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SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic 1 Pre-render Blast

General Information

Sonic the Hedgehog - Pre-render Blast is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Mega Drive where the player's artwork has been replaced with 3D pre-rendered sprites

This is a proof of concept project and not a serious new game.

It was mostly done to spite to those who have seen the original post with the pre-renders and thought the Mega Drive can't handle this kind of pre-rendered work, despite the fact that both Toy Story and Sonic 3D Blast exist on the system, but also the fact she said "Saturn", not "Mega Drive"

Please check out Sharb for she did an amazing job on these pre-renders and is, as of the time of writing, working on a potential fan-game in the style of these 90s to 2000s 3D pre-render games, leaning mostly towards the Saturn era.
She's also actively working on an indie game so give that some love too!

NOTE : The ending has not been updated, so don't expect a unique ending pose or the likes, same for the continue screen.

Fun fact : the actual ROM would've been 1MB big if it wasn't for the *ice physics* hint hint.

How to Play

This is a Standard SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis ROM and should work on any Emulator for the system, be it Retroarch, KEGA Fusion or BlastEm.
If you have an Everdrive or similar Flash Carts, you can try it on real hardware too!
Please refer to a SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Emulation tutorial suited for your operating system.

Known issues
  • SBZ spinning circles mess up Sonic's angle a lot (I have a feeling this is how it is in vanilla, but we just never see it in action due to the lack of angles).
  • Spindash sprites exist but no spindash is implemented.
  • "It's still Sonic 1, you're fooling us into playing Sonic 1, how dare you!"
  • Any bugs from the original release of Sonic the hedgehog REV01 are still present.
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Sonic blast in sonic 1? prerender made by Sharb awesome job Vagapega you made this game great i give this game 10 out of 10 love it keep it up!

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