cream the rabbit

  1. Chao Bandstand (SM64 Level Hack)

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Chao Bandstand (SM64 Level Hack)

    Story: One faithful afternoon, Vanilla was helping the lil' chao prepare a bandstand till suddenly, all the instruments were stolen! The poor chao ever so upset and Vanilla in no shape to find them, asks her daughter to go out and find them. Cream has to explore the aptly themed Music Plant...
  2. Combi Ring Advanced - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Combi Ring Advanced - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Combi Ring Advanced is a fangame where Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit team up to stop whoever the evil bad guy will be this time. There will be a plot eventually. Authentic Sonic physics mean that traversal is just as much fun as every other Sonic fangame, but the added dynamics of the Combi Ring...
  3. AlexRevamped

    Sonic Advance Revamped: DEMO 2 (SAGE 2018)

    Sonic Advance Revamped is a remake and reimagining of the original Sonic Advance on the GBA using the Sonic Worlds Delta engine; it's a passion project designed to be the definitive way to play Sonic Advance, with better hazard placement, a 16:9 aspect ratio, patched-up levels and bosses...