SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic 3D in 2D


Sonic 3D in 2D is a fangame that reimagines Sonic3D Blast plot and levels with style and structure closer to the games that preceeded it.

What if the final Mega Drive/Genesis game never moved away from the formula established by Sonic 3 & Knuckles, with bosses in every act and in game cutscenes to move the plot forward?
What if it was a proper entry in the main series and a bridge between 3K and Adventure?

Explore Flicky Island in a 2D side scrolling platformer that takes elements from the other Mega Drive/Genesis games to re-forge an adventure anew. Fight new and challenging bosses, save Flicky Island and stop Robotnik's final plan to harness the Flicky's power for himself.


  • 15 Acts to explore in 8 Zones
  • 15 Boss Battles that will put your skills to the test
  • All classic shields, including the Golden Shield to use the homing attack with Sonic
  • 3 Playable characters at start (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles).
  • Physics close to the Mega Drive/Genesis games.
  • Lots of Easter Eggs
  • Unlockable Extras for more gameplay options
  • 23 Achievements to tackle
  • The Saturn Soundtrack and customizable soundtrack are available as optional DLC.

Green Grove Zone
: hills are alive with the sound of the Badnik's engines. The flikies have been turned into robots and it's up to you to blast through the Green Grove and free the Flickies!

Rusty Ruin Zone
: ancient ruins re-emerged from the sea. Make your way through the ancient traps of a long dead civilization as you keep searching for the Chaos Emeralds!

Spring Stadium Zone
: a crazy funhouse of pinball, barrels, bumpers, springs and spike traps! Hone your jumping and bumping skills to survive here!

Diamond Dust Zone
: have your snowboard handy? The snowy mountains of Flicky Island are filled with snow and ice. Watch out for explosive snowmen and uncover frozen springs to make your way through.

Volcano Valley Zone
: quite a change from the cool slopes! Leap the lava beds and use your spin dash to activate the elevators. Keep an eye out for the Fire Shield to protect yourself from the worst burns of your life.

Gene Gadget Zone
: this mixed-up mechazone is chock full of pipes, tubes and wiring. Not to mention electrified floors, shocking fields and industrial fans that will blow you around!

Panic Puppet Zone
: looks like Robotnik hasn't even had time to place the flickies into robots. The final confrontation is approaching!

: find all of the Chaos Emeralds to know more...


Game controls are set by the user on their first launch and they will map a mega drive/genesis controller. As such the commands for each character are described with the genesis button map (arrows, A, B, C, start). Controls can be changed any time by pressing up and accessing the "controls" submenu in the title screen.

Other Controls:
  • F2: resets the game
  • Alt + Enter: Toggles Fullscreen
  • Alt+ F4: Closes the game
Playable Characters

Sonic The Hedgehog
The main character of the series, Sonic is a very versatile character, but will require time to fully master. His Insta Shield ability allows him to increase his attack range, deflect most projectiles and regain air control.
He is also able to harness the full power of the elemental shields gaining different attacks according to the shield held.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Peel Out = Up (Held) + A, B or C
Insta Shield = (No shield or Blue shield) A, B or C while midair.
Fire Dash = (Fire Shield) A, B or C while midair. Can break weak walls.
Double Jump = (Electric Shield) A, B or C while midair.
Ground Bounce = (Bubble Shield) A, B or C while midair.
Homing Attack = (Golden Shield) A, B or C while midair, can be repeatedly used. A short air dash will be used if no target is available.

Miles "Tails" Prower
Sonic's best friend and companion of countless adventures, Tails follows and supports Sonic whenever possible. His twin tails allow him to fly and his ability to swim allows him unparalleled vertical movement but leaves him open to enemy attacks.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Fly = A, B or C while midair press repeatedly to increase altitude. The spinning tails can be used to damage enemies.
Swim = A, B or C while jumping underwater. Press repeatedly to swim upward.

Knuckles The Echidna
The last Echidna, guardian of Angel Island and the Master Emerald, Knuckles' incredible strength allows him to break through any barrier with ease. With his spiked fists that allow him to climb on walls and his gliding skill combined, he is able to access paths no one else can.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Glide = A, B or C (Held) while midair
Climb = A, B or C against a wall or landing on it while gliding
Wall Breaker = Passive ability. Any breakable wall is destroyed on touch.

??? ????
A character from another time, summoned by the Flickies to save their island. While her abilities may be limited compared to the other characters, she will prove everyone her turn has arrived.

Abilities and Controls
Jump = A, or C
Dash = Down (Held) + A or C
Hammer Attack = B, press again for a second swing and a step forward. Can break weak walls.
Hammer Jump = Down (Held) + B
Hammer Spin = B while midair, press again to keep spinning. Can break weak walls.
Hammer Drop = Down + B while midair. Can break weak walls.

?????? ??? ???????
A character from another time, summoned by the Flickies to save their island. Born to be the ultimate life form, his extended array of abilities can make short work of any enemy.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A or C
Homing Attack = A, B or C while midair, can be repeatedly used. A short air dash will be used if no target is available.
Wall Latch = Air Dash against a wall
Boost = B (Held) as long as the boost bar isn't empty. Can break weak walls.
Ground Stomp = Down + B

???????? ??? ???????
A character from an unstable dimension, summoned by the Flickies to save their island. This blue blur will protect the world with his spiked fists. While not as strong as Knuckles is, he has a few more tricks under his sleeve.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Glide = A, B or C (Held) while midair
Climb = A, B or C against a wall or landing on it while gliding
Insta Shield = Up + A, B or C while midair
Ground Stomp = Down + A, B or C while midair or Down while gliding
Minor Wall Breaker = Passive ability. Weaker walls are destroyed on touch.

?????? ??? ????????
A character from an unstable dimension, summoned by the Flickies to save their island. This carefree guy runs as fast as his blood boils. He is renewed in his world for his incredible speed. His innate affinity to fire allows him to blaze through any obstacle, but his rashness might get him into trouble.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Peel Out = Up (Held) + A, B or C
Fire Dash = (No shield, Blue Shield or Fire Shield) A, B or C while midair. Can break weak walls. Doesn't work under water.
Double Jump = (Electric Shield) A, B or C while midair.
Ground Bounce = (Bubble Shield) A, B or C while midair.
Homing Attack = (Golden Shield) A, B or C while midair, can be repeatedly used. A short air dash will be used if no target is available.

??????? ??? ???????
A character from an unstable dimension, summoned by the Flickies to save their island. The greatest treasure hunter of his dimension and a skilled mechanic, his psychic power allows him to move in the air and water like he is flying. Combined with his incredible strength, there is no place he can't reach.

Abilities and Controls
Spin Jump = A, B or C
Roll = Down while moving on the ground.
Spin Dash = Down (Held) + A, B or C
Fly = A, B or C while midair. Press repeatedly to increase altitude. Will fall if used for too long.
Wall Breaker = Passive ability. Any breakable wall is destroyed on touch.

Machine independant Speed
Should you face heavy slowdowns in the game, try to run it using the "machine independant speed" option by following these steps:
1 - Make a windows shortcut to the exe of the game
2 - Go into the link properties and add the /MIS1 command in the destination field after the double quotes
it should look something like this:
"C:\BLAH BLAH BLAH\Sonic3D2d 1.17.exe" /MIS1
3 - hit OK and start the game through that link.
Water effect compatibility
As of version 1.08 should you discover that the water in game looks like a large dark wall, try to run the game through a shortcut with the command /LIGHTWATER
Re-Enable Fusion 2.5 OLD Pause System
If you experience slowdowns after the new pause system has been released, try running the game through a shortcut using the command /OLDPAUSE this will re-enable Fusion's un-pause system. You will gain some FPS, but you'll be forced to UNPAUSE the game by pressing ENTER.
All commands listed above can be entered in the same shortcut, separated by space (EG: /MIS1 /OLDPAUSE).

Install instructions
Download and unpack the zip file in a directory of choice. The archive includes xinput1_3.dll ("Microsoft Common Controller API") required for the game to work and detect controllers.
If you're downloading a new version, you can open the zip and take the exe into the folder of your previous installation, or extract into the same path and overwrite everything. Both the savegame and control settings will carry over automatically.
How to install the Saturn DLC
Simply unpack the zip, and drag both the "Saturn" and the "Custom" folders into your Data\Soundtrack\ folder without overwriting the existing music.
How to play on LINUX
* Wine version: lutris-5.7-x86_64
* DXVK option off. (otherwise would crash immediately after launch)
* Use winetricks to install vcrun6. (otherwise crash after input setup)
* (optional) Set up a separate wineprefix to keep things clean.
The game works in either fullscreen or windowed mode, but it may crash after switching between full and window a few times during gameplay. Left screen with low resolution after crash. Configure -> System options -> Restore resolution on exit in Lutris settings made the original resolution return the next time it crashed. So, just be careful toggling between the screen modes.

- Fixed a layering error introduced with the TV-Like Filter effect in version 1.21 that caused 6 rings in Green Grove Act1 to occasionally be moved behind the waterfall near the start of the level.
- Fixed a layering error with a platform in Tails' path in Spring Stadium 2.

Special thanks to kitty2135 for reporting the following bugs:
- Modified the unlock controls of the camera at the end of the battle in Green Grove act 1 to avoid conflicting with the final camera block at the signpost.
- Repositioned the hidden event triggers that close some doors in Rusty Ruin Act 1 and 2, volcano valley act 2 and Gene Gadget Zone 1 and 2 to prevent players with keen reflexes to jump or glide backward as soon as the door starts closing and get stuck between two doors.
- Improved collision detection for ground bumpers in Spring Stadium so that players can no longer land inside them with specific angles and speed.
- Fixed a non-solid ceiling in Volcano Valley Act 1 above a button that allowed the player to clip above (same as an older bug in another section of the level)
- Fixed a gamebreaking bug that would cause a player hanging on the wall next to the signpost in Gene Gadget Zone 1 to get stuck in place when the signpost stops spinning.

Special thanks to ShizukaLoner from discovering the following bug:
- Fixed a game breaking bug introduced in with the tv filter version 1.21 that caused a dying player from getting stuck in some level geometry in Green Grove Zone Act1.

Special thanks to UltraSonicHero from discovering the following bug:
- Fixed a glitch that would cause the orbs of the first boss phase in Panic Puppet Zone 2 from lighting up if both arms slam the ground in quick succession

Special thanks to RedOnyx from discovering the following bug:
- Modified the code of the respawning baloons to prevent the homing attack from targeting exploded ones.

Total downloads screens for previous versions has been saved here for tracking purposes:
older downloads.PNG

- By veteran's request, it is now possible to take on all five of the metal series robots in Gene Gadget Zone Act 1. A new option to fight all of them in sequence has been added.
To do so you have to clear the game with a good ending at least once.
After that a secret switch will become accessible in Gene Gadget Zone 1 that once pressed will alter the battle's condition to activate all of the metal robot series in a row for a huge showdown against all of Sonic's dopplegangers.

- Fixed a code incompatibility with the newest version of Fusion (v293.1 released in December 2020) that caused most of the barrels in Spring Stadium Zone to malfunction.
- Fixed conflicting variables within the Extra Menu caused by the graphic filter introduced in version 1.21. Should you have an invalid value for the variables that control Tails's name, Knuckles color or the filter itself, they will be automatically adjusted the first time you'll access the extra menu.

- Moved the 1 up monitor at the top of the waterfall in Green Grove 2 by 4 pixels left to prevent players from landing after it and gliching in the wall.
- Fixed two misplaced falling terrain in Rusty Ruins 2
- Fixed the layering of the speed shoes in Volcano Valley 2
- Added some solid ground behind some transporter doors to prevent the player from glitching between them and monitors in Gene Gadget Zone
- Reduced the power of some fans in a secondary path of Gene Gadget Zone 2 to prevent the player from accidentally getting stuck.
- Fixed a misplaced spike in Panic Puppet 2
- Added an option in the extra menu to fight all five metal Sonic in Gene Gadget Zone 1. With the option enabled the fight will follow their original release order: Silver Sonic, Robo Sonic, Metal Sonic, Mecha Sonic and SilverMK2

Special thanks to Daniel@GGK912 for finding the following bug:
- Added a forced air reset counter on death to prevent the infinite drown bug that still managed to plague the game.
- Added new sprites to Super Sonic to the following animations: hanging and dragged by current.
- Fixed a misplaced tile in Green Grove Act 2
- Fixed the layering of two flags in Spring Stadium Zone act1
- Added controls to force the correct layering of elevators in Volcano Valley Zone
- Delayed the background filter activation in The Final Fight to allow proper instancing of the stars in the background behind the filter when the stage starts.

Special thanks to Planeta Sonic for finding the following bug:
- Fixed a gamebreaking bug that caused an overzealous Tails to hold on a dead character in case of a time over in Panic Puppet Zone 1 and preventing the game's reset.
- Added a new TV-like composite cable filter! By pressing F5 you can now toggle between 3 different filtering options for the game. The first option is a tv-like filter that slightly blurs nearby pixel horizontally in a comparable way to what old tvs did. The second one blurs only the background, to exploit the background dither effect, but keeps the playing field nice and sharp. The third option is no filter at all, like it's always been. Your current filter setting will be saved whenever the game is normally saved.

- Updated layering for all the screens in the game to account for the new TV filter options

- Adjusted 1 misaligned animation frame for Sonic and Ashura in the Special Stages
- The game wrapper that controls the pause has been optimized by removing unneeded objects
- Added a new routine to force silence on music tracks.

- Added a missing end-floor tile in Panic Puppet Zone Act1.
- Fixed Wechnia, Tails, Sonic and Ashura's animation speed at the end of Panic Puppet 1's cutscene when they appear as NPCs
- Added a spring in an underwater area of Panic Puppet Zone 2 where Sonic and Ashura could get stuck after getting an extra life. While I always considered it difficult for Sonic and Ashura to access it and the extra life would compensate for the forced death, in the end it's useless to burden a player with a Mystic Cave zone pit, even if it gives you a life back.
- Added a control so that if the player is in a hurt state it will never hold on to a hook in Panic Puppet Zone.

Special thanks to MikeSonicYT for reporting the following Bugs
- Fixed an animation bug with Amy when transformed during the Panic Puppet1 Zone Boss where her flight animation wasn't triggered.
- Fixed a bug at the start of the cutscene for Panic Puppet 1 boss that would lock Knuckles's controls into a glide action instead of resetting button input.
- Added two missing background activators for two Starpost in Panic Puppet Zone Act 2. The internal background is now correctly loaded if a character restarts from those specific starposts.
- Improved Tails' Tails collision with Nack so that he could be properly damaged by that action
- Fixed a Bug introduced in 1.19 that has the player always start with an electric shield in Diamond Dust Zone1
- Fixed a misaligned lava light effect in Volcano Valley Act 1.

Special thanks to 1_c438ee for reporting the following bug:
- The Underground Zone achievement properly suggests it's the Diamond Dust Act1 achievement, instead of Rusty Ruin Act1

Special thanks to Vecnazas for reporting the following bugs:
- Added controls to stop the waterfall sounds in Green Grove and Diamond Dust Zone from carrying over into the special stages.
- Added additional audio stop controls to ensure the special stage music stops before the score screen.
- Added additional audio stop controls to ensure the ending theme stops before the final cutscene.
A small set of fixes to address some minor problems. It mainly addresses a softlock with the pipes in Volcanio Valley, a bug that affects Amy in a true 100% completion file, and a bug that caused Cutscene Knuckles' to disappear in the ending cinematic if the game was already cleared.

- Added a control to move rings attracted by the electric shield with the player in the vertical loops of the snowboarding sectionof Diamond Dust Zone 1. They won't disappear anymore!
- Added some invisible blocks to perfect ceiling collision in a few points of Volcano Valley zone 1.
- Fixed a glitch that made cutscene knuckles disappear instead of chuckling in the final cutscene if the ending was triggered from an already cleared game.
- Adjusted the position of a flower in Green Grove 1
- Adjusted the position of a spring in Green Grove 2
- Adjusted the position of some ceiling spikes in Green Grove 2

Special Thanks to LightningThunderbolt for discovering the following bug:
- Fixed a bug that allowed Amy with the super form unlocked to transform after a boss is defeated

Special thanks to Greenknight9000 for reporting the following bugs:
- Removed 2 dirty bright pink pixels from one frame of the Fire Shield's idle animation.
- Added a control to prevent contact with elevators when sonic is inside a pipe in Volcano Valley 2 and avoid a softlock in an area point where one can overlap a pipe needed to proceed.
Fine tune your custom tracks with the new LoopTuner!
Since the arrival of the Custom soundtrack for the game, there was a problem with the looping points of the tracks and more often than not, a custom track would stutter on loops.
Most compressed files add some silence at the beginning and end of an encoded track. This has the unfortunate side effect of messing with the loop point value found, for example, in Audacity.
The new LoopTuner option si available for Custom tracks in the Soundtrack Options Menu (for the ones that loop, that is) to deal with that and fine tune your custom tracks to perfection.
If a custom track loops, it will now have a "LoopTuner" option available that can be fired up by pressing START.
The LoopTuner will allow to start the selected track a few seconds before the endloop point saved in the LoopInfo file. It will allow to adjust the milliseconds of either the StartLoop and Endloop values to give your custom tracks that super perfect loop they deserve.
An autoplay option can be enabled, and it will restart the music every time a loop number is changed.
To change numbers by an higher amount, hold A, B or C to move the loop point by 10, 100 or 1000 milliseconds at once.

For a more detailed reading about issues with loops in music files, you can have a look at this interesting article.

- Fixed a misaligned tile in Rusty Ruin Zone 1
- Modified the boss tiles activaton status in Rusty Ruin Zone 2 to prevent occasional mis-ordering of the pieces that compose it
- Added a control in the rare case a frozen player manages to hit ceiling spikes. The ice will break properly and animations won't be frozen anymore.
- Adjusted controls deactivation in the PPZ1 cutcscene to prevent the player from position-glitching when they fly into the scene at the start of the boss battle.
- Added 3 missing edge tiles where platforms connect with walls in Panic Puppet 1.
- Added a missing background change control in Panic Puppet 2
- The Achievement menu will no longer default to the last entry of the list if the player is using a controller.

Special Thanks to GiantsNation for finding the following bugs:
- Added a control that forces the player to land from a flight action in Green Grove 1 before the miniboss cutscene starts to prevent a softlock caused by the player landing away from the capsule's falling area.
- Added a control that stops the vertical collision fixer from activating in breakable blocks if the player is jumping in one of them, thus preventing another instance of skipping vertically into the ceiling.

Special Thanks to sonikal3d for reporting the following bugs:
- The homing attack activation is now disabled whenever a boss is defeated and the battle is over. This is to prevent the player from targeting a dying boss and have the homing attack stuck in midair with no target to hit as a defeated boss can't be hit.
- Controls are fully disabled in the good ending cutscene to prevent inputs from the previous stage from accidentally carry over.

Special Thanks to Robin Nerdington for signaling the loop issues with the custom tracks.

Special Thanks to Stink Terios for reporting extreme slowdown issues caused by the old Joypad1 extension. on Wondows 10.
- Sonic Worlds Delta uses 2 joypad mapping extensions (Joypad1, older and Joystick2, newer) to increase device detection. Unfortunately on some windows10 systems if an user selected a "Joypad Gamepad" entry generated by the Joypad extension the user could face extreme slowdown during gameplay.
To prevent this issue the Joypad1 extension is now DISABLED by default and no longer selectable in the controller configuration (If you mapped your controller with that option you'll still be able to play with it as it has not been removed from the game, but you'll lose it if you access the controller options and change anything.)
The joypad1 extension can still be re-enabled for selection by using the new shortcut command /JOYPAD1. Don't blame me if the game runs super slow with it though! You're the one that renabled it!



Level Design, Enemies, Bosses, Special Stages, Cutscenes, Additional Characters, Additional Sprites, Engine Modifications, New Gimmiks and Water Effects:


Tatsuyuki Maeda
Jun Senoue
Masaru Setsumaru
Seiroh Okamoto

Saturn OST:
Richard Jaques

Super Sonic Theme Rearranged:

Amy Sprites by:

Shadow's Sprites by:

Nack Sprites by:

Build on Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.1 by:
Mr. Potatobadger
Ice God 64
LH The Hedgehog

Latest reviews

I liked the idea, the gameplay was nice, until I got to a special stage, a Sonic 2 special stage, I terrible at those! I know some people like them, but the controls were harder than the OG S2 special stages.
Is the impact with the first time you play the special stage enough to warrant a barely average score to the entire game?

Play it a little more and please don't consider a problem being unable to get the all of the emeralds on the first try. Take it slow. Expect to die and maybe suffer a game over or two. It's something that should be expected in a game you're unfamiliar with, even if it looks like other games you played before.
Once you clear it you can replay Green Grove over and over and get the missing emeralds.
In the mean time learn the stages, get good against the bosses. Discover the alternate paths Knuckles and Tails open up.
With a bit of practice you may find out that the special stages are not as hard as they seem once you play them a few times.

Sonic 3D in 2D is a rather short game that can be cleared in less than 2 hours.
If you could clear it immediately and get everything unlocked right away you would lose interest in the game rather quickly and forget about it.
insanely good and really fun but one thing thats an idea is.... Modern Sonic
just why not if shadow is in sonic 3d in 2d why not modern sonic????
but of course its just an idea
also christmas is coming so it would be a cool Christmas DLC like if you get it ON Christmas you get modern sonic FROM THE START but he is only in the Christmas DLC (and everyone has a Christmas costume on EVEN modern sonic)
but if you put all the files from christmas DLC (Charactor and music things) you get the charactos without costumes on (meaning modern sonic is there without the costume on)
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Sotaknuck is an artist, as only an artist could take Sonic 3D Blast and make it worthy to be the follow up title to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as the closing act for the original Sonic games. This game accomplishes everything it set out to do: to reimagine S3DB as a traditional 2D platformer, and it does so, in my opinion with flying colors. Every Zone is not just recreated in a 2d way, but are made to look breathtaking. Those who are familiar with first 3 games will be able find familiar and beloved elements these backgrounds. This game is chuck full of characters from the various epochs of Sonic's history, as both act 1 bosses and playable characters. Perhaps I may get myself crucified for saying this but if I had to choose between Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 3D in 2D, I'd choose Sonic 3D in 2D any day of the week.
"born to be the Ultimate LIfe Form" uhhh yeah everyone can guess that if they played Sonic Adventure 2
but its cool tho


I don't feel right rating this because I didn't get the full experience. I think this has a lot of good ideas and as far as bringing the 3D zones into 2D, that was done very well. There's a lot to explore and overall you seem to have made good use of the gimmicks. Bosses were good too. Silver Sonic and Nack were a lot of fun.

Where the game needs work is the level layout itself. I felt like I was getting lost a lot, and I don't know how to explain it but some areas just didn't flow very well. I don't think areas with springs sitting on a small platform that you need to hit that you can easily overshoot is a good idea. At least not in the early levels. Also, springs that send you careening into spikes is never a good idea. A lot of fangames do this and I wish they woulldn't.

I ended up having to quit because I got lost in Rusty Ruins. It was in act 2, toward the beginning where there's a lot of springs on small platforms that I kept overshooting and ... none of them seemed to lead anywhere. Even as Tails I tried to fly out of the pit I was stuck in and that also lead to a dead end. (I probably should have taken a screenshot to show you) But overall the level design just needs a bit of tweaking here and there.

I think it's a great concept and some parts are executed very well, it just needs some polishing. I'll probably try the game again later and see if I missed something, but those are my thoughts for now.
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*SNIP!* ...I'll probably try the game again later and see if I missed something, but those are my thoughts for now.
Hello Dashaque, thanks for playing!

When I envisioned Sonic 3D in 2D I took the elements I enjoyed the most from past games and applied them here.

As an hypothetical sequel to Sonic 3 & Knuckles, I decided it had to start with an higher skill ceiling than usual (assuming a player already has a fair level of skill in regards of character controls and abilities honed in previous games).

A lot of inspiration also comes from Sonic 2 for Master System, probably one of the hardest Sonic games. To complete that game a combination of layout knowledge and control of sonic was mandatory: the game was designed to reward repeated play and I kept that in mind as well.
The spring sections are not as hard as they seem once you practiced with them a few times and to me they feel really rewarding in completing them on first try.

Rusty Ruins Zone is built on the original Sonic 3D layout, adapted in 2D with additional paths added.
Since the game was released in May it seems this stage made a fair number of victims that got lost in it, but finding the right path is part of the challenge to overcome to complete that stage.
Once you'll find your way out it's something that will hardly happen again in any new game session.

The suggestions I can provide to cross the ruins are the following ones:
- Pay attention to the Knuckles' statues. They always lead you in the right direction and point you at important stuff you may have to use to proceed (switches or springs). If it's been too long without a statue in sight, you're certainly on the wrong path. Consider backtracking.
- Don't rush head first if you don't know the stage. Think of it like you're already in Sandopolis or Lava Reef. In those levels you get punished if you don't know where you are and don't take your time.

More in general for the entire game:
- Don't get mad if you get hit. The ring system makes you almost invincible. Re-grab the rings and don't worry too much in the first play-through. You'll get better. The bosses will kill you, but you'll beat them once you learned their patterns.
There are people playing no damage runs, so it can't really be too hard after all.
- Don't care too much about the chaos emeralds on your first game. You can backtrack once the game is completed and get them by replaying earlier stages.

Trust me, all stages will flow once you know them: just like Sonic 2 SMS this game is made to shine more the more you play it (there are 8 characters after all! You'll find the game easy by the time you unlock the last one.).

Don't give up and try to complete the game, you won't be disappointed!
This game came with a "Win32:Evo-gen".

Unless there's a good reason it's there, this is potential malware.
Some antivirus really take a liking to the exe of the game.
I don't know the reason, but it seems it happens a lot with Fusion 2.5 generated files, it may happen with fusion 2.5 itself!
Check around on Google, it's not the only Fusion game that has a similar issue.

Some antivirus (Avast is a major offender) say it has this evo-gen, others outright delete the exe without even warning the user.
It's a false positive. I didn't work so hard on this project to ruin everything by putting a malware in it.
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Despite having followed troubleshooting, I'm still experiencing ungodly slowdown; a game like this shouldn't have trouble running
Despite having followed troubleshooting, I'm still experiencing ungodly slowdown; a game like this shouldn't have trouble running
Did you select the "Joypad Gamepad1" option in the control mapping? I received feedback that it's that joypad extension that can causes incredible slowdowns on some windows 10 systems. It's an option I will disable on the next patch.

Could you try using keyboard and mouse or any other controller option that is not "Joypad Gamepad"?
Hello Lumen, did you select the device then clicked on "accept" using your mouse first?
Did you select the "Joypad Gamepad1" option in the control mapping? I received feedback that it's that joypad extension that can causes incredible slowdowns on some windows 10 systems. It's an option I will disable on the next patch.

Could you try using keyboard and mouse or any other controller option that is not "Joypad Gamepad"?
Thanks for that! It worked!
Also, I found a softlock where if you go down the hole when the elevator is at this point, Sonic gets stuck. I also noticed that for a frame, there's some pink pixels on the Fire Shield
Aaaah! I see! You hit the elevator inside the pipe! I'll fix it for version 1.19!
I'll also remove those 2 pixels from the fire shield!

Thank you for reporting!
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I like it! Kind of... But it's so unforgivable!!! My Gosh!
I did bet the first Eggman, ok why not. Bonus stages are way crazy! And I rage-quit after a third time up in Rusty Ruins act 2...
I hope the game eventually will gather some balance after a strong playtesting. Because I loved to see Fang on a signpost and then fight him, cool!
First Eggman was unfair, 4th act in a game is totally crazy. Where do we'll get next?! Yep we have a Youtube now to find out where to go, without drawing up a map for a 24 hours of useless boring "gameplay"... But dudes, please, hear me. You took argubly the worst playable Sonic game on a Genesis and make it even more unplayable! You've spent so much efforts on that, I can see it! SO please, find a ten Sonic fans, that didn't played your game yet and ask them to play it streaming. And you just ought to hear what do they shout say while playing.

There should be some hotkey to switch on a maximized window, because Alt+Enter shows a stratched+distorted image on my FullHD TV. And not every gamer is so clever to check out that specific trick, by pressing maximize on a window or Start+[up arrow]

I dunno if it possible on Sonic Worlds Engine, but I do lack screen enhancers. (Consider that as a joke but also a savestates with such a puzzling gameplay)

My Retroflag xInput gamepad also didn't worked, and even blocked keyboard+mouse too, to do anything on a first start.

Nevertheless Best wishes!!! That's one of the best fluid Sonic fangame that I saw recently! (hope I'm saying it right — fluid, having a constant high quality style and the author feel in a product)
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I'm sorry, but the labyrinth of Rusty Ruin 2 is here to stay. It's the true challenge of that level that you have to overcome.
I had a lot, and I mean a lot of testing with experienced players and friends, and they do appreciate the challenge this game offers, including the part where they have to figure out a path out of the ruins for the very first time (Some even wanted me to make it a lot harder than it is now, saying that some bosses are far too easy and too forgiving, mind you).

I made this game with replay-ability in mind, you'll get better at it the more you play it, just like arcade games or old console games.
I didn't design it to be completed on first-try without sweating. It's an hypothetical final stretch of the Sonic Saga on Mega Drive. It's the final challenge at the end of an Era. Use everything you learned from the previous games and do your best here.

Eggman in Green Grove is easily beatable. He trows the spiked ball the same way every time (same arc, same speed). Your positioning affects where the ball will stop, so where he will throw the ball from next. Stick to the right after the first throw and the ball will bounce pretty much the same way every time.

In rusty ruins the Knuckles' statues know the way. They tell you where to go and which important springs, buttons or spinners you need to use to proceed.
If the path you're taking has no statues, then it's either a shortcut or a dead end.
(Also, aside from the first few times, navigating through the ruins is a non issue once you know the path, so it may be frustrating a few times, but it will never be frustrating again.)

This game isn't easy, I know. This game may not be for everyone, and I know that as well.
Despite what you said there are a lot of people that enjoyed the challenge, got mad at the bosses at first, but at the same time they devoured this game from start to finish and kept coming back to get all secrets and achievements, and in the end they loved the experience.

Don't give up!

That's one of the best fluid Sonic fangame that I saw recently! (hope I'm saying it right — fluid, having a constant high quality style and the author feel in a product)
Thanks! I tried my best in polishing the gameplay as much as possible and give it a sense of cohesion and progression through the stages while trying to stay true to the original 3D layout as well!
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good game, the truth never thought that someone like you would make such a beautiful remake of sonic 3d blast, and also in 2d, sonic 3d blast was the fourth or fifth classic game I had and played, I thank you for the beautiful game.

P.S. at first I thought that this game was going to be another common sage, but I was wrong, and now I consider this game as one of my favorite 2d games: 3
I didn't design it to be completed on first-try without sweating. It's an hypothetical final stretch of the Sonic Saga on Mega Drive
Thanks for a detailed response!
I really thought about all that things on first play. The game being hard and puzzling. Knuckles' statutes means something and so on!
I suppose I just get used to an easy gameplay with savestates in mind and even rewind functions. And also some "child trauma" reminded of itself. It's about games with no manuals, zero English language understanding, no Nintendo Power magazines "plus" pirated games to became bugged or copy protected so the game was really impossible to finish! And now I have an idea in mind "videogames had already ruined my childhood, so gimme a break now!" :emoji_sweat_smile:
But yes, that is a great idea to have some kind of final challenge on beloved game series! An I'll definitely finish your game eventually!
And some final thoughts about difficulty.
Maybe you thought about an easy mode, that will definitely has no good ending, but the player will never know it before finishing the game? Haha!
But I will play on normal, since now I know that's difficulty was made on purpose.
Best wishes
Nicholai from Russia
UPD on next evening playing
I succeed a little in a special stage and finished the Rst Ruins zone Act 2 wi no one loop on a stage! Just that bit of a Knuckles pointing. Thanks again
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