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SAGE 2022 - Demo Ball Stars of the Animal Kingdom - Sage '22 Demo

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Welcome to Ball Stars of the Animal Kingdom. A frantic, soccer-like game where no one is playing the same sport. Pick your star and face off against the other team to get the ball in the goal by any means necessary, then bring your friends along and play online.


Jolene is a straightforward, offensive frontrunner. Use her meat tenderizer to send the ball flying forward, or lob it upward to mix up the approach!

Jean-Pierre is a speed demon who specializes in interception. No matter how far the ball goes, he and his lightning dash are never too far behind!

Poppy creates an important defensive wall for their team. They might not be the fastest of the ball stars, but when their vacuum grabs (or launches) the ball, nobody can stop them.

Scratchy is a multi-purpose powerhouse. Whether it's bouncing through the pack, swinging wildly at everything in its path, or sniping from a distance, it has a tool for every situation.


Sunset Cove.png
The water is calm and the breeze is refreshing at Sunset Cove! From the kickoff in the sand pit to the caves housing each goal, this small, straightforward field is a great place for new players to learn the ropes.

Aquatic Tunnel.png
The giant, ominous doors watching over Aquatic Tunnel serve as the goals in this spacious, multi-layered hall. With nothing getting in the ball's way, defense is paramount at this destination.

Snowflake Station.png
At the bus stop between two cable lifts lies Snowflake Station, with its wide open center field leading into tight corridors. A steady offense is needed to get the ball through the walkways and into the station goals.

Mirage Street.png
Mirage Street, located in the middle of the desert, is the newest destination on the itenerary. The kickoff point serves as a gateway between the two central pits, where all the frantic action happens.




A lot has changed since last SAGE! Here's the quick summary:
  • Vs. Bots mode has been added, so players can try the game against AI opponents without having to round up a lobby of players. Note that the AI is still experimental.
  • Two new maps - Snowflake Station and Mirage Street.
  • A new star joins the Ball Stars - Scratchy, the kangaroo.
  • Jolene now has the ability to lob the ball upward.
  • Jean-Pierre can now home in on the ball when using his Boost Lunge attack.
  • Hosting online lobbies no longer requires port forwarding on the host computer. The new system uses NAT punching to allow outside connections, and legacy behavior is provided as an advanced option in case of any issues.
  • Team colors can now be customized locally in the options menu, with a more colorblind-friendly preset available.
  • A variety of visual and sound effect tweaks, balance changes, and menu flow improvements, among other bits of polish.
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This game is a lot of fun! Controls are solid and I really like the style of it all! I would love to play this with some friends!
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