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hey this fangame is so cool, i really like how you make the assets and the graphical look
This is a really good looking Sonic fangame. It's fun to play and looks great! There are many issues, however. The game runs at a snail's pace for me, and that might be my laptop so I'll overlook that, but there are some smaller problems like the hitboxes for certain objects not being big enough (I ran past the Goal Ring but didn't finish the stage because the hitbox was too small, and I missed some rings for the same reason), slightly off physics for the characters and enemies being a little uncommon.

The level designs in this game closely emulate those of the 3D game, which I think has some issues. The 3D game's Zones took advantage of the 3D space, and were designed for the 3D space (even the Classic levels) so there's not always much to catch your eye in this form. That's not to say that the game looks bad, quite the opposite: it has stunning pixel art! It's only that the stages, especially the Classic Sonic stages, feel a bit empty. I would suggest tweaking the layouts to add more action while still keeping the idea of the 3D layouts, and possibly adding some unique elements to the background to make different areas more unique.

This is a really good game with potential. Keep up the good work!
It was pleasing to see such a good title that was set back by the specs and screen size of the console it was on return with so many improvements! This game really shows that Sonic Triple Trouble was worth being a fourth Mega Drive entry. I loved my time with it, and if you're thinking of playing it go ahead! This is really fun!
amazing but a bit laggy though I also couldnt stop laughing when I saw "amy's eye sight" as a graphics quality also what the name of the song for the main menu because its amazing.
amazing sprite animations also its not too easy or too hard is perfect it doesnt have any bugs and its just an amazing game
so far an amazing recreation of the game. keep up the amazing work!
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This game is very fun to play, although it is noticeably unfinished in a few ways (but that's expected as it's an early demo). There are some bugs, mostly with scrolling issues, and there are a few quality-of-life improvements that the game would benefit greatly from, such as making background tiles easier to place and use. The ability blocks, the blocks you can only break with certain abilities, don't work very well. As far as I'm aware, only the fire and rock ability blocks work as expected. When the other blocks are attacked with their abilities, they do not break. I couldn't help but notice some sword and boss files in the game, and I won't lie, I can't wait until they are put to use! Some suggestions: A water ability (there are several water enemies in the game, so a water ability would probably be good to put there), water tiles, a sword ability (there are some graphics files hidden in the game), a UFO ability (there are a few sfx for it), ability essences (or ability bubbles in the files), more bosses like Wispy Woods, King Dedede, Meta Knight or Kracko, the ability to see a door's ID at all times, slopes for every terrain, the ability to change the music multiple times in one level (maybe by doors or invisible triggers), partners like Rick, Kine, Coo, Pitch, etc., and (if you can, of course, this is very ambitious) maybe some extra game styles like Kirby Superstar or Squeak Squad. I love this game and I can't wait until the next update!
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This is by far the greatest Sonic game made thus far, created by Sega or otherwise.

This is the peak Sonic experience to date. If the ideal Sonic game could be summed up in one word, it would be "flow," and Sonic GT understands this. The tools at your disposal (two types of homing attacks, bounce, trick flip, drop dash) are perfect for what the game needs to reach that excellent flow state. Sonic's speed is exhilarating, the level of control is amazing even at high speeds, the level design is branching and expansive, environments are beautiful, music is bangin', Sonic is expressive, and the game is an absolute blast to play. I love it so much and I have always wanted a game like Sonic GT. This is the absolute closest anyone has ever come to perfecting the peak Sonic formula. Literally 10/10 from me on all fronts, except for a few criticism listed below.

Of course there are always things to improve upon, so here are my constructive criticisms:

1. The story hahaha. To preface, I don't even care about the story really. For me, it's all about the beautiful physics system and level design, seeing Sonic at his peak during the levels. However, the writing is cheesy, the voice acting is god awful for pretty much every character except Eggman (no offense guys I know you all tried your best but I turned Sonic's voice off during the levels entirely, and this is coming from someone who thinks Sonic's voice in Sega games is hecka rad). Also, Sonic and Shadow do not hate each other. SA2 was pretty much the peak story-telling for Shadow, which solidified Sonic and Shadow as friendly rivals that have a mutual respect for one another. The bastardized characterizations of the Sonic cast from the last decade are awful and I wish this game didn't play into that, but like I said, it's whatever to me because the real selling point of the game are the actual levels, which are amazing.

2. The tutorial does not explain how the trick system works. I figured it out myself, but one thing I still don't understand is: in some levels or challenges, the trick system only rewards you based on your highest trick combo, while in others it adds all trick combos together. Can't seem to figure out why that is. Definitely need to explain that in the tutorial guys.

3. I understand why this next point is sort of necessary, but it still has to be mentioned: I love the fact that the game is non-linear and there are SO many branching pathways to reach the goal. However, every level is so large and the pathways are so numerous that it is almost guaranteed YOU WILL GET LOST first time you play them. Happened to me every single level. I personally don't mind this much because I enjoy routing an optimal path in a level and then finding more optimal paths once I get a sense of the levels direction. It adds so much replay value even after S-ranking all the missions and it's one of the reasons I really love this game. However, while it's not a personal gripe, I don't think people should get lost while playing the level first-time. That being said, I AM NOT in favor of making the levels more linear. With how fast Sonic moves, you NEED very large expansive levels in order to have branching pathways that actually make a significant difference in how you finish the level.
I believe the best fix for something like this are more indicator signs throughout the level (like how Sunset Boulevard has arrows that show the direction you should go). It shouldn't be too hand-holdy, but they should just give a general direction of where to go. More of those sprinkled in every level and this is entirely a non-issue.

4. This next point definitely has to be corrected I think: the trick system can be manipulated to easily grind points. By spamming bounce with every landing or by staying on the ground for a very short period of time (like .5 of a second), the trick counter will stay indefinitely. As I see it, the trick counter should work to reward you for doing cool stuff *while maintaining speed and flow*. However, seeing as how you can basically keep the counter the whole level just by bouncing and quickly hopping off the ground when you touch it, it rewards a slower and more grindy type of gameplay. By using these exploits, it actually *discourages* running and keeping a speedy flow. Definite fix needed there in my opinion.

5. Enemies and springs are hard to see from even a moderate distance. I know the map has to be huge to account for Sonic's speed, and making the enemy sizes and springs giant wouldn't really make sense in proportion to Sonic, so I'm not sure how to really fix this one. It may be inherent to the design of the game. Not a big issue, but worth noting.

6. I think it was the intention, but Hidden Base is TOO DARK and I hate it lol. Same goes for the shady areas of Hill Top. Granted, I do have a blue light filter on my screen which makes it harder to see dark areas, but it shouldn't be to the point of complete blackness, especially in an otherwise bright area like Hill Top. I'd definitely make these areas a little brighter.

7. The inclusion of the old Fire, Lightning, and Bubble shields are awesome. However, it is annoying how the shields replace your Right button command. I mostly play Sonic, and I feel like the drop dash serves as an integral aspect to maintaining the flow of the game, it doesn't feel right to not have it. So I find that once I actually get a Fire, Lightning, or Bubble shield, I immediately want to throw it out, because I would rather have the drop dash than the shield ability. I would definitely change this and move the shield ability to the Right trigger rather than the Right button. Right trigger is a completely unused button and that way we would not have to forfeit the drop dash or other character abilities when wearing a shield.

8. The bosses are literally better than any boss Sega has concocted in the last 20 years lol. However, the Eggman Tank and the boss at Hill Top still follow a similar formula, which is: wait till you can hit them. Hill Top's boss less-so because you can get in multiple hits every time he comes off the rail, but still speeds up to the point where you basically have to wait until you are both on the ground again. And also (I'm not sure if this was intentional or not), you can't hit the Hill Top boss while he is on rails, because the homing attack auto-targets the rails and never the boss. Still great bosses, but just prefer something with less "wait till you can hit them" approach.


Aaand that's all I got. Besides these relatively minor and very fixable criticisms, I think you got THE PERFECT FORUMLA on your hands here. This is coming close to my favorite game of all time and the only reason it's not my favorite game of all time is because it's only 4 levels long and because of some of the criticisms mentioned above. I've always wanted a game like this. The closest we ever got to peak Sonic experience before this was Spark the Electric Jester 2, which is I also really love, but Sonic GT's sense of flow, immaculate control, and creativity in level design actually beat out Spark's IMO. Big respect to everyone involved. I love what the team has done and am excited for any future projects, updates, or expansions.
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The graphics are amazing, high fps even on slower PC's, and perfect physics and controls! It could use a slight addition of places to go and loops and stuff. But other than that, I really do like this.
Sir !
i want to ask can you port it for low pc its a really nice game but there are to many fans with low pc so can you port it for low pc just wanted to ask that

I am huge megaman 8bit fan, I played all of them and also most of hacks and fan game. I've played the demo and Ive got a very good surprise !

The team has perfectly captured the megaman soul for the making of this game. Everything is perfect ! The gameplay, the level design and design of the enemies are typical megaman 8bit. And I appreciated new gimmick that the demo has to offer such as targets to test weapons at the end of the stage when robot master is down, timber man platforms, toxic man colored water , voltman switches and robot master design especially voltman : I love how he splits !!


Along with Megaman : Shattered Diamonds, This game has the highest potential ! If the quality stays the same it can have the same story of Megaman Unlimited. This latter is well known for its quality and its considered as original by many. Their robot master are in MaGMML for example...

I hope it won't be cancelled like some megaman fan games... I am looking forward to playing it !

Thanks for the team and Keep on doing this great game !
SPOILERS: I never played the original Sonic Triple Trouble so please assure that this is a game review in my own opinions.

For some time, I thought the original Genesis trilogy ended and moved on to their own creation in 3D games but what if there was one more Genesis game that made it so acclaimed to end off with it, well that's the title right here and I'm super eager to play this game and give my thoughts about it.

Probably the interesting that about it is that it takes place after Sonic & Knuckles where Sonic and Tails landed on a strange island that Dr. Robotnik has landed and attempt to stop him only to be knocked out by him. Suddenly, a mysterious person took all 6 emeralds (except one who is stolen by Eggman), and now Sonic and Tails set out their goals to stop the mysterious weasel, a robotic egg-shaped genius, and you know the rest of their goal.

Probably the best thing about this game is the gameplay in general. Two zones including Great Turquoise and Meta Junglira that have new enemies and gimmicks such as pulley things, bouncing leaves, twirling branches similar to the Mushroom Hill Zone version. Shield monitors are returning with the inclusion of Homing Shield which functions similar to the Sonic 3D Blast.

The most interesting mechanic is the inclusion to switch as Sonic or Tails similar to Sonic Heroes with the shield monitors also affects this. Like Sonic 3 & Knuckles, there are giant rings that are hidden from the areas that can access them. Upon access, they will greet you with a race against Fang the Sniper to collect the Chaos Emerald. This is simple yet challenging to compete and this is the only special stage apparently. Oh yeah, Bonus Stage appears and it seems to take inspiration to the Slot Machine bonus stage from S3&K with only the exception is that you can do it at the cost of 3 tokens.

My only complaint is the missing Insta-Shield move but that's really all to it.

Now, to be honest, this was only the fangame that I knew that stays faithful to the original Genesis hardware to its 4:3 aspect ratio to the select zone screen and to the UI as a whole. To be honest I thought the 4:3 aspect ratio is pretty meh to me but it feels good to play it really. The sprites are really just the same as Genesis counterpart on another whole level with some goods bits and the other bits. The music especially is faithful to the original with drums and tunes combine really well.

In conclusion, this fangame feels and plays well with the Genesis (even though I didn't own one but someone did) and that this game is truly an alternative Sonic 4 that sets upon a good example of how to make a Sonic genesis title.
SPOILERS: I never played the original Sonic Chaos, so this review is gonna be how I viewed the Sonic Chaos remake as a whole.

The Turquoise Hill Level looks beautiful in the presentation and has great multiple pathways to go through but it seems I cannot go through the other tunnel on top for some reason. The best gimmick I see is these spinning thing which launches you in the air with enough speed. The enemies are interesting though I am disappointed about the Hornet enemy, they just do nothing and there are only two enemies in the zone for strange reasons.

As for the bosses, I really like them as a whole. Not amazing, but certainly not hard either (though I'm survived the Eggman boss when out of rings). The physics in the game is good but not great either, because most collision boxes are extremely weird and jarring, including enemies in a small box when I passed through them :/. Also, I'm not a fan of Sonic's Spindash and Drop Dash as a whole, it just feels like a nerfed version but I still like it nonetheless. Tails' gameplay is pretty great, though landing out a flight feels less clunky I supposed?

It was jarring that there is no main menu selection even though the music for the menu select screen is there on YouTube.

The presentation as a whole looks like a Sonic Mania style, which could mean it's a reimagined game, taking place after Mania which was always a treat. The icons and the signpost at the end are amazing, with Sonic's new ending animation looks neat. However, I may discover that the loop animation feels slow in my opinion and the running animations look kinda meh to me.

Is it me or does most Sonic fangame has the best music and this one by fat is the best soundtrack entirely! It sounds and feels like a spiritual successor to Sonic Mania's music.

Overall, Sonic Chaos - Turquoise Hill Demo looks very impressive build from the new engine, Crimson Engie, but it has some weird collision tiles problems, enemy hitbox (not including the Bosses though), and even with these issues presented I think this game would be the best thing entirely as a whole. I'm giving it 8.4 / 10
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Since SAGE 2020 ended, I decided to cover this mod for a good reason and this is probably one of the great ones. The Misfit Pack is an unofficial DLC mod that reimagines zones and takes a spin on how fun these levels should be. This will be my review for the Sonic Mania mod (aka DLC if you called it :P).
EDIT: I edited the stuff so that I won't get too harshly on the stuff that I find getting cringeworthy to me.

Hill Top Zone:
I actually didn't mind this act being remastered over here. The first act is basically the same except that the moveable platforms are replaced with moving lines. When playing Knuckles, you are moved to the top of the map that is likely a reference to the original map for the Knuckles in Sonic 2.

The second act is very interesting with the background having the hilltop along with other hills, as well as recurring enemies from Sonic 3 and Mania, which is ok the most part. The new gimmick I was not expected is the bouncy clouds which possibly reference to Sky Sanctuary Zone clouds though they do seem to be rotating and just for platforming.

Overall, a great zone with the second act being more positive though I was ok with what it is.

Aquatic Ruin Zone:
I always thought this zone was fine the way it is, but seeing it in the reimagined version is so pretty. So, the first act combines two acts from the first zone except for the driller enemy that apparently didn't break the wall like in the original zone, and falling debris from the underwater section has been replaced with spikes for confidence.

The second act gets very interesting and I thought it looks like an actual ruin filled with many waterfalls and I was shocked, really really shocked. This act combines Hydrocity Zone and Marble Garden Zone for multiple reasons but you just have to explore a bit to get what I mean. Overall, a much better and a beautiful zone with the best music in my opinion.

Labyrinth Zone:
Like Green Hill, the Labrythin Zone on the first act combines two acts while the third act is seen in the first half of the second act. I honestly had frustrating memories on this zone, but only the third act, which is why I'm okay with two acts being remastered. I honestly liked the Knuckles-exclusive feature, as it features the shortcut pathway without being too quick to finish.

Now the second act is a very great man. It feels like an actual underground water labyrinth with great gimmicks (such as rising water platforms) and homage to the original prototype background from the vanilla game. The outside of the area is beautiful with gorgeous pillars and a midnight sky, giving me Celeste vibes. Overall, it a greatly improved stressful zone.

Wacky Workbench Zone:
Damn, who I knew that this zone has made into this mod. An overrated zone in Sonic CD, this level has been reworked in similar veins to Metallic Madness in Sonic Mania. The first half of Wacky Workbench is identical except the whole reworked of the act that is not stressful and too many bounces. Mic Drop and Poh-Bee enemies are there, along with the additions of Bumpers from Collision Chaos, which is recurring from Act 2.

The second act is a whole new level. Yellow platforms returns and the use of the Lightning Shield on a bouncy platform in the air is here, yay? Also, gotta love the Spike wheel and the Checkpoint wheel, and Bumpers that put on electrical conduit on it is interesting and someone deserves that credit man.

In conclusion, I always found it so much more fun and entertaining than in the original game's zone. It was surprisingly entertaining and when the next zones were added, I'll be there to check it out. Giving it a 9.3 / 10 score.
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Sonic 3: Angle Island Revisited is a game where I am very appreciative that gets a widescreen treatment (even though I am not a Sonic fan). This game is a fan-made port of Sonic 3 & Knuckles, which no one tackles before and Eukyarot did it and everyone can finally play this version. Despite this, this isn't just a widescreen version, it has multiple options to choose how you played in the first game. And to that, I'll be reviewing this latest game at v20.07.24.0 so this is my review so don't expected to have something to praise for.

There is a lot of customization to go through when it comes to playing on both versions. The PC version has a widescreen (just like every other PC release.), having support for the consoles controls (which I never owned), and even can be allowed you to edit the keyboard for as long as you like. For the mobile version, you have the controls section, which acts like the Sonic 1 and 2 remastered version except the controls feel like the 2012 version of Sonic CD in a much better way. The mobile version can be tricky sometimes especially I haven't played Sonic on mobile since November.

Oh yeah, the Level Layout options: The only thing I liked is the moving platform on Sandopolis Zone and altered some level design to keep things not frustrating. I don't know any changes so I'll leave it up to you.

Achievements, Unlockables & Secrets:
There are 18 achievements on Sonic 3: AIR which when complete these will unlock some new modes (i.e. Debug Mode and Knuckles and Tails Mode (which also functions similar to the 2013 version of Sonic 1 and 2)). There are some secrets that you have to find out, unfortunately. And I think the Knuck & Tails mode is pretty great, especially that you can access to Sonic place that knuckles haven't explore.

Mods Support:
You heard me right, mod support is here. Never been playing the mods in this game and it was great. For people who don't know how to get to the AppData folder, press the Windows logo + R button, then type %appdata% and Enter and you should be able to download the mods.

Gameplay and Conclusion:
The gameplay I played with was great. It's everything I always wanted to find out why Sonic 3 & Knuckles were their favorite and I can see why. Some complaints I have were some enemies were too annoying, some gimmicks, and the memorization of the Blue Sphere special stages.

Overall, Sonic 3 AIR is a great unofficial port of the critically acclaimed Sonic 3 & Knuckles (that it still has issues for some reason) and it manages to be a 60 fps gameplay consisted and it was marvelous.
This will be my first review of a Sonic fangame.

I played this game after SAGE 2020 and gotta say I am in love with this game due to its art style, gameplay, and new additions of characters that honestly fit in the Sega Saturn game.

The gameplay is simple yet straightforward for the beginner's level, as it utilizes some of the character's ability, unique enemies (i.e. the enemy that shatters the bridge), and multiple pathways. The new gimmick no one talks about is the vine that moves a character in a slingshot matter. The mid-boss and Eggman boss are actually challenging but not too hard, with the Eggman being one of the most interesting bosses I saw and it's simple (though I think it kinda hard for new players). My only complaint to me is the Combi Ring which didn't show the strange blue ring for some reason.

Fang the Sniper: Fang is a pretty nice addition to the team, not having been playable since Sonic the Fighters (though I never played that game either). His ability is to use a pistol that not only double jumps when pressing the Jump twice but also damages enemies which I was intriguing with. Overall, pretty fun character with some funny end clear animation.

Tunnel the Mole: This new character from the roster is actually pretty fun to use and broken (even though I never saw how broken it was). What I mean is his ability to cling on top of any block as long as it is nearby and he can simply dash when unsling which is a very unique thing since no other character can do that. Though this character was a bit struggle for me, it was definitely fun to visit this character.

Overall, the art style is what you expected from a fangame, and it's pretty neat how it represents the Sega Saturn graphics (such as Sonic appearance in Sonic 3D Blast). I also like the new character designs (particularly Tails' idle animations), it fits pretty well with the aesthetics and the zone itself.
The title screen is so clean like Sonic Mania and the main menu is such beautiful though I wish that the Options menu is open (but it's a fangame so).
The music is just better in this game and it's like a combination of Sonic Mania and CD at its best, and my favorite soundtrack from this game is Midnight (Trailer theme) and Tropicano (Verdant Isle Zone Act 2).

Overall, this is the game that I was not hyped for when I became a Sonic fangame but this game is beautiful, it plays well, and I was surprised that it was developed over 3 years ago. So naturally, this game has great additional characters and soundtrack that I was very happy to come back after SAGE. I give this one 9.6 / 10 for me.
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Pros: it's everything anyone could ever need for sonic game creation!!
Cons: not much, it's just that why would you take down the old link to core+ because of working on a new update instead of leaving it then releasing the new update???
just amazing. three words: get, this, now.
jdohsjoisjh me too cuz i need a NEWER version but clickteam fusion 2.5 is a new version
You need the 2.5+ DLC which is $60 right now. I have the Steam version of Clickteam, so I'm waiting until the next Steam Sale to get it cheaper.
This game is so cool!
the original creator of sonic robo blast 2 and sonic robo blast will be REALLY happy with that!
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Its amazing, the graphics are smooth, thee quality is awesome, and its really easy to control, you just have to remember the controls.
This game is amazing the graphics are good, the gameplay is flawless. Its just that the audio in angel island act 1 is really light even when I crank the volume to 100 and the framerate is off and the pause screen buttons don't work right. But like the disclaimer says this is a fan game so I get it if its has a few bugs but please fix it creator.
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thanks I'm planning to streamline and overhaul the menu system as well as address as much as i can before the next release.
Sonic Guy
Sonic Guy
Thanks, just know I mean no offence in this comment
none taken, feedback has been surprisingly sparse so ill take whatever i can get good or ill