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I've Played Sonic GT since Demo 1! I'm SUPER Happy this was finished! Amazing game!
could be better, too bad it doesnt have werehog like everyother fan game, seriously, if you want a good unleashed game, you need to add the werehog! else you should just calll it hedgehog game 2d.

this is my criticism, thank you for reading.
just amazing the 2d is beautiful. i wish that Sega would help fan makers out frfr it would sell like hotcakes. and give you the funds to push this game out. absoultely AAA might try DOTEMU they worked with sega and they could help
This game has a lot of potential, but the main things holding it back are the controls. The level design itself is great, but I think it suits better for a more Adventure style control scheme rather than the wide turns of the boost style of games. The music is also a bit too quiet, and sometimes the ring sounds don't play at all. Overall though, I still had fun.
It says 1 level with 3 acts but there is only 1 act, after the results screen the game just freezes
when will this come out because it looks amazing. I really like kirby.
This game look awesome but it is isn't to mac so I can try it. looks very cool. I have a question it will be a mac build in the future?
Excellent animations, beautiful colors, movement that feels just as good as mania, and all the playable characters are excellent additions. I feel that f more levels are added, they need a bit more verticality and also the bosses are a bit too easy. However, this game is extremely fun and looks great.
I agree! I can't wait until there's more than just the first level!
I've played the original Sonic Chaos, and as easy as that game was, I found it incredibly fun and a good game to be one of the first games from the series I played. Unfortunately, I don't think the same about this game.

The level design for the first act of Turquoise Hill is okay at worst. At best, it feels like Sonic 1. Act 2 though... I wasn't sure where to go -- the stage kept forcing me backwards along the path I came, and in other parts it wasn't clear where to go. There aren't a lot of enemies there, either. I nearly received a Time Over before I gave up. The Zone hasn't got any truly memorable sections, which is a shame since I remember a couple of sections from the original, even though it's been years since I last played that game. I would've much preferred a straightforward port of the original's layout. It's been like 20-30 minutes since I played this game and I can only remember the areas of the second Act that I had to run through more than once, and maybe another one or two.

The look of this game is alright. The pixel art is impressive, and the spritework is really skilful, but I never liked the aesthetic of Sonic Mania. Arguably a personal preference, but I feel it didn't do justice to the original game it was based on and simply played on nostalgia for Sonic 2. Sonic Chaos had its own distinctive style, and I feel it would be way better if you remastered or even just touched up on the original's look for the sprites. The landscape and backgrounds are really pretty, although the ground and walls look a little too flat and shiny. The music really fits the Zone, though!

I'm sorry if I sounded harsh, but I really want to see this become the best it can be. I don't intend any hate. I'm excited for any new updates and demos, since Sonic Chaos is a game I love, and I wish you luck with it. Thank you!
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I have fixed the link as of now. The 2018 version was removed long ago and I forgot to update it.
i wanna know one thing,WHY IS THIS GAME SO AMAZING??? :emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes::emoji_heart_eyes:
NEEDS A STORY MODE ITS SO GOOD but i have poop for brains so i cant think of a level
This is hands down the most unique and promising Mega Man fan project I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It's a damn shame that this only has 3.5 stars on here right now because this game is deserving of SO MUCH PRAISE.

I first found out about this game through its soundtrack, and it is straight up BANGING. I have the theme for the intro stage in my Twitch playlist so that I can hear it as often as possible. RRThiel is an incredibly skilled composer and it shows in this project. 10/10 would listen forever if I could.

I'm in love with the artstyle and overall visual design of the game. Everything has this awesome 90's vaporwave/webcore feel and look to it, and although I wouldn't have initially thought to use that kind of aesthetic for a Mega Man game, it absolutely works. The spritework is very nice as well--I love all of the characters' new looks.

Hard for me to definitively judge the level design since there's only two levels to go off of right now, but I didn't notice any glaring issues that hindered my experience (other than one particular jump from a ladder onto a ledge in Mega Man's stage--I've attached a screenshot of it for reference). The two bosses offered by the demo were satisfying to learn and beat.

Gameplay is very solid. Mega Man plays about how you would expect, which is great! If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? For me though, the star of the show is Roll-Chan. She plays similarly to how Zero plays in MMZ, and what a welcome addition to a classic-style Mega Man game! Playing as her is SO much fun--she's a total power trip. Even just moving around with her is satisfying, not to mention using her broom to slash through enemies. Very much looking forward to getting to play more levels with her. I also really appreciate how much you can customize your experience in the settings. The ability to change the shape and position of the health bars was a thing I didn't know I wanted, but really like now that I have it. It shows that the developers really are thinking about the player and their variety of potential preferences.

Overall, this is an expertly made love letter to the Mega Man series that really does bring a fresh and unique experience to the table. I can't recommend it enough and I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing more of this game in the near future!!! Good job guys :)'

Oh yeah here's that one jump I had trouble making on my first playthrough:
I did manage to get it consistently after learning where on the ladder to jump, but it might be a little confusing for people newer to the Mega Man games. You can honestly take it or leave it though, it's not THAT much of an issue.
Nice review dude! :)
I loved your points on the aesthetic and custom setting options
I definitely agree with the vaporwave aesthetic, wished I had mentioned it in my own review.
And the settings do bring customization previously unheard of in Mega Man games.
Your review makes me jelly of my own :)
cons: the tutorial was bit weird and hard to play and i couldn't really complete each section without dying. of course that how you learn is to fail but this tutorial didn't really feel like i want to learn, more like i was annoyed.
i never felt unsafe in tutorial.

the final boss i hate. i couldn't even barley get the powerups and coins to even live.

the first level i got lost and spent too long trying to find a way out. it confusing.
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First I like to say that I made an account just to bump up the review score on this project; It was really promising and really enjoyable, it deserves more than 3 stars.

I love megaman fangames, and this is the one I am currently the most exited for, yes even more than mmx corrupted. the soundtrack is phenomenal, the art design is top notch, much better than the average bland 8-bit sprites of the average official feeling fan games (and fan game feeling official games, Im looking at you 9 & 10) the gameplay is super tight and the subtle differences that megaman and zero roll bring even insentivised me to replay this demo twice. The story in this demo isnt much, but I think it will set up a great story in the finished product. The main antagonist is wily, sure, but his main henchman this time is cliche, but also super terrifying.

9/10, must play, would play again. It might be too hard for a newcomer, but for the many content starved mega-fans out there this demo will quench their thirst for long enough. Roll feels a bit too broken, breaking through invincible enemies feels too op, and could be replaced with stuff like more diverse attacks to still make her feel like the melee powerhouse she is supposed to be, but not the all around ultimate weapon she now feels like.

When this fangame comes out it probably wont cost money, seeing as that would be illegal, but I'll gladly donate to anyone involved.
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THIS IS AMAZING 9/10 only problem i have is that i cant go back and replay old levels without having to do time attack or challenges. (this was written by a 12 year old)
its very great and a good game in general
this game is pure gold, it was love from first sight, i love the asthetic of the game, the horror theme and all of it, i made a lot of theories about the game and its story, what was that black thing that attacked us on the underwater lab? or the thing that attacked us after that looks like silver? is shadow lost in his memories? Hope the full game to be even better than the demo, thank you for this masterpiece! (if i said something wrong, please forgive me, my native language is not english)
is just perfect, just perfect
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