1. Tudd

    Project Butterfly [SAGE 2020 DEMO OST]

    Hey y'all, it's Tudd on the mic. This year I made tunes for a fun indie game project that was shown at SAGE: Project Butterfly - "A speedy explorative platformer about bugs sprayin' up town." I wrote the soundtrack in just a month, inspired by JSR and Ape Escape. Check it out if you wanna...
  2. Nina: Season of Adventures

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Nina: Season of Adventures

    Nina's day started like any other. A quick jog to the Flora Fields to visit an old friend. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Everything was turned on it's head in an instant. Robots and their masters descended on the peacefully gardens. Not willing to wait for others, and against her friends...
  3. Spectral Escape

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Spectral Escape

    Spectral Escape is a puzzle game where you have to die to escape a wild west prison. Push blocks, press buttons, collect piggies, turn into a ghost, possess animals, and get your freedom! Poncho, world's fastest, most fearsome cowboy. He's famous throughout the entire wild west for always...
  4. Linja vs. the Maneclowns

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Linja vs. the Maneclowns

    Linja vs. the Maneclowns is a 2D action platformer focused on speed and movement. It's designed with casual players, speedrunners and completionists in mind, so it can be enjoyed by any kind of player. The game is still in development at the moment, feedback will be greatly appreciated! Once...
  5. Teabat!

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Teabat!

    Notice! Please download from ! The guardian bat of Camomile Forest is awoken by a plethora of spooks stealing all the tea! No option but to take chase and restore the forest! Flutter around a big seamless world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea in style on your...
  6. Starbuster

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Starbuster

    [if you're using OBS you're gonna want to use Game Capture. Wish I knew why] ______________________________________________ DOWNLOAD ______________________________________________ NOTE: Version 1.0.8 has a major issue, cassie skips the second half of Valkyrie Bay. If you have this version...
  7. Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Soro: The Stolen Crystals

    Soro: The Stolen Crystals is a classic and cute 2D platformer inspired on the classics 90's games and made by almost one person. Join Soro on an adventure full of fun and challenges. ------------------------------------------------------ ☆ Synopsis ☆...
  8. Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story

    Tic tac toe, 3 years in a row, eh SAGE? Welcome to the Sondro Gomez: A Sunvoa Story page! Created by Shane "Sparks" and the team members now known as Cellar Chateaux in collaboration with Simon "Stealth" Thomley of Headcannon, bring you Sondro Gomez: A Sunova Story! This is the first...
  9. Annalynn (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Annalynn (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    Annalynn is an upcoming 2D platformer made in the style of arcade games from the early '80s. Play as Annalynn, the eponymous heroine who has to run, jump, and climb to outwit the four snakes: Randy, Handy, Candy, and Mike. Collect the coins, grab the bonus foods, and turn the tables with...
  10. Brock Crocodile Demo 2020

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Brock Crocodile Demo 2020

    Brock Crocodile returns to SAGE in an all-new, action-packed demo! Armed with his trusty whip and oh-so-handy fruit gun, the rad-red croc is ready to tackle a brand-new stage: Beehive Battleship! Swing across pits with his whip and send the villains packing with their five a day in this...
  11. Veredilia: The Sacred Forest

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Veredilia: The Sacred Forest

    Hello there, and welcome to: Veredilia: The Sacred Forest is a 2D platforming game that takes inspiration from classic platformers such as Sonic, and fighting games like Mortal Kombat. You can take control of one of 3 characters, each with their own special moves. Solve puzzles, uncover...
  12. Cast'N'Blast: SAGE 2020 Demo Version

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Cast'N'Blast: SAGE 2020 Demo Version

    Solita's home, the Magical Castle, has been overtaken by a group of troublemakers, and they've unleashed monsters in every nook and cranny. Hopping rabbit-eating plants, bullet seed spitting flowers, copycat wizards, and other devious baddies roam the castle, hoping to stop her in her tracks...
  13. Axe Girl

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Axe Girl

    Axe Girl is an action platformer where you play as Axela, a young lumberjack who lost her sawmill after a mysterious meteorite disaster. Help her rebuild it by collecting the 6 power cells she needs to run it again. Fight, run, and bounce your way through fearsome foes and perilous obstacles...
  14. Skye Revival

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Skye Revival

    Skye Revival is a cyberpunk 2D Beat Em Up Platformer by Komic Studios. Control Vega, a Skye City Defender and restore your city from corruption.
  15. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    One year has passed since the heroic monkey Lloyd defeated the Titan Kronos at Chernobyl, but evil never truly dies. With Kronos amassing a new army of dark gorillas and putting the universe at risk, Lloyd is forced to team up with the alien princess Lura as she reawakens her magical powers. The...
  16. ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2020)

    SAGE 2020 - Complete ZuPs! - Snow in Summer (SAGE 2020)

    VERSION 1.1.0 RELEASED - Please check it out over on this game's page. If you'd rather play the original release from SAGE, download 1.0.1, or download 1.0.2 for the post-SAGE mini-update instead. "ZuPs! - Snow in Summer" for SAGE 2020 Enjoy a lighthearted puzzle adventure...
  17. Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-

    Sakura X Clash -Last Millennial Spring-, is a MUGEN-based fighting game that pays homage to classic fighting games, such as Street Fighter and The King of Fighters, the game also features NeoGeo Pocket Color inspired graphics. Hanayo Suzuki: The cheerful student from the 1st Sakuragawa High...
  18. ChronoVenture

    SAGE 2020 - Demo ChronoVenture

    ChronoVenture is a momentum-based Gameboy-style platformer shooter where the player controls a cat named Lizzy as she runs, jumps, claws and shoots her way to the end of the level where she'll encounter against a boss to unlock a new weapon or ability before she finds herself warping into the...
  19. Go! Go! PogoGirl

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Go! Go! PogoGirl

    Update Log: Ver. 1.01 (Sep 8th) Fixed an issue where you could accidentally mute the audio Ver. 1.0 The timing for stomping is now more lenient Falling platforms now automatically respawn after a few seconds Spinning platforms tilt slightly before rotating to warn players Added a bonk...
  20. Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Fazbear in After - SAGE 2020

    Fazbear in After is returning to SAGE 2020 Disclaimer: If you found a bug in Fazbear in After SAGE 2020 Demo, please share your feedback about this game down below in the comment, we are trying to be best. And the demo version may not the same as the final game. Fazbear in After is an FNaF fan...
  21. Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    Demo Teabat! - XMAS 2019 Demo

    A little bat who is sworn to protect his forest of tea is awoken by a strange invasion of spooks! Flutter around a big connected world, bopping ghosts and collecting tea on your way to solve the mystery! There's 66 teapots to collect across the world, collect as many as you can! (you'll need...
  22. Vertebreaker


    What is Vertebreaker? Vertebreaker is a fast-paced action platformer with a hook - a grappling hook! Slash away at enemies and swing around the level on a bungee line! Zip to higher places or to gain speed! You are a skeleton on a mission - stop the forces of the dead from gaining the power to...
  23. Lumive Legacy (SAGE 2019)

    Lumive Legacy (SAGE 2019)

    -- Description -- Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop Daniel and his troops from invading their home of Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer...
  24. Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story

    Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story

    Hey again, SAGE! Welcome to the Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story page! Created by Shane "Sparks," Sondro Gomez: A Wonderworld Story is a prequel mini-game that takes place a few years before the events of Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld. In Kyle & Lucy, players learned a bit about the wish-granting...
  25. Brock Crocodile

    Brock Crocodile

    Hello and welcome to the Brock Crocodile page! This has been a game I've been working on for a while and long term users of SFGHQ might have first seen it pop up around 2014, since then the team has worked hard to make Brock the grandest adventure it can be! Brock takes a lot of inspiration...
  26. Teak's Tall Tale (Meander Forth Demo)

    Teak's Tall Tale (Meander Forth Demo)

    Things have gone awry in Meander County! When aspiring punk-rock drummer Oscar Teak is kicked out of his favorite band, he mopes his way home. He doesn't get far before he learns some chilling news, however: His childhood friend Tamree Willow is missing! The bearer of this news, a child in a...
  27. Rextair

    Fazbear in After - SAGE 2019

    Again Disclaimer: This game is inspired by Sonic though, created in Not So Simple Sonic World Engine it is a FNAF fan game and there is no jumpscares in that game. Thanks for Understand. Story: Sunday, Night | Year 1987. After the burning Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place, Freddy Fazbear and his...
  28. Fech The Ferret - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    Fech The Ferret - SAGE 2019 DEMO

    DOWNLOAD the latest demo at Initially inspired by Sonic Adventure and Sonic Lost World, Fech The Ferret is a colorful 3D platformer with emphasis on speed and electronic music. The core design idea is making a fully 3D game that lets you have a good...
  29. SimpleTeam

    Game The Legend Of A Scarf - Demo-

    -Progress throw a strange world in an 8bits style .. -Fight in dangerous lands filled by monsters .. -Find gold to increase your health and power .. -Take your time and be patient, this game won't be easy . Play the demo of The Legend Of A Scarf Game ...
  30. Zaots


    a plattaformer game in 2d
  31. Starturbo

    Game Superstar Technic

    Superstar Technic is a game I'm making in GameMaker: Studio, inspired by several classics. It's still very early in development, to the point where the first level is unfinished and unbeatable. However, I've already made a lot of material for the game, and it has changed greatly over the past...
  32. Plom510

    Game Lumiva Legacy

    Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his home, Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer many challenges...
  33. Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld

    Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld

    Welcome to the Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld page! Created by Shane "Sparks," Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld is a game I have been working on for a few years (though variations of the game and the characters date back further). The general foundation of the game is inspired from a love of exploring the...
  34. Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown 2

    Rocket Brown is my mascot video game series that I made to pay homage to retro gaming through the lens of urban/African-American culture. Rocket Brown follows the adventure of an 80's nerd that becomes a street fighter who defends his community from various existential threats. His main enemy...
  35. Space Kahuna

    Space Kahuna

    Are those California waves too bogus for you? Why don't you take a surf in SPACE!!! Space Kahuna is horizontally scrolling shooter developed as a tribute to silly shoot' em ups from the past such as Parodius, Harmful Park, and Cho Aniki. Therefore don't expect the usual space tropes and get...
  36. Lumiva Legacy (SAGE 2018)

    Lumiva Legacy (SAGE 2018)

    -- Description -- Lumiva Legacy is a fast paced exploration platformer about two young multivas, Alex "Bingo" Rivero and Salamon Avery, on their journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his home, Neuo Town. Bingo and Salamon will have to put their skills to the test to conquer...
  37. MeyerGames

    Game Lloyd the Monkey 2

    With SAGE coming up next month, I figured this would be a good time to reveal my newest game project, Lloyd the Monkey 2. The game is being built in the Unity Engine and will borrow a little from Mega Man and Sonic Heroes to create something larger in scope than its predecessor. Here's a...
  38. Lloyd the Monkey (Version 1.1)

    Lloyd the Monkey (Version 1.1)

    The year is 2250. Monkey and man finally live in harmony, and the planet has healed from centuries of pollution and degradation. However, an army of dark beings seek to destroy everything that simians have made. The only one standing in their way is the swordsman Lloyd the Monkey, who must...
  39. Lloyd the Monkey

    Lloyd the Monkey

    After a year of development, Lloyd the Monkey is finally complete and available for SAGE in its entirety. The completed game consists of 12 levels, 2 Special Stages and a complete story. As a HTML5 game, it will run in any reasonably equipped web browser and can be modded for enhanced enjoyment.
  40. Bingo the Multiva (SAGE 2017)

    Bingo the Multiva (SAGE 2017)

    -- Description -- Bingo The Multiva is a fast paced exploration platformer about the titular young multiva, Bingo, on his journey to stop the evil Darth and his troops from invading his homeland. Bingo will have to conquer many challenges, defeat many robots, and explore many exotic locations...
  41. Arkenova

    Game DragonBlossom: The Return

    Wow, it's been a long time but DragonBlossom has returned back home from when it first started in SFGHQ back several years ago as a Freedom Planet 'clone'. After years of development, I had essentially flipped the tables inside and out to make this game work out as its own identity. While yes...
  42. Starturbo

    Indie Pogo

    So, I've known about this game for a while, and man do I like it! I've talked with one of the Indie Pogo developers quite a bit, and he seems like a really nice guy as well. What is Indie Pogo, you may ask? Well, it's a 2D indie-crossover fighting game with an auto-jump mechanic. Yes, this...
  43. Starturbo

    Game Roblet Land

    Roblet Land is a 2D pet simulator where you take care of robots. Keep in mind, this game is a heavy work in progress, so the images and video here do NOT represent the final game (although the artstyle is likely final). Feedback is welcome though regardless!