SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic 3D in 2D

I liked the idea, the gameplay was nice, until I got to a special stage, a Sonic 2 special stage, I terrible at those! I know some people like them, but the controls were harder than the OG S2 special stages.
Is the impact with the first time you play the special stage enough to warrant a barely average score to the entire game?

Play it a little more and please don't consider a problem being unable to get the all of the emeralds on the first try. Take it slow. Expect to die and maybe suffer a game over or two. It's something that should be expected in a game you're unfamiliar with, even if it looks like other games you played before.
Once you clear it you can replay Green Grove over and over and get the missing emeralds.
In the mean time learn the stages, get good against the bosses. Discover the alternate paths Knuckles and Tails open up.
With a bit of practice you may find out that the special stages are not as hard as they seem once you play them a few times.

Sonic 3D in 2D is a rather short game that can be cleared in less than 2 hours.
If you could clear it immediately and get everything unlocked right away you would lose interest in the game rather quickly and forget about it.
insanely good and really fun but one thing thats an idea is.... Modern Sonic
just why not if shadow is in sonic 3d in 2d why not modern sonic????
but of course its just an idea
also christmas is coming so it would be a cool Christmas DLC like if you get it ON Christmas you get modern sonic FROM THE START but he is only in the Christmas DLC (and everyone has a Christmas costume on EVEN modern sonic)
but if you put all the files from christmas DLC (Charactor and music things) you get the charactos without costumes on (meaning modern sonic is there without the costume on)
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Sotaknuck is an artist, as only an artist could take Sonic 3D Blast and make it worthy to be the follow up title to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, as well as the closing act for the original Sonic games. This game accomplishes everything it set out to do: to reimagine S3DB as a traditional 2D platformer, and it does so, in my opinion with flying colors. Every Zone is not just recreated in a 2d way, but are made to look breathtaking. Those who are familiar with first 3 games will be able find familiar and beloved elements these backgrounds. This game is chuck full of characters from the various epochs of Sonic's history, as both act 1 bosses and playable characters. Perhaps I may get myself crucified for saying this but if I had to choose between Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic 3D in 2D, I'd choose Sonic 3D in 2D any day of the week.
"born to be the Ultimate LIfe Form" uhhh yeah everyone can guess that if they played Sonic Adventure 2
but its cool tho