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Pros: it's everything anyone could ever need for sonic game creation!!
Cons: not much, it's just that why would you take down the old link to core+ because of working on a new update instead of leaving it then releasing the new update???
just amazing. three words: get, this, now.
This game is so cool!
the original creator of sonic robo blast 2 and sonic robo blast will be REALLY happy with that!

Its amazing, the graphics are smooth, thee quality is awesome, and its really easy to control, you just have to remember the controls.
This game is amazing the graphics are good, the gameplay is flawless. Its just that the audio in angel island act 1 is really light even when I crank the volume to 100 and the framerate is off and the pause screen buttons don't work right. But like the disclaimer says this is a fan game so I get it if its has a few bugs but please fix it creator.
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thanks I'm planning to streamline and overhaul the menu system as well as address as much as i can before the next release.
Thanks, just know I mean no offence in this comment
none taken, feedback has been surprisingly sparse so ill take whatever i can get good or ill
This is a really good demo. Great music, art design, interesting story premise, and really good game feel. I'm hooked.

P.S: just take my money RRthiel, take it!
This game is amazing, the visuals, the gameplay, everything! (and knuckles has his hat and that's neat and I like it)
This game is absolutely phenomenal. Near flawless controls, thoughtful inclusion of both modern and classic style elements, great physics and momentum. It even lets you turn Super Sonic on or off as you please. Eagerly awaiting more of this game.
This amazing fan project is essentially the sonic mania of mega man games. RRthiel and his band of merry men have truly been able to capture the spirit of all the great mega man games into a project seeping with passion.

Firstly, the visual design, god this is a pretty game, the 16/8 bit look of mega man looks superb, harkening back to Mega Man 7's visual design(which I really like). Everything is so vibrate, expression and detailed, clearly a lot of work went into this games visual design. And that animation...god it's so smooth, like butter smooth you know?

Secondly, the level design and gameplay feel, at first I was skeptical as to how the visual design would affect the gameplay, as I thought the screen crutch would make the game feel cramped and more stiff like in Mega Man 7, and I was also worried that it would make some of the same design mistakes as well. Like for example, remember in turbo man's stage how there were these moving tires that moved you when you bumped into them, well the screen crutch wouldn't allow you to accurately predict when they were going to come, and as a result you would get some pretty unfair deaths from your inability to properly time the jumps. Luckily this demo never made such a mistake, and it's visual design works in perfect harmony with the gameplay, with each obstacle and enemy made with mega man's new size in mind.
Mega Man and Roll feel so good to control, with the tight but flexible movement Mega Man has always been known for. The level design is... alright, a little basic, and even underwhelming at times, but for a tutorial level it works just fine, I just hope the later levels will pick up the slack and introduce us to some new and exciting gimmicks that give us the tight platforming Mega Man has always been loved for. Also, Roll is a little broken, but her character inclusion was an amazing choice, as it incentivizes replayability, a key stable of the Mega Man series. However unlike Mega Man 10 with its sloppy inclusion of Protoman and Bass as playable characters Perfect Blue changes the entire level design to be suited for Roll's abilities, something Capcom should've learned to do a decade ago. Also Roll attacks with a broom, so you know it worth to play as her. Finally the bosses, they have some great attack patterns that make it super satisfying for the player to maneuver around, and with some generally pretty cool designs. All in all fairly solid design and control.

Thirdly, sound design, ok do I really need to talk about the music? I mean... it's pretty obvious that it's amazing. Ok well to be fair the music isn't exactly representative of the Mega Man series and its music, and I wouldn't call it Mega Man music because of it, but it fits perfectly into the levels so its not bothering me at all. The sound effects sound good with the charged buster sounding perfect as always, with the jump and slide following suit. The enemy deaths sound okay, but the boss death sound effects I thought to be underwhelming, like you are about to deal the final blow to the final boss on the tutorial level and when you kill it instead of a hearing an expected large sounding KABOOM, you get a series of little farts for explosions and a lack luster victory tune. But I'm the development team can fix that.

Conclusion, this game has such huge potential to be a smash hit, and I am excited to see what RRthiel and his friends will be serving us in the full version of the game. I am glad to see that this development team is so passionate for the project as they truly put all of their heart and soul into the game I can just feel it. It has one or two flaws, but those are only nitpicks, I am sure that the development team will fix exactly what I complained about by the time the full version comes out. I can only hope the best of success for these talented and creative people, as based off of what I played from this demo, I sure this game will be amazing. Good luck you guys! :)

By Luca S
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TLDR I'm an idiot for saying the music isn't representative of the Mega Man series all because it's different. It's like how WarCR said it, "it's like saying Sonic Adventure's music isn't very sonic cause it's rock." My description of the music was not very good and I would like to address that I made a mistake saying what I said in my review. It is very good, for crying out loud I have RRThiel's Mega Man Perfect Blue soundtrack in my own personal playlist. THE MUSIC SLAPS make no mistake.
I liked the idea, the gameplay was nice, until I got to a special stage, a Sonic 2 special stage, I terrible at those! I know some people like them, but the controls were harder than the OG S2 special stages.
Is the impact with the first time you play the special stage enough to warrant a barely average score to the entire game?

Play it a little more and please don't consider a problem being unable to get the all of the emeralds on the first try. Take it slow. Expect to die and maybe suffer a game over or two. It's something that should be expected in a game you're unfamiliar with, even if it looks like other games you played before.
Once you clear it you can replay Green Grove over and over and get the missing emeralds.
In the mean time learn the stages, get good against the bosses. Discover the alternate paths Knuckles and Tails open up.
With a bit of practice you may find out that the special stages are not as hard as they seem once you play them a few times.

Sonic 3D in 2D is a rather short game that can be cleared in less than 2 hours.
If you could clear it immediately and get everything unlocked right away you would lose interest in the game rather quickly and forget about it.
this game is AMAZING. I had so much fun playing so far. The level design is new and fresh and the animations are so cool. One thing I really loved about srb2 was the music and I can say that you have hit the nail on the head with that. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this game.
This seams like a downgrade from Sonic 2, unless you mean Gamegear Sonic 2 then meh.
(If there was a half star system then this would be 2.5 stars [get it? 2.5?])
This game is amazing! but i have a few problems on the first and second levels i have a bit of slowdown but other than that its amazing!
Hey man, this is a really great and interesting project, I've been wanting to make a sequel like this one for a while. I was wondering if you knew what tools or programs that would be needed in order to make something such as this. Thanks!
Amazing game!
The things I like.
1. I like the remixed ost.
2. I like how to physics are close to the genesis version.
The things I don't like and/or bug reports
Bug reports:
1. I can drop throw that bridge after the speed shoes for some reason
Overall Rating: 4 stars
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Thank you :)
Excellent fangame! The controls, level design and visual design feel awesome! I'll be looking forward for updates because this demo is so promissing.
insanely good and really fun but one thing thats an idea is.... Modern Sonic
just why not if shadow is in sonic 3d in 2d why not modern sonic????
but of course its just an idea
also christmas is coming so it would be a cool Christmas DLC like if you get it ON Christmas you get modern sonic FROM THE START but he is only in the Christmas DLC (and everyone has a Christmas costume on EVEN modern sonic)
but if you put all the files from christmas DLC (Charactor and music things) you get the charactos without costumes on (meaning modern sonic is there without the costume on)
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This game is amazing but I cant download....idk why, when I want to go to the link where is download its just error? Please help guys......
when I click the link my pc think its a website
just wow its amazing but what would be cool is if there was hyper sonic (the master emerald is on the map so why not?) but you would need lots of rings like about 100 rings! or 70 or 80 cause i don't know how much rings are on the map lol
Although this game does not have much quality, it is quite enjoyable, my favorite part is the combination of the "Sonic Runners" models with the "Sonic Adventure" gameplay. :emoji_smile: