEYBOARD OPTIONS" better clarification.
-Extra Mode's background has a bluer pallete shift.


Level Design Changes:

-The deathpit trap in the forest section of Morning Hills is replaced with a spike pit.
-The last boulder puzzle's layout has been revamped a bit to prevent softlock.

Gameplay Changes:
-Remote Missile now travels faster.
-Remote Missile ammo is has been changed 25 -> 16 to re-balance around its power.
-Pushing Boulders recoils the player far less, improving the level's pacing.

Aesthetical Changes:
-Tortoisebot Ex's level icon has been updated.
-Tortoisebot Ex's missile launcher has been updated to point straight instead of diagonally for consistency with the missile barrages.

Menu Changes:
-"Data Select" option has been added, it takes you back to the file select screen.
-"Exit" has been renamed to "Quit Game" for better clarification. It closes the game.
-You can warp around the menu selection on all screens now.
-Options menu has a "Default Settings" button.
-Descriptions added to the options menu.
-All options now previews the changes as you make them.
-Fixed oversight where maximizing the game via game's border and exiting the options menu would window the game again.
-Sounds has been added when you adjust any option settings.

Bug Fixes:
-Dynamite Switches soft lock bug has been fixed. (There was a flag that did not reset when re-entering the stage)
-Pushable Boulders and Metal Crates has gotten their collisions re-programmed.
-Due to the above fix: Messing with Boulders and Metal Crates no longer give them telekinesis to shove most objects in the level with a few pixels forward or back.
-Another side effect fix: Spike Crushers can no longer be clipped through.
-Metal Crates can now hurt the player if it falls on them. (4HP damage)
-You can no longer shove a boulder towards you with a frame-perfect slide turn.
-Fixed where Fire-based enemy projectiles doesn't get you knockback when you take damage without any shield. (Bug caused by an oversight in the fire shield implementation)
-Fixed bug where Nadine flies across the screen while during a ladder climb.
-Holding down near (but not close enough to climb) a ladder while on ground no longer shakes Nadine.

-BGM and SFX Volume default level has been reduced. (80 -> 70)
NOTE: There are a lot of undocumented changes as it was very hard to keep up with. Information will be added as I end up remembering some.


-Hightop Mountain Boss Round is now available.
-Shop System has been introduced along with a new Inventory system. Clara is the new character of the demo and she runs the shop.
-Shields are introduced. There are 4 types available.
-Brand New Main Menu!! Options is now its own screen too along with Data Select.
-Sound Test. You can listen to the game's soundtrack and SFX at your leisure. Featuring a background teaser for a future level.


-Game now supports Z-Axis buttons (such as Left/Right Triggers on Xbox controllers)
-Coyote Jump is made easier now (4 -> 6 frames).
-You can now exit the world map with a pause menu.
-The level panels's icons have changed depending on how you cleared the stage. Blue means you've beaten the stage but didn't get every chip, gold means you got every chip. And a star appears on the little panel if you've completed the challenge score.


-Several enemies has been updated with a matching saturated pallete the rest of the game has since 2020, along with improved animations for some.
-Bolt Strike icon has been updated to reflect the weapon's palette more accurately.
-Button Inputs has been totally revamped with a new style.
-Title Screen has gotten a complete visual revamp with all of the sub menus taking place after.


-You can no longer move after collecting the Level Clear Orb
-Oversight where your hitbox for spikes while sliding isn't syncing with the general hitbox size has been fixed.
-Crystal Block enemies no longer move several pixels horizontally when they start to fall.
-Music loop bugs has been (mostly) corrected.


Several Enemies has been rebalanced to improve the flow of the game for skilled players.

-Tortoisebot's attack mode timing is reduced from 200 frames to 140 frames (a second difference) while its 2nd shot comes quicker after the first.
-Hornet Nest sends out its first hornet the moment it gets shot at.
-Drillmole's HP is reduced from 4 to 3.
-Helpless fish enemy no longer get kicked from a slide. They get destroyed instead.
-The red colored bomber enemy in Abandoned Mines's bomb explodes the instant it hits the floor.


-You keep weapons between levels now as a result of the shop system changing the dynamics of the gameplay. On the flipside, you now only lose weapons upon death.
-The game now tells you how much ammo you have left as a number (located at the right side of the weapon energy bar)

-Remote Missile, Cluster Bomb and Twin Lasers now allow you to move while shooting.
-Remote Missile has been re-balanced as a weapon where you can shoot 2 at a time and their ammo consumption has been increased while their power is decreased.
-You can no longer recoil or pause in mid-air with any weapons.


-Every level has been adjusted in several ways due to feedback. Most of it is focused on making secrets less missable:

Hightop Mountain

-The first burnable pit is removed to avoid confusing deaths when the 2nd pit is safe.
-The third burnable pit is 3 blocks wider and can only be burned by the Gem Bomber due to its height change. This makes the pit slightly harder to jump over but also more obvious it is also a death pit.

-Near the first Datachip, the platform above the spring is removed along with an added normal sized gap in the sliding path to allow backtracking.

-Middle section of the stage shortened slightly to get rid of redundant level design.
-End of the stage gets extended to flow the gimmicks together better.

Abandoned Mines

-The Dynamite Puzzle for the 2nd Datachip has been prolonged to encourage players to think before hitting the switches carelessly.
-GemBombers and Gem placements in the elevator has been adjusted.
-The narrow sliding path in said elevator section now has gems within the path to let the player to react quicker.

-The hanging object's railing towards the 1st Datachip has been changed to prevent confusion of the players accidentally taking the wrong rail.

-Twin Laser and Cluster Bombs has swapped locations.
-New music composed by DoricDream.

Molten Factory

-Getting everything in the first area's secret path now can be done in one go.


-Programmer & Game Designer-

-Level Designer-

-Character Designer-
Lina Ciari

-Pixel Artist-

-Enemy Designer-
Lina Ciari

-SFX Designer-
Mr. Gurtz
Amy Wright
Sophie "DoricDream" Fay

-BGM Composers-
James Landino
Leilani "Woofle" Wilson
Amy Wright
Sophie "DoricDream" Fay

-Logo Designer-

-SAGExpo Booth Promo Artists-
KKM (2020)
TheDuckGod (2021)
Lina Ciari (2022 & 2023)
EngineerKappa (C2023)

-Beta Testers-
Insy Pinsy
Elly (2020)

-Special Thanks-

Social Media
Game's Cohost:
My Cohost:
My Tumblr:
My Discord: Arrietty

Latest reviews

This game is really well designed and has a great feel to the overall controls! I highly recomend this game to anyone who's a fan of 2D platformers!
nadine is very cool and then i slidejump into a pit because this game is good
I really loved this game last year, and I had an absolute blast this year. The controls feel REALLY tight and platforming with the slide jump is super fun. 10/10 must play


Any plans to release this on in the future? I'm pretty sure there will be a Steam release, but would definitely like to see it on GOG in the future.
Any plans to release this on in the future? I'm pretty sure there will be a Steam release, but would definitely like to see it on GOG in the future.
Steam release is kind of a "maybe" at the moment. It'll be on Itch, GOG is a consideration.
There is a nasty bug in Abandoned Mines Round 1 among other bugs and oversights. I'm working on a fix and I'll reupload the game soon.

EDIT: All fixed
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Just thought I'd say this demo is super polished and I really enjoy it! I'm especially a fan of the Mega Man style gameplay with special weapons as a pickup. That's the kind of experimentation I like to see!
There's no getting around this: This is a good, solid game! Everything seems to work as it should, and any screw-ups that happen are usually caused by the player. Can hardly wait to see what happens next.
This would be a great game to play on Steam Deck. This SAGE demo works fine under the Proton compatibility runtime, so I'm expecting it to run perfectly fine on Steam Deck. In other words, I'm just saying that releasing the full game on Steam will likely reach a wider audience.
This would be a great game to play on Steam Deck. This SAGE demo works fine under the Proton compatibility runtime, so I'm expecting it to run perfectly fine on Steam Deck. In other words, I'm just saying that releasing the full game on Steam will likely reach a wider audience.
I played it on Steamdeck and it seems to run at a choppy framerate until I set the launch command line as "PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%", then it ran extremely smooth since then.

As for Steam release, I'll give it thoughts. I'm not too huge on having forced community/messages boards on every game because there's too many Steam users that behaves kind of... less than savory towards transgender people like me and I have bad anxiety issues regarding that.

Thank you so much for the comment though, it is actually encouraging to hear that and made me think about a Steam release more.
Just thought I'd say this demo is super polished and I really enjoy it! I'm especially a fan of the Mega Man style gameplay with special weapons as a pickup. That's the kind of experimentation I like to see!
Thank you!! I love experimenting with existing game formulas and twist them by mixing in more elements from other games or coming up with newer ideas. The weapon system is one I'm very proud of.

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