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I'm not that good at constructing reviews on stuff, but this is probably my fav sonic fangame so ima do it.

Honestly, I had a fun time playing this, even if it was just a demo. Controls are smooth (Prob because I'm using an xbox controller) and animations look great on models. I could not find any glitches/bugs. If you somehow ignored the discord link above, join it, renders of chars n stuff are regularly posted on there. Try the demo, you won't be disappointed at all. Just one thing to add for the next build or sometime in the future. Giygas, add them crabs or the game's trash, reason for why is the picture


i like this game.
Really fun game, I played it on my friend's computer and I was OBSESSED with it. But I can't play it on my own computer because I have a Chromebook, so can you pretty please make a .apk so people with Chromebooks can play your amazing game?
I have seen videos of this game and it looks really fun but I have a Chromebook so I cannot play it, so
can you please make a .APK of Sonic Momentum so people with Chromebooks can play it?
I just started, and I am captivated. I have however run into issues.
I have to say that the special stages are quite difficult. The Sonic 2 Special Stages were difficult as is, but the controls at least felt natural and responsive. I feel like the jumps are the biggest issue here. They feel odd and almost too rapidly bouncy. It's going to take some time to get used to them. I do have
Secondly, it is quite labyrinthine. To me, a sonic game is supposed to feel like it is meant to be either blazed though or explored. In sonic 2, 3 and S&K, I got the sense that if I wanted to, I could choose either path and still have fun. Here, there are many barriers to the pathway, and backtracking is at best, required and at times, inescapable due to the construction of some of the paths. That doesn't make it bad per se, but it makes it a bit difficult for those who want to get a quick tour and then return to savor it again afterwards, or to speedrun it.
My last concern thus far involves a potentially game breaking bug I encountered. I had, to my amazement, just gotten a chaos emerald in Rusty Ruins Zone and immediately got killed as I had no rings. Unfortunately the last star post I passed was underwater, and astonishingly it didn't even allow me to get past the opening screen of the reload. I heard the immediate dinging of near-drowning warning alarm and the second the game allowed me to control Sonic, I drowned. This proceeded to happen over and over until I lost the lives I had left. I will give you props as to the save function allowing me to retain the stage and chaos emeralds collected. But the fact that the problem is there is frankly ridiculous and I'm astonished that nobody else had discovered it. I looked through the bugfix updates and didn't notice it mentioned, and I believe I have the most recent version, in addition to the "Saturn DLC".

On the other hand, I am quite pleased with Sonic's handling in the regular zones. While sometimes I feel like there are hiccups, it feels close to natural for a Sonic game. My only issue there is that I'm not quite used to the millisecond delay of getting sonic to duck. In addition, I'm pleasantly surprised that you opted to include the Peel-Out function from Sonic CD.
Next, I'm very interested in the powerups you've included, especially the lock-on shield. In addition, retaining Sonic's "spark" move from Sonic 3 and Knuckles makes me extremely happy.
Further, The tilesets and graphical design are breathtaking. They feel practically in line with the aesthetic of the Genesis titles. I'm especially impressed with the boss designs for Robotnik's machines (Am I correct in that they're kitbashes? They're some of the best ones I've ever seen) and that you included Nack/Fang as a miniboss. Absolutely floored. I'm looking forward to completing the game.

While the game isn't perfect and in my opinion needs a little bit of functional polish, it's a great achievement in what fangames can present. It'll definitely hold my interest until a particular Megaman fangame completes development.
I've been playing and I have grown quite frustrated with the pace and enemy placement in some sections of the game. I've escaped drowning since I posted the review, but I've accidentally started a new game over the one where I was finally on Puppet Panic zone. I've lost the chaos emeralds as a result, and all my progress.
In addition, I've found myself becoming infuriated at how the bosses and enemies have been programmed and in some cases located. Many times I've found my forward momentum completely halted, if not by the slow halting progression of the labyrinthine level construction, then by being hit by an unforeseen enemy, and points at which I've expected to be able to hit a boss only to be met with either being forced to the other corner of the arena or straight up taking damage. They're excessively difficult. I've also found the amount of shield monitors to be quite sparse, and oftentimes I've lost it within 15 seconds or less because of a misjudgment or enemy placement.

Speaking of labyrinthine level construction, Gene Gadget, while a beautiful level, took me a frankly unfair amount of time to get used to. Having to control your progression through multi-path pipes, especially in that near-last section was rage-inducing and I timed out. The whole game features levels that take much longer than 4 minutes to get through going practically as fast as one can, and when you add a mechanic that slows your progression as much as that, it's painful.

Overall, while I appreciate and applaud your attempt to be as faithful as possible to the theming and level construction of 3D Blast, I dont feel like it works in 2D.
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Hey there! Thank you for reviewing!
I'm completely puzzled as to how that cursed infinite drown bug still persists after so many versions!
You have no idea how many attempts I made and code checks added on level reset to fix it...I reset all of the variables, yet it somehow is still there T_T

The tilesets for the levels are a mix of existing tiles from all of the classic games and new ones, just like the eggman bosses. They are indeed kitbashes of existing boss parts, with a few adjustments.

3D2D has been built to be replayed. As you will unlock more characters you will be familiar with both the levels and their hazards and the bosses patterns. Keep playing, and try to get all of the achievements for a final surprise!
I've added an addendum.
Oh my lord- the devs of this project has done something that Sonic Team has not been able to do for decades: they translated 2D gameplay into 3D gameplay! From the start, I just absolutely love the 90s kind of instruction manual in the game controls, its a great way to get a concept of the game without having to go through a tutorial stage(i mean yeah green hill is kind of like a tutorial stage, but the game doesnt really help you through it). The engine is amazing, when you need to do precision platforming, slow down a bit and you get a lot more control. AND OH BOY the rush of speed you get when you sucessfully roll down a slope is so amazing it reminds of the classics, but it feels more fluid. I feel like there are some thing that need to be tweaked, while the homing attack is really fun to use, its also a tad bit weird for Sonic to kind of thrust upwards to a Buzz Bomber while standing still in range, idk could be me, but I feel like it could use something more, maybe an animation or an effect idrk. I haven't even gotten to the visuals, but I love the SFX used for Sonic's Figure 8 Peel Out, it actually sounds like he's about to take off like a rocket and it's so COOL! The enemies are also so lively, and you do have to actually avoid some of the shots, I got hit like 2 times so yeah the enemies are somewhat of a threat, but I like the animations they do before shooting, as well the SFX; makes them so much more livelier. Overall, this is probably what the best transition from 2D Sonic to 3D Sonic will probably be as far as I'm aware. The engine itself is so fun to play, riding down slopes is awesome, I can't wait to see how the levels begin to accommodate for Sonic's playstyle rather than a sort of sandbox map.
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This game is a pretty awesome one, keep up the good work. The gameplay is fast, dynamic, and Sonic feels really great to control. Graphics are unique with an interesting design, and backgrounds are just amazing and have a really good depth. Names of the zones are pretty interesting as they feature equal first letters of each word in them (like in Sonic CD), which is a nice touch. However, I want to note some moments in this game that aren't great:

- Wind Shield. It's too op. Not only it's a literal insta shield with a bigger hitbox and lifetime, but also can attract rings and even do a hover. It would be pretty nice to see some changes to this shield, like it should be either a better insta-shield (not op one) or more focused on hovering.
- Billboard at the end of the stages looks little bit off as it looks like it was taken from the Sonic Mania, and it's unfitting as the game prefers colours that have some twist in them, and it's not very pleasing to see some vibrant base colours out of nowhere. (Edit: it also has a wrong Sonic)
- Sometimes, in Relic Retreat, you can see some floating lava next to the quarter loop (either in act 1 or 2) but it's not a critical graphic bug. Edit: it's actually in the 3rd act
- There are too little levels lol

Nevertheless, good luck and take your time!
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Thank you!

-I might rebalance the Wind Shield a bit. It is a bit too OP for what it does I agree.
-Placeholder sprite. We didn't have the time to provide an original sprite for it.
-Yeah I'll fix that, thanks for pointing it out!
-What do you mean? It's a 10 act demo. Or is it the level length?
i dont have friends but it looks cool
Very good game, Enjoyed Sonic's movements a lot. I would say that the level design is a bit too easy, but very much enjoyed traversing each level and exploring which there is plenty of. Highly recommend this game to any Sonic fan.
Absolutely fantastic. Probably one of the best Sonic 2D Fan games you will find. Great cast of characters and all of their abilities are fun to use. Fantastic artwork and level design.

omg this game feels wonderful to control just base movement is so snappy. still I feel like his brake could use a buff/removed at slow speeds as its better to just turn around and it can feel weird to suddenly slow down weirdly when you were turning so freely a second ago. also it feels really unique I haven't played a game like it yet in terms of style. I feel like the camera turning when you move slightly to the right or left can make it hard to go in a straight line. not being able to look behind you while running feels a bit wrong. Also I feel like his stun is way too long. I like that the camera remembers your vertical rotation and doesnt change it. kind of like how looking down makes the camera zoom out
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So good. no idea why but I like the 2 levels shown more than mania
this camera is so unbelievably frustrating I wish I could turn off automatic airborne camera movement, camera lookdown when falling. if there's an option to toggle all this of in settings let me know. also invincible egg boss would be way cooler if you could actually run up the wall instead of doing a wall jump slide. but that could be another boss where you fight in a dome so this isnt much of an issue it just felt a bit missed. Why does sonic hate shadow? Sonic is quite out of character in a lot of these cutscenes. anyways level design is so awesome and you know sonic's voice actor is a bit less annoying than roger so it's a win. the game would be a perfect experience without these issues
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I tried out the demo today! While it was short, I absolutely love it! The English text was a bit difficult to read at some points and there were a few errors in grammar, but overall it was really good! Can't wait till the full release!
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Good day! Thank you for leaving a review!
I apologize for mistakes in English grammar, I am not a native speaker of this language. I would be glad if there was a person in our team who would be engaged in editing the text in English.
I am very glad that you are waiting for the release ^^
I like The game so well!! also, can you make it supportive of computer with bad graphics too.
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Glad to hear.

I am always working on optimizing the game, and I do need to implement a Graphics setting admittedly.
Could I ask what PC specs you're running the game with, and how bad the performance was for you?
I like the game but I gave it only 4 stars because it runs WAY TOO FAST. I know it's Sonic but HOLY CRAP it felt as if it was Sonic but on a stimulant. It might be because I got a new pc with very good specs which made it run faster than it should but I don't know. I might make a video to show exactly what I mean. I want to play the game and go fast but I also want to enjoy the atmosphere and aesthetics, y'know? If you could, could you possibly make an optimization option or a way to compensate for the speed of how the game runs?
Did you notice what FPS it was running at? It shouldn't exceed 60.
The funny thing is that it keeps exceeding 60 frames and I don't exactly know how to control that unless there was a way to make a frame cap
its cool but the camera won't move to the right when i go to the right, can u help?
you may have found out by now but you have to press the buttons at the corner of the squares on screen, to make it scroll or not.
its not a perfect game but i see potential here, the grafics are very good im happy that they are not the same grafics from the nes games i actually like these more, the music its not bad but also isn't memorable like classic games, the megaman controls are really good and the bosses weapons arent really neaded cause you easily could end the entire level without using these but if you decide to use them they are usefull (at less to attack) and the difficult its alright, its not that hard but also isnt that easy, i die sometimes but everything i say here depends a lot from the level design, and at least in the intro stage the level design its very good, its fair, the enemies are well placed and they give you enought time to react.

anyway, this is just a demo and all what i say here could change in the final version, but now, its a pretty good fangame
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I dont know why but this feels like the best of your sonic islands although it might be because it runs smoothly at 60 fps and doesn't have insanely low fov. (Your newest one is great though just bump up the fov)
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: None that I've run into
I love that this is for Game Maker. Ty ty