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SAGE 2022 - Complete Super Cream 64 - The Grand Finale

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On the eve of her daughter's birthday, Vanilla wonders how to surprise her this year. The answer? Rent a huge castle, redecorate it and have a bit of fun. Everyone's invited, so long as they can keep the secret from Cream. Even Eggman can come and be the big baddie for Cream, so long as he doesn't cause actual trouble. Nothing too small for this wonderful little bun. Let's just hope she can get through it just fine.


While at its core it's still very SM64, a lot has gone into the mod to give it its own identity. As such:
  • The ability to fly! Originally made for Cream 64, introduced in Chao Bandstand and now it's finally back in its intended hack. Works like Sonic Heroes: get about 3-4 seconds of total flight time. When you're not moving, you lose no stamina.
  • Be whoever you wanna be! A grand total of 64 different outfits are available for you to choose from the very start. (PC Version only): Each alt has its own matching Cheese alt and a handful have a custom Vanilla alt. A full list can be seen below.
  • Brand new levels replacing five existing levels: Secret Aquarium, Tower of the Wing Cap, Vanish Cap under the Moat, Cavern of the Metal Cap and Wing Mario over the Rainbow. Each still have a single secret star and their respective switches are still there too. The Princess' Secret Slide remains the same but now has a visual makeover.
  • Models and textures have been updated to fit the theme, ranging from enemies, the various toads in the castle, stars, etc. The few untouched are left that way on purpose.
  • Music has been updated. All but a few have been replaced with brand new tracks. (PC Version only) Half the costumes now come with a custom collect star jingle.
  • General tweaks to the speed for the Koopa the Quick replacement. Rematch is now more doable than how it was in v4.x
  • Amy, Tails, Blaze and Marine have their own little side stories. Completely optional and located through the game in the various levels. Keep an eye out!
  • And so much more.
There are two versions to pick from (I guess three if you count the different builds for the main game):


The N64 and PC version of the full game are primarily vanilla SM64 but with all the changes listed above. Use Cream's new ability to just break the game and half and enjoy a leisurely way to play an old classic with this absurdly powerful bun. Both versions are also identical in content, with the only exception being the PC version which has more visual updates, such as new outfits for Cream, Cheese and even Vanilla with certain alts. Otherwise, both versions are 1-to-1.

The native PC port of the full version can be gotten here, though you'll need to learn how to compile it yourself. Instructions are included in the github readme. N64 version (v5) is available to the right.


The SAGE build is N64 only and for the sake of those wanting a quick glance, it features only the three new stages added as well as the final Eggman fight. Despite the picture, there's only three star rings to collect. Up to you if you wanna try this out or wanna play the full version. Also available to the right as SAGE22_Edition.

For those running the n64 version, I personally recommend using Parallel Launcher, which is what I use for testing my hacks. For the settings, these are what I use. DO NOT USE PARALLEL FOR YOUR PLUGIN, certain textures and planes will glitch out and could lead to potential seizures. Use the settings below:


If PL ain't your fancy, Project 64 works like a charm. Just remember to change the ram to 8 MB and you should be good.

Seriously, there's a lot of Creams to pick from. A Cream for everyone!



This is one I've had my eye on since the trailer. Is this release the full thing, or just the last chunk of it like the title implies?
This is one I've had my eye on since the trailer. Is this release the full thing, or just the last chunk of it like the title implies?
Yeah this is the final build, with only various small updates being applied mainly toward the PC version (such as new outfits for Cream) and the occasional bug fix that someone finds. It's been a vanilla hack at its core but it doesn't mean I won't try and reuse some of these assets for a full fledge hack like Chao Bandstand down the line.
So much fun! Did you do something to the controls? This feels WAY better than any version of Mario 64 I've played before. Maybe it's just Parallel Launcher being awesome...
So much fun! Did you do something to the controls? This feels WAY better than any version of Mario 64 I've played before. Maybe it's just Parallel Launcher being awesome...
The repo I use for this hack is called HackerSM64, which includes a bunch of movement QoL changes, like faster climbing and makes doing certain actions like long jumps easier. It's really nice! PC version has those too but not to the same degree, least not yet.
there is a severe lack of Cream games to play. this is a wonderful step in the right direction of getting the reconition she deserves. Fantastic rom hack. cant wait for a full fledged cream 64 game in the future.
Something I've always wondered about with the development of certain projects I've seen (largely ones around github), and I may as well ask about it here since the PC port is the same deal. Why is it that some developers will provide decompiled versions of their programs, and then expect users to go through the trouble of compiling them themselves, rather than just...providing a compiled program?

It's a legitimate question that's been burning in my mind with all sorts of neat games and tools I just can't use since I'm not a semi-competent programmer. I never understand the point of cutting out part of a potential audience behind a skill check like this.
So, the PC version doesn't seem to compile now. Every time it hits a sound from the asset pack, it segfaults.

EDIT: Okay, so, the Render96 wiki has a bit about this. According to that, a segfault is caused by "Custom AIFF file missing data". The solution is basically to just keep compiling until it works, which could take a wild amount of time. Sm64builder2, however, was able to compile with no problem. Only difference I can tell is that it ran the make operation with -NOEXTRACT.
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After doing the "make -j4" command theres no exe or anything to launch the game I'm pretty sure its something on my side but im not quite sure what I have to do now
this is a lot of fun to play! i do have a question tho, how do i get the rest of the costumes? are they unlockables?

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