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Hedgespin is a framework Ive been working on for almost a year now, and my goal for this is to be accurate but also flexible and well optimized.


I have been posting (somewhat) active development logs on twitter and youtube, so if you want somewhat of the scope of development, check it out.

Anyway here is a list of features currently in Hedgespin as of right now:
- Full 360 Movement
- Platforms and Loops
- Sonic's moveset and actions
- Rings and Ringloss
- Spikes, Springs, Monitors, Signpost

and other small, minor things I didn't mention.

Mini Q&A time!

Question 1
- When did development start?
November of 2019

Question 2 - Is Hedgespin a private framework?
Not sure, but some of my friends would shank me if I didn't.

Question 3 - Who is that OC on the title screen?
Coil, dumb idea turned into official mascot of Hedgespin.
dont question it more please.


Youtube Channel that has devlog #2 - #4

Twitter Alt with other devlogs from older versions and screenshots.
(also includes the art I do which isn't really the greatest)




though heavily toned down from the SAGE demo in features (which maybe remedied in the future),
I hope you enjoy it at use it well!

Grab it here!


Chopp: Lead Programmer: me lol.
EX64 (Rifty): Secondary Programmer: Object code + misc. coding improvements.
BetaNexus: Sprite Artist: Literally most of the unique art assets.
Yonatankr: Contributor: Foundations for Collision and Angle Detection, among other things.
DarkMK3: Contributor: Major fixes.
ScarlyNight: Contributor: Level design base and a singular art asset.
Cryptik: Composer: Level theme.

Coil Help: Ynix, MuMu.
Playtesters: SNick!, akumaYin, Saturn's Rings, NUCLEAR, JaydenPixels.

Special Thanks to both the Core+ Team and Sonic Worlds Delta Team.
And too anyone else I forgot to mention: Thank You!
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For some reason, this software is detecting a trojan virus with windows defender any idea why?
normally when i run .exe file it pop's that up it's since windows doesn't know who made the file.
You can run it by tapping read more i think it says and then click run anyway.
That's only after you open it. The Chrome browser itself actually halts the download saying, "VIRUS DETECTED" or some spooky shit like that down where it usually shows the download progress.
Awesome tech demo! I really really love the sprite work visuals especially launching up the game. physics feel fantastic, I did encounter a few inaccuracies and glitches but they were pretty small Now I do wish that there was a way (if there is a) to go to fullscreen mode playing this demo! Great job!

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