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SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic Riders DX Version 2.0

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Sonic Riders Version 2.0
by Extreme Gear Labs

Sonic Riders DX Version 2.0 is the biggest update in Sonic Riders modding history! Featuring new characters, new cosmetics, new super forms, improved gameplay, revamped stages, revamped gears, quality of life and mechanical fixes, and improvements to competitive balance from the previous versions of Sonic Riders DX.

The mod is currently for the GameCube version, often played using Dolphin Emulator. Coming soon to the PC version!

Extreme Gear Labs is the community for "Sonic Riders DX" and "Sonic Riders Regravitified" (a mod of "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity"). We host content for both games in the form of tournaments, speedrunning, textures, competitive discussion, and modding. You can join our community here:

New Characters
- Metal Sonic, Silver the Hedgehog, and Chaos 0 have all joined the EX World Grand Prix as brand new playable characters!
- More characters will be coming in future updates (2.1, 2.2, etc.) in batches of three every update! Each batch will contain 1 new character of each type and a new character class.
- Voting is still open for new characters! Click here for more information.

New Cosmetics
- All existing characters and new characters each have 3 alternate skins in addition to their base costume.
- Every character (besides Eggman) can use other character's signature boards (use X/Y to scroll between them). This means Sonic can use Type-S, just like the story's opening cutscene!
- New characters also have their own signature boards: Metal Star, Psychic Wave, and Mystic Ruin.
- Eggman now has his own signature bike: Egg Bullet.

New Super Forms
- Super Forms of Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are now available! Each of them have their own unique playstyle.
- Sonic can now unlock his full potential with the addition of Hyper Sonic! Use X/Y while hovering over "Chaos Emerald" during gear select to change to "Super Emerald".
- Metal Sonic also arrives with his own transformation: Neo Metal Sonic! And once he has 30 or more Rings, you can press UP on the D-Pad or C-Stick to transform into Super Neo Metal Sonic!

Improved Gameplay
- Inspired by a certain other racing game, players can now "overcharge" their drift dash for extra speed. Just like before with DX 1.0, your exhaust trail will turn Teal when your drift dash is charged. If you keep charging for 50% longer, your exhaust trail will turn Orange when overcharged. Continue charging until you reach critical overcharge (100% longer) and your exhaust trail will turn Pink.

Revamped Stages
- Every stage has received a major update in stage design, shortcut balance, and resource balance. This includes custom grind rails and fly shortcuts. This ensures every single Type is viable and balanced on every stage.
- Several stages have the size of their ramp geometry increased to ensure players are able to take these ramps in online play.
- Splash Canyon and Sky Road have both received major redesigns to improve the stages for competitive play.
- Turbulence now spawns in more places on most stages.

Revamped Gears
- Every gear has been updated for competitive balance and have unique playstyles.
- Gear descriptions in the Character Select Screen are updated to reflect the current gameplay of the gear!
- Every character can use EVERY SINGLE GEAR! Characters like Eggman and the E-10000 robots are no longer limited. These missing gears have been recreated as bikes by Eggman and as boards for his robots and other fellow humans (like Ulala).

Quality of Life and Mechanical Fixes
- Improvements and changes from Sonic Riders DX 1.0 are still present.
- Just like before, the game boots straight to the main menu with everything is unlocked.
- Music from other Sonic games, SEGA franchises, and other beloved series added to each stage and the menu!
- QTEs (quick-time events) are now automated. No more need to break your controller and hands trying to roll the stick.
- Drifting to the left is no longer broken. It now properly works with Dash Panels and a few other cases.
- The pause menu in multiplayer races REQUIRES players to hold down the button to pause. In addition, the pause menu will now be colored to show which player paused.
- Players can switch between English and Japanese voice option by changing the Language option in the Options Menu.
- The selected stage now appears in the top right of the Character Select Screen!

HD Texture Pack
- Enhanced stage select to show which direction needs to be held on the D-Pad during loading to select new music rather than the music be randomized. (You can still hold the A button to play the track's original music!)
- Textures for stages reimaged as locations from other Sonic games.
- Improved character select screen for more information!
- Stunning 2D and 3D art for both characters and gears!
- and much more!


This mod is absolutely amazing, I've only played a few races, but it's already a must have if you love Sonic Riders! All of the improvements keep the pace of the game extremely quick and consistent, and all of the customization options are more than welcome.
I'm not really all that into coding, can someone give me a hand in that whole "Adding code to add racers to free race" thing? Where do I copy and paste that string of code?

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