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SAGE 2022 - Demo Rogue:Genesia

General Information

Rogue:Genesia is a rogue-lite mixing the fast and explosive game-play of Vampire-Survivors and the Path choice of Slay the Spire, wrapped in the art-style of Octopath Traveler.
You can play the demo directly on steam


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Really cool! I'm a big fan of vampire survivors so I had to give this a try. My one big concern is how you plan to really make this stand out from VS. The dash is a pretty big difference, but the gameplay is largely the same outside of that. Like it's true that you can equip way more items, and there's a shop, and there's the whole boss fight node but it just seems too derivative. Maybe it's unfair for me to compare to VS since there's only so many ways to design an enemy hell game.
There is a lot of planned content to come in the future.
It's fair to compare to VS since it's the biggest game in the genre, however don't forget VS has been in developement for a longer time (and you're just playing a demo) so stuffs are bound to change overtime!


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