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the game looks amazing but the button mapings for keyboard are dog shit, and it's even worse when you don't explain what the buttons are mapped to
THIS GAME LOOKS AND FEELS PHENOMENAL, and I only have a few issues.

1. The bullet dash is a genius concept, but I wish you could aim with the mouse instead of WASD because holding x and then aiming is difficult, especially aiming diagonal.

2. I wish there was a way for me to map the Spin-dash to shift. it being the same button as jump isn't ideal.

3. When you stand on a slope, instead of rolling down, you just get stuck and can no longer move, until you jump away.

4. General collision issues.

So I was told my cousin was working on this game and that demo of it was out and that I should play it and give some feed back so that's what I'm here for. I'm not trying to complain about anything since it is just a demo so things can be changed this is just supposed to help make the game the best it can be. I also tested the game multiple times to make sure what I'm saying is correct.

1. I feel like Sonic should be faster as he is now he is the worst character to choose as every other character is just as fast as sonic yet they all have abilities on top of being just as fast as Sonic which considering the game is named after him is not good.

2. There is a bug in the game where if you die and respawn at a checkpoint the timer get's reset to zero instead of continuing where you left off.

3. Tunnel (Dig the mole) is a bit broken with him being able to tunnel into into both the ceiling and the walls. It breaks a lot of the platforming as you can just tunnel and jump up insane heights skipping the platforming entirely making him an easy pick for best character.

4. The bosses are pitifully easy. The worm takes about 3 hits before he scampers towards you but you can just roll at him and finish him off before he even reaches the other side of the screen and I once was only able to hit him twice but then I just pass straight through him as he reaches the other side of the screen. Eggman is just a joke with you being able to attack him both while he is one the ground and in the air. Perhaps it be a good idea to only be able to hit him when he is in the air and having to dodge him while he is recharging on the ground to make him more challenging but still have him feel like a first boss.

The rest of the game however is made really well. The art gives the same feeling mania did and the animations are extremely clean but tunnel can sticks out a bit when looking at every character side by side but maybe that's just me. The platforming is also done well but makes Sonic feel even worse when playing other character. The music is definitely one of my favorites but I get the impression they loop to quickly and it can get annoying if you want to explore the level a bit longer also.

I hope this helps and the rest of the game will be just as fun as the demo was to play. (why does the options menu not work tho.)
I checked this out as the start to my most recent birthday stream. This was such a great way to start the day. I never did figure out how to get Froggy to bite the lure, but just running around and geeking out at most of the locations was a great deal of fun. I kind of want to run around this same map as Sonic, just because it feels like something I want to zip through. It's fantastic! Far exceeded my expectations for a Big the Cat game.
I LOVE THIS. I mean, it's super short, but as a demo I loved just running around and feeling it out. I think there's a lot of potential here and I'd love to see a full game with this movement. The art style, that's what got me in. The Sonic CD intro is my favorite intro of any game ever and I reference it in my stream intro/channel trailer. I adore this art style and loved the feel of the movement. I played this as part of most recent birthday stream and I really can't wait to see what's to come in the future of Sonic Freedom.
This is such a cute game. I love how it feels like a more evolved version of Sonic R with more complexity. I played this as part of my recent birthday stream and I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't play it online because I wanted to just try it on my own but it was still really fun on my own. In some ways, it felt like I was playing Monkey Ball because of how many times I would fail and have to start a segment over, but the running feels enjoyable once you get used to it. I'd love to see more levels in this as well as maybe a Classic Amy character, but that's just me.
Pretty fun game

Fun levels
Excellent controller support
Great music
Nice graphics
Don't drag out too long

Pretty slippery physics
Camera doesn't automatically change

Overall, pretty fun game
Great game. Just a little bit of bugs here and there like this one, idk what happened


It's showing a 27.5 MB file to download... is that right???
Currently when i try to start the game nothing happens after a black screen appear.....
Pros: Smooth controlles, plays very well, response time is perfect, all in feels just like Sonic 1+2.
Cons: Normal bugs
Love this engine a lot, it help me so much with understanding coding and help create games smoothly. Thank you all. Wonderful team here.
where the starball is by the bridge , it was hard to boost up to get other stuff because sonic keeps tripping on something. and he also trpping when trying normal run.
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Since I played the first Sonic Classic game, and have after seeing clips of Sonic Classic 2 years ago, I have been really eager to play this game upon release.

(This is based off the latest release from the Google Drive link on the description.)

Overall the game is a big improvement upon its predecessor.

-Really nice visuals
-Good level layouts
-Great music.
-Unique Zones
-Superb and inventive bosses

In particular I did like the option of having 3 different soundtracks to choose from, Soundtrack A being my favourite.
The zones themselves do feel unique with some inspired assets from official sonic games, but overall they are very enjoyable to speed through.

As there are good things to say about this game, there are also things that need to be improved on.

Cons / minor bugs
-Trying to make Tails fly Sonic to places feels buggy as it seems to only work when it wants to.
-The physics in the special stages are a bit "wonky". Sometimes it won't let me go in the direction I want to go. The stage rotates too fast to handle. Can't cling to the borders or objects of the stages as the characters "slide" even when several diagonally placed objects are placed, resulting to be unable to have that split second to readjust yourself and get your bearings.
-On all 3 of the soundtracks, certain tracks don't play. Soundtrack A: no Special Stage results music. Soundtrack C and Power Team edition: No Special stage or SS results music. There may be more that I haven't discovered yet.

A few game breaking bugs:

-I play on a laptop, and if I want to hook it up to my tv for a bigger screen, not only does all my settings get automatically changed (including music choice), my save gets completely wiped, however still shows the emeralds collected, but I still have start again a new file from scratch. (As shown in picture.)
-Anytime I fail a SS, there is a 50% chance that when I can get back into another SS, as soon as the SS starts it kicks me out as if I failed the stage making it impossible to collect all the emeralds.

I would've given a higher rating if it weren't for the game breaking bugs, really hindering the enjoyment of the game.

Looking forward to seeing the improvements made for the next update! 😀


I like a few others had to register just to make my thoughts about this amazing demo known. It's mind blowing that a team of four created such a fun and potential filled game.

The great draw about Sonic was always watching him run, jump, and roll around the world like it was a playground as he darts through loops and up walls, kind of like Sonic CDs opening. For once a Sonic game allows the player to do all of that - Building speed more and more by using the momentum from the environment is so rewarding in Sonic Utopia, with practice of the level layout you can get Sonic running at exhilarating speed! It really feels like infinite possibilities, Sonic can run up any wall and earn speed in many flexible yet rewarding ways and with enough creativity. The rolling mechanic is implemented so well - It's rewarding to find hills and slopes to roll down, and well balanced because it must be used with awareness to keep the speed going. The homing attack is great as well, requiring environmental awareness and timing to make the most of it - and mastery of using enemies to bounce off to sling Sonic in that direction with all his current speed is another great spirit of the classic titles that lives in this game. I've yet to play another Sonic game official or otherwise that expands on game mechanics that made Sonic so great, and allows the player to feel the most connected to Sonic and the world. I only wish I could find this fellow's Patreon because it's well deserved now that I've played for over 70 hours.

Also for players having camera control issues when starting the game for the first time with a dualshock controller; the issue is easily fixed by going to the input tab before launching the game. The issue has to do with what is set as default for the "View Horizontal" and "View Vertical" inputs. Click to change view horizontal to "Joystick 1, Axis 2" (Press left or right on right analog stick) and click to change view vertical to "Joystick 1, Axis 5" (Press up or down on right analog stick.) Hope this helps!
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Amazing job, SGH cant wait to see more stuff in this website :D
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Sonic's Gaming Hub
Sonic's Gaming Hub
i used my own engine that i made called Genesis Sonic Worlds
wow i just found this page out of no where when i was looking for sonic.exe games
Pretty good fan-Game dude cant wait to see whats more

And yes this is the person who done a playthrough of ur game
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The game is really amazing and all, but how do I connect a controller
I did not have fun playing this game...kinda

I don't hate that it tried to be different, in fact, I was really excited to play the game when I saw the previews back in 2020 to 2021 (I also know I'm 2 months late to this game's release, I have no concept of time), but viewing a game is much different than playing it. Take this review with a grain of salt or even a bucket's worth, this is just how I felt while playing the game and I'm just some dumba$$ on the internet. :P

For reference, I played Alpha Version 4.0

1. Visuals

This game looks great, no doubt about it. My only issue with the visuals is the camera, specifically when it pans in and out (fullscreen). I don't know anything about game development and I'm not going to pretend I do, but it's like the foreground/background are stuck to a vector-like layer trying to preserve the quality of the pixels by shrinking/shifting them when the camera pans? This might just be me but it definitely hurts the eyes at first (though this could just be the screen tearing). Also, I see what you were going for with the dynamic camera in fixed areas, but it sucks for platforming/homing on enemies where we need the FOV the most. I saw videos from alpha 2.0 and I think the camera stayed zoomed out for the most part. (maybe add an option to turn on/off dynamic camera zooms or something?)

2. Music

10/10. No complaints here. There isn't much else to talk about here since there are only 4 tracks in the whole game.

3. Menu

Why was the down button set to the ESC key???? Haha just kidding, that was my fault. The menu feels great!! :>

3. Gameplay (Movement)

This is where things get a little dicey (in my opinion). For starters, the tutorial stage is not good. There's too much to read in the hints and it's hard to read the hints. If you can, please keep them short and simple and add a box behind the text. Visuals are also helpful for getting a point across. Then comes the actual level you can mess around in; Running/Platforming feels fine, a little heavy but manageable. Running fast enough fills a Momentum Meter, which lets you go faster when it's full. (it's also important for another mechanic). Plus, you can perform a Forward Dash by pressing the Jump Button in midair.

Then we get to the new Charge and the revamped Spin Dash. The Charge allows you to pull off a pseudo-Double Jump, a faster Forward Dash, and if you're fully charged next to an enemy, the Homing Attack. The Spin Dash works like the Classic AND Adventure games, hold down the Jump Button when crouched to rev up and let go to burst left/right. Pressing the opposite direction while rolling instantly changes the direction and, if your Momentum Meter is full, can send enemies flying into the air. Personally, I don't like them.

The Charge breaks the pace of the game and the "Double Jump" halts your momentum (kind of ironic, huh). The Spin Dash has a lot more friction to it, while you can still gain more speed by rolling down hills, you will lose speed and even come to a complete stop if you try to roll uphill (the complete opposite from the classic/adventure games). Thankfully you can uncurl to keep your speed while going uphill, but it's still an odd change. Though these moves can be applied to speeding through the stage, their best use-case scenario is my least favorite part of the game.

4. Gameplay (Combat)

Jesus Christ. Lord Almighty. Holy S#!t. Alright, let's get straight to the point. There is a very specific way you are supposed to fight enemies (specifically the Egg Pawns), one I didn't know about until after I played the game and watched the developer play the next day (it was in one of the hints inside the tutorial but. You already know my stance on that). To keep it simple, I'll explain what you're supposed to do. In order to fight enemies fast and efficiently, you need to attack them in a way that knocks them into the air, then hold the Action Button to charge while you're on the enemy so you can deal proper damage.

THIS IS SO HARD TO GET RIGHT. At first, it was definitely because I was bad at the game. Eventually, I got better and then it became a problem because of the game itself. Enemies will sometimes bounce in the opposite direction after hitting them into the air (it's even worse when they touch a wall in midair). The Egg Hammer is especially floaty, and rolling into it will sometimes send it flying faster than you can run. The first Enemy Arena in the bottom path isn't even wide enough for all of the enemies that spawn, even one of the Egg Pawns has to spawn on top of the Egg Hammer. If you're thinking that the area is wide enough because of the slope to the right, I didn't include it because the enemy has to be thrown into the air when they're ON the slope. Otherwise, they will land and you will be harmed because of it, you incompetent fool. In other areas, it's only annoying because you can bounce off of other enemies trying to pull this combo off, sending you out of the rhythm and onto a different enemy (still happens in that beginning area). Coming back to the Momentum Meter, if you build up enough momentum, you can chain multiple Homing Attacks together on one or more enemies, but the Egg Pawns/Egg Hammer have too much health to make this an efficient attack against them.

(Developer don't read this for my sake) I found a glitch you can perform where you knock the enemy past the Arena Barrier and charging a homing attack on that enemy will let you pass the barrier. I was happier when I stumbled upon the glitch so I didn't have to perform actual combat in the game and I could finish the level faster.

Why is the combat so clunky though? I could only come to one conclusion, and it's because Sonic is too fast.

:000 <-- (you reading this rn)

That sounds ridiculous, right? A complete 180 from Unleashed's nighttime stages is this game's weakness? Well, only for the combat. I got used to the physics of the new Charge and Spin Dash just fine, but when it came to fighting in the Enemy Arenas it was still hard to get into a good rhythm. Constantly flying over enemies, enemies bouncing off walls, getting hurt by an Egg Pawn when it landed on the ground even though I was still charging. Maybe if Enemy Arenas had different controls or something? Maybe even a QTE, I don't know. I do know that someone is banging their head against their monitor trying to tell me, "If you don't like fighting the enemies, don't fight them!!!" This is a very good point AND brings up my last problem with the game.

5. Scoring

I love getting that perfect S Rank in Unleashed/Generations, there's nothing more fun than being rewarded for blasting through stages at blazing speeds without taking even a single hit, and I actually started having fun when It was just speeding through the stage after getting to know the level design. I probably didn't get the fastest time, ~1:30 but it felt so good to get that sweet, golden S/D Rank... wait, what?? Yeah. The scoring system in this game is split into two ranks; one for Time, one for Rings. Rings aren't entirely scattered around the stage anymore. The majority of your rings would be obtained by defeating enemies(I forgot to mention that quickly chaining hits on enemies gives you a combo score which dictates how many rings you'll receive from the enemy and sometimes I think you'll get a wisp if you finish off an enemy with an S Rank combo. No, I will not talk about the wisps or shields because this review is already long enough and I don't care about them).

Eventually, I was able to get an S/S Rank because I'm a perfectionist and I will cause problems for myself until I get it right, but at first, it was like the game slapped one-half of my face for playing the game the way I wanted to and kissed the other side of my face for good luck. The only way I could get a double S/S Rank was by collecting more rings, meaning I had to fight the enemies (It wasn't so bad going back to get the S/S Rank since I knew how to beat the level properly ALSO FOR SOME REASON DEFEATING THE EGG HAMMER REMOVES 30 SECONDS FROM YOUR TIME WHICH,,, COOL??? BUT ALSO I WASN'T INFORMED OF THIS IN THE TUTORIAL WTH). I'm not a fan of this either, it just feels unnecessary to separate the score like that. Maybe if timed ranks and score ranks were separate modes rather than a split rank? I don't know, probably just me.

6. Final Thoughts

Again, take in with a truckload of salt. I could gripe about other small things; like how there are too many actions mapped to one button, you can't use the joystick on a controller to move, the game audio is too loud on startup, etc., etc. Overall, as a decently experienced player now, this game isn't too bad. Learning how to play sucks and Sonic's speed doesn't mesh well with how you're supposed to fight "beat-em-up" style, but I still enjoyed myself when I was just rolling around at the speed of sound- unironically. I'll keep in mind that it's only an Alpha though because I've been following this game for a year and I can tell that Bane has put a lot of effort into this project. Even though this review wasn't positive, I still think the concept of the game is really cool and I'll keep supporting it!

... I am ashamed that I spent 5 hours writing this what am I doing with my life