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For Teabat! in Demo
the art was good,mechanics were good, felt like every connected very well.

idk why there isnt much views, i wish there was an all colour lens for beating the game, near the end it became a grind for tea cups to buy last lens, idk if this is intended or not.

very organized.
Pros: still a great game for max engine
Cons: little bit buggy
I liked this fan game a lot because it makes you go through the first levels in sonic classic games.

Absolutely fantastic. Manages to have endless possibilities. It's basically Mario Maker for Kirby. Absolutely fucking lit, can't wait to see if you take it even further. 10/10, 5 stars, one of my favorite games from SAGE this year.
I downloaded the game, but it says I don't have d3dx9_43.dll downloaded. I can't figure out what it means.
Physics are great, I suggest making the character models/hitboxes a bit larger and adding rail-grinding. Maybe add a story further down the line?
Davvero un bel lavoro perfino il mio laptop mi permette di giocarci senza troppi problemi, la presenza di più personaggi giocabili per me è sempre un must in un gioco come Sonic inoltre i personaggi possiedono le migliori abilità che potessero avere con controlli eccellenti
Come si fa a cambiare personaggio?
Let me be honest here. The premise of ATS Omega is the best. I love it. But the way it was executed, it's terrible.

First, the good stuff. I love the new animations. Sonic's smooth running animation is Mania-grade and I love it. I also see that some sprites were replaced. Eggman used to have Sonic 2 sprites on the original ATS and now it's properly replaced.

To be in Widescreen is welcome. I tried to make the original ATS widescreen when the source code came out but seeing how I would need to do that for every single stage and menu individually, I ended giving up. Nice to see someone has a bigger determination than me and actually made it.

The difficulty in stages is also something welcome. The original ATS was too easy and this one here tells the player to be more careful.

Now for the bad stuff, the bosses. I played only up to Cyan City and I just realized how insane the difficulty is. Horizon Heights difficulty was higher than I would have expected but I saw it as a bug. Eggman wasn't getting low enough to hit him and he would randomly get lower so I couldn't predict when I could and couldn't jump.

Sugar Splash Zone boss has no reason to exist. Act 3 is already annoying enough and there shouldn't be a boss. The original didn't. I heard this boss used to be way harder and now is easier but I played only v2 so it's still hard. The missiles pattern is completely random and you need to be lucky for the spheres to fall where you can hit them in a way that would bounce off Eggman and to the rail. With the in-game physics, this is easier said than done.

Cyan City boss act is terrible. First, the continuity error. What the FRICK is Silver Sonic doing there?! He was destroyed on Sonic 2, before the events of ATS! Doesn't make any sense for it to be there so please remove that thing. Now, the second phase is slightly harder than in the original ATS. The spikes come a little shortly after the sphere. Takes some lives to get used to but still doable. Now Phase 3... oh boy...

I wonder why the boss of the third zone must have two phases, let alone three. I would expect Phase 3 as part of a Kaizo Sonic ATS but not on a fricking remaster. First Silver Sonic, which is supposed to be destroyed. Second, Mecha Sonic which is from Sonic 3 but... passable. Now fricking BIG ARMS??? You're kidding me, right? I stopped playing there. Nearly unpredictable missile patterns, slowdowns and the feeling it is coming from Spark's Challenge Mode from Spark the Electric Jester. Doesn't make any sense for the boss of the third zone.

It only makes me sad that this game won't get further development according to the GameJolt page. It has a lot of potential. They only need to tune down the difficulty a lot on the bosses, get rid of the fricking phase 3 on Cyan City Boss Act. If it weren't for the improved graphics, the rating would have been only one star.
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Aside from running into the .dll error, the fullscreen-ing and dealing with max settings on default, i really like how this game plays! Each character has their own thing and have been inspired by other fighting games (Blaze being the most obvious), but it still had lots of original moves and animations that fit well into the movesets. Really hope this game gets finished cuz the gameplay and modeling are excellent. Very good for a demo
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My mouse doesn't work for some reason. Does anyone else have this problem?
have u tried clicking m3/middle mouse button?
cool game i like it this is my best sonic games downloader with gamejolt!
I mean, the title says it all for me...
Absolutely fantastic! I love the visuals, I love the music, I love absolutely everything that this game has to offer as of now. I'm also really pleased it's not a Mania mod, so I can play it with no PC version of Sonic Mania needed (because I don't have it). I know the project's been put on hold and everything, but I'm still really excited for the future of this remake. Great job!
Howdy there, big fan of the kirby series. I understand this game was intended for windows, but I was wondering about the wine support for mac. The problem I seem to be enduring is, whenever I try to play any level it will crash saying something along the lines of: "gml_script_pal_swap_set" "gml_object_oplayer_draw_o" I also understand this is still in development, but I just was wondering if there is a way around the crash using the wine application on mac.
oh i forgot to say i use Windows XP service pack 2
Can you give it to me as it appeared?
i send a pic or something?
This has pretty good potential

If it's finished with a decent amount of roster and content, refined gameplay, fixed character expressions, basic and somewhat advanced options or settings and modding capabilities once it's finished this could be the best Sonic Fighting game period.

I've been playing plenty of fighting games but i don't consider myself a person that can give the right feedback for a fighting game, thankfully i don't need to for this one in particular because most of the gameplay it's pretty good as it is, how it controls, how it feels, how the characters move and interact with eachother, almost everything it nails on the right spot which is what is making many people sharing this game.

The character roster of course could always bigger since the Sonic Franchise has a big cast tho which ones get to be picked to join in this game is left to be seen (tho this being a fangame i don't see much problem thinking who could or should be added), there could be plenty more to be added but that's where the mods comes into play.

The music choice for the stages are just fine, it kind of gets me in the mood for fighting though i could've picked other tracks for those stages but that's why i keep bringing up the mods.

The characters animations are mostly good as well, nothing much to say about it except that they fit well for the character you are playing as.

Overall it's pretty good and can be easily be much better once it's finished and even expanded by the community tho that's where we have to wait and see.

For now that's all i have to say about it since this is not finished.
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Very fun to use maker game.
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I am afraid I require more information.
i followed the download instructions from the download link on the website and got the files on my computer. i then placed the game shortcut on my desktop. upon trying to open the game, i am shown a window showing what files the dream crafter is stored amongst. i click on the dream crafter icon at the top of the list, click the open button at the bottom right of the window, and it closes. the game doesnt open and i am left to repeat the process yet again.
Did you extract all of the files?
i cant even download it there is no download button SUCKS
Untrue. Look to the upper/middle right side of your screen on this page. See the sections called DOWNLOADS with the file called "DreamCrafter v0_1_3e..." in it? Download that.
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It is very difficult and unusual, over time you get used to it and it becomes fun. It is beautifully drawn. The gameplay is certainly interesting, not exactly slow, but not always fast, but it is not for me.
Играется гладко, весело, есть где развернуться, а самое главное - хорошо оптимизировано.
What do I need to launch this?
Truly magnificent. The physics are perfect and the stages are fun too! Can't wait for more!