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Combi Ring Advanced - SAGE 2020 Demo

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Combi Ring Advanced is a fangame where Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit team up to stop whoever the evil bad guy will be this time. There will be a plot eventually. Authentic Sonic physics mean that traversal is just as much fun as every other Sonic fangame, but the added dynamics of the Combi Ring add a new challenge as you navigate the duo past obstacles.
  • Use the power of the Combi Ring to thrust, swing, and fling your way to victory!
  • Venture through 0.4* sprawling stages, with a combination of 2D pixel art and low-poly 3D, reminiscent of the DS generation of games.
  • Play cooperatively with a friend via online play** and team up together.

* As of this demo. Final stage count subject to change.
** Online play is still in an early stage of development.

Take Amy and Cream through the included demo level, Clockwork Canopy Act 1. This demo contains a single act to showcase a small sample of the gameplay in development.

This is an early demo showcasing about four months of development time. Many things are subject to change in the near future, and some mechanics are not yet fully implemented.

Please check the included How to Play image before starting, as whether or not you've played Knuckles' Chaotix before, the physics will take a bit of learning to use to their fullest potential.
Online co-op is supported in a very early, and probably very buggy, state via direct peer-to-peer connection. The host should forward port 5029 on their router to connect.

To keep up with post-SAGE updates, keep an eye on my devblog at

Available platforms

Windows: Download and extract the ZIP to any folder. The game requires Windows Vista or higher and a graphics card with OpenGL 2.1 support.

macOS: An experimental release is provided for macOS 10.7 or higher. This is an unsigned app, so you'll have to allow those to run on your system. I've provided a couple of solutions in the included readme that have worked for testers, and may work for you. If those don't work, see the "Other platforms" section below.

Android: This release is also experimental. It's signed with a debugging key, but has installed reasonably consistently on test devices. Tested on Android 7.0 and above, but it ought to run on versions as old as 4.0. If you are unable to extract the ZIP archive from your phone, you can try downloading the straight APK and installing that way. If these solutions don't work, see the "Other platforms" section below.

Other platforms: For Linux users, or users of other platforms who can't (or don't wish to) run the standalone builds provided above, a straight .love archive is also available for download. You'll have to download LÖVE itself (versions 11.2 or later should work), then follow the instructions on their wiki to run the archive through it.

Platforms other than the Windows release are provided in a highly experimental state, as I have limited ability to provide support for them.
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This is super fun! I always thought the Combi Ring mechanic from Chaotix was fun to use but the stage design ruined it, so using that same mechanic in proper 2D Sonic stage design is a genius idea, I'm surprised it hasn't been tried before. Plus, the use of Amy as the main playable character, someone who can't fly or spindash, gives the player a reason to actually use and git gud at these mechanics. My only gripe is that I do think Amy's attack could activate faster, I kept getting hit when I was sure I pressed the button in time.
As someone who has never played Knuckles Chaotix before, this was very interesting and somewhat challenging to play! I definitely had fun trying out several ways to gain momentum with the combined ring! Also, I like the direction of the graphics you went with, it definitely reminds me of Marvel VS Capcom 2! nice job!
This is a pretty fun game! Even though ive never had the chance to play knuckles chaotix, this game was pretty easy to play. But i do wonder if online co-op is coming to android or not...

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