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SAGE 2023 - Demo Cory in the Ded 3.5 (SAGE '23 Demo)





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Cory in the Ded 3.5
is a somewhat joke game made for my friends, with the first game in the series being made by Radfordhound, and continued on by others in his community. None of the other games made are important to this one (aside from Cory in the Ded 3 but please don't bother.) as Cory in the Ded 3.5 is pretty much separate from the other games.

...So despite the name, no, Cory Baxter from Cory in the House does not make an appearance.

Anyways, while there are quite a few inside jokes in this game, hopefully you'll end up finding humor in the pure absurdity!


(These can be changed in the options menu. There's also controller support, though keep in mind that this game is primarily made for keyboard and it might not work the best.)
Arrow Keys = Movement
A = Jump (Referred to as Action)
S = Special
X = Special 2
W = Super
F4 = Change resolution

Radfordhound: @Radfordhound

Radfordhound 1.png

Action while Jumping = Insta-Shield
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash
Up (Hold) + Action = Super Peelout
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Dankles: @BriceTAS
(hey that's me!)
(Snow & Tempo: She/Her)

dankles snow tempo.png

Action (Hold) while Jumping = Glide
Gliding into a wall = Climb
Special = PokéProjectile
Special 2 - Switch current Pokémon (Once unlocked)
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash

Special while Gliding w/ Snow equipped = Icicle Crash
(Hold Action during Icicle Crash to continue Gliding!)
Special while Gliding w/ Tempo equipped = Relic Boost
(Hold Action during Relic Boost to continue Gliding!)
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Miles "Tails" Prower: @sonic_hedgehog
(it's literally just Tails.)

Tails 2.png

Action while Jumping = Flight
Double Tap left or right while flying = Flight Dash
(Press Action again to stop dashing!)
Special = Tail Swipe
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Cas/OrangeYoshiHD: @turtersblade

OrangeYoshiHD - Cas (Needs to be remade).png

Action (Hold) while Jumping = Flutter Jump
Special on the ground = Orange Throw
Special in the air = Ground Pound
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash

Claire/ThatCubeGamer: @ThatCubeGamer

ThatCubeGamer - Claire (Needs to be remade).png

Action while Jumping = Discharge
Special (Hold) on the ground: Volt Tackle
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash

Sanok Maynik: @3DWorldMan

Sanok Maynik.png

Action (Hold) while Jumping = Drop Dash
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash
Up (Hold) + Action = Super Peelout
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Autumn: @kayfaraskye

Autumn (real).png

Action while Jumping = Wing Flap
Special while Jumping = Flutter Bounce
Up (Hold) + Action = Super Peelout
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Lucky: @luckyplsh

(please don't call her a femboy.)


Action while Jumping = Air Dash
Down (Hold) + Action = Spin Dash

Special 2 = Discard Wisp

White Boost:
Special = Boost/Air Boost

Red Burst:
Special (Hold) on the ground = Flamethrower
Special while Jumping = Burst Jump (x3)

Cyan Laser:
Special on the ground = Laser Blast
Special (Hold + Direction) while Jumping = Laser Dash (x4)

Blue Cube:
Special on the ground = Cube Slam
Special while Jumping = Cube Creation


Gotta Play Fast.png

Action while Jumping = Air Dash/Homing Attack
Air Dash into a wall = Wall Jump
Special = Boost
Special 2 while in the air: Stomp/Lightspeed Dash
Super while jumping w/ 50 Rings & all Chaos Emeralds = Transform

Now that already may be a lot of characters, but what if I told you there were more that you can unlock?
Once you unlock your first character, the Character Select menu tells you how to unlock the rest! But if you're curious who they are specifically, then I won't stop you from finding out.
Super Mario: @NintendoAmerica


Action while Jumping = Spin Jump
Action while Jumping and underwater = Swim
Special while Jumping = Ground Pound
(Press Special again right as you land to gain a burst of speed!)
Special 2 while Jumping = Dive
Down (Hold) + Action = Long Jump
Jumping into a wall = Wall Jump
Walking while holding the opposite direction and Action = Somersault/Side Flip

Super Luigi: @NintendoAmerica


Action (Hold) while Jumping = Scuttle
Special while Jumping = Ground Pound
(Press Special again right as you land to gain a burst of speed!)
Special 2 (Hold) while Jumping = Green Missile
Down (Hold) + Action = Long Jump
Jumping into a wall = Wall Jump
Walking while holding the opposite direction and Action = Somersault/Side Flip

Mighty the Armadillo: @sonic_hedgehog


Action while Jumping = Hammer Drop
Action while against a wall = Wall Kick
(Hold any direction and press Action to jump off towards that direction!)

Shadow the Hedgehog: @sonic_hedgehog


Action while Jumping = Homing Attack/Air Dash
Special while Jumping = Chaos Spear
Special on the ground = Chaos Spear (If walking), Chaos Slider (If running)
(You can also activate Chaos Slider by quickly double tapping the opposite direction if moving)
Full Chaos Gauge + Special 2 while Jumping = Chaos Blast

Amy Rose: @sonic_hedgehog


Action while Jumping = Spin Jump
Action (Hold) while Jumping = Hammer Bounce
Special after jumping or on the ground = Hammer Swing
Special while holding up and running = Hammer Jump


Keep in mind that everything is obviously still a work-in-progress, there's quite a few missing cutscenes and some levels will definitely be reworked in the final game. With all that out of the way, I hope you have fun with the demo!

Please feel free to report any bugs or issues* you have either in the comments, or tag me on my
Twitter account. I appreciate any criticism you give, too!
* = if they're funny bugs im keeping them in.














Updates from the SAGE 2022 demo:
- Reworked main menu and options screens
- Completely remade Toys R Us Zone, now it's an actual, full zone!
- Remade the boss of Green Hill & Azure Lake
(the latter wasn't in the previous demo but existed so um maybe not "remade" to you people)
- Some of the main characters have adjusted movesets, Dankles' in particular hopefully balancing Snow to be on-par with Tempo.
- More unlockable characters, reworked the 2022 demo unlockable character's moveset.
- New* zone between Green Hill and Cory 2!

* = It's a zone that already existed in the game, just wasn't playable in the 2022 demo. I plan to touch it up before the final game.
- Generally just fixed a few bugs and changed some very minor things you probably wouldn't notice if you played the game last year.
- Removed Herobrine.


A full list of credits are in text files that come with the game - I've credited a lot of people over the past 4 or 5 years and the list is too big to put here!

Latest reviews

Really fun fangame, I enjoy this more than I do Sonic Mania nowadays, seriously. Go play it!

That being said, some technical problems I've noticed:

Probably fixable: The music for Invincibilty, Speed Up, 1-up, Drowning, Classic Sonic's introduction cutscene, Vs. Classic Sonic, the Plane Flying Cutscene and the Fang boss fight still play even if the BGM volume is set to 0%. They're probably all assigned as sound effects instead (by mistake?).

Likely fixable: Cream's sprites should probably be layered over the player sprites when she grabs the player in a cutscene.

Probably not fixable: My monitor doesn't like playing it in fullscreen, it tears the image everywhere. It doesn't seemingly record that on Windows/Nvidia Geforce Experience itself, so it's probably just a monitor issue.
ill go about fixing everything else but you saw the EV/event volume option right? some of those songs are mapped to it wrong but others are intentional
A Blob
I did see it, but for some reason, I was assuming EV/event volume could've meant voiced dialog/sound effects in cutscenes.
why do you say that?! okay that was good!
Hi, I beta tested this game, and also appear in it as a playable character!

Something I think is great about this game is how it completely subverts your expectations; you go into it expecting a crappy meme game, but it's actually an extremely well made and thought out fangame! TAS has been working on this for 5 years total by now, and it shows with it's well thought out level design, an insane amount of completely unique playable characters, including MULTIPLE unlockables, all things you'd never expect from something entitled "Cory in the Ded 3.5"

also you can change the rings to look like toy story aliens and play "ooooooh" sound effects in the settings its a perfect 10/10
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cory in the ded is finally developed! yes is now developed for cory in the ded was not a joke and a meme! okay?/ok?
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Reactions: Autumn
oh damn my bad i guess my friend DIDN'T spend 5 years working on this game then... i suppose i was mistaken because apparently a game having in-jokes means that it wasn't developed, very foolish mistake on my part. i deeply apologize for the confusion!
Amazing, this game keeps getting better and better. Buzz in Toys r Us was amazing lmao, as were the new graphics and stage layout in general. Kinda kept wishing there would be super forms tho, even debug ones or something, found the emeralds pretty quick and kept wishing the Pikachu character could turn super. Or into a Raichu, lol. Kinda wish bosses also showed the current track playing.

The best thing in this demo: Fuchsia Fields and Violet Outskirts, not sure if either was there originally? Were they or not those two zones are veeery pretty.

The worst thing in this demo: After getting a time over the timer doesn't reset. We got to the Knuckles boss in Azure Lake Zone with 9:17 in the clock and yeeeah, had to really go fast to beat Knux, kept getting time overs. Yeeaah we might've been exploring and playing "too slow", but yeeeah, the timer should deeefinitely reset after getting a time over.
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hey, thanks for playing! some of the characters do have super forms but not all of 'em (only Radfordhound, Dankles, Tails, Sanok, Autumn, and GPF have them at the moment! still need to finish the rest of them. and Claire may or may not turn into a Raichu 🤫)

Fuchsia Fields wasn't in last year's demo but did exist at that point, i just decided to add it to this year's demo just to have more content zone-wise alongside the new Toys R Us. glad you enjoyed both of them though!

and sorry about the time over issue, i never ended up testing it so had no idea that happened. ill be sure to fix it for future versions! (or might just get rid of time overs in general idk we'll see lol)


Very entertaining and fun game.
Only thing i would suggest to be added is being able to skip dialogue lines in cutscenes instead of only being able to skip the whole cutscene.
very likely the only game at sage to feature kay faraday from the ace attorney series so i'd definitely give it a solid 10/10

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