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  1. Gatoslip : Chapter 0 [XMAS DEMO]

    Christmas SAGE 2023 Gatoslip : Chapter 0 [XMAS DEMO]

    Gatoslip is a MS-DOS themed RPG ROM hack of "Sonic the Hedgehog 1" on the SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega Drive. AVERAGE PLAYTIME : 15 - 40 minutes (depending on how fast you can read) (if you've streamed this during normal SAGE, try to speedrun the demo!) (requirement : SEGA Genesis / SEGA Mega...
  2. Adonis_StickmanSFGHQ

    Hack Untitled Sonic 1 hack

    Hi everyone! I just joined this site. For context I was making a Sonic 1 rom hack so I can post it here, and on Gamejolt. So If anyone wants to join in, please feel free to do so.
  3. Sonic 1 At Home

    Complete Sonic 1 At Home

    Sonic 1 At Home is a Sonic 1 Rom hack that is a palette, level, and music hack of the first sonic game. It contains six "new" original zones, that use the same level gimmicks (aside from some instances where I do not use certain mechanics, and invent new methods of using old ones) in each level...
  4. October Ordeal (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    SAGE 2022 - Demo October Ordeal (SAGE 2022 Demo)

    October Ordeal is a SMW ROM-Hack that I have been slowly working on for the past 5 years. Initially started out as a 10 level short hack that is currently being expanded into a 40+ level SMW hack that explores various aesthetic environments pertaining to Halloween and general dark aesthetics...
  5. Sonic 1 Pre-render Blast

    SAGE 2022 - Complete Sonic 1 Pre-render Blast

    Sonic the Hedgehog - Pre-render Blast is a modification of Sonic the Hedgehog for the SEGA Mega Drive where the player's artwork has been replaced with 3D pre-rendered sprites This is a proof of concept project and not a serious new game. It was mostly done to spite to those who have seen the...
  6. Fan Games to Remember: Sonic Megamix

    Fan Games to Remember: Sonic Megamix

    Just as a quick reminder before reading this article. The 20th Anniversary SAGE Expo event is going to begin on September 5th! That is this Saturday! As a warm-up before the festivities begin, I wanted to go back to a fangame, or in this case, a ROM-Hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 1, that holds a...
  7. Super Monkey Ball 2 14 level pack demo

    Demo Super Monkey Ball 2 14 level pack demo

    This is a Super Monkey Ball 2 hack I've been working on for 3 mouths by now, it has 14 stages in expert.!AvbzjZISvdaNpwr-EQ_3OFwUF02H?e=TcOpeu
  8. Sonic 1 Delta Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 1 Delta Demo

    Sonic 1 Delta is a ROMHack created in 2017 by Team Delta to mix lots of development material, concepts such as gameplay mechanics, art, zones and more from Sonic The Hedgehog into one big adventure. After an almost complete restart of the project on February of this year, the hack is finally in...
  9. Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    Description This hack aims to be a different take on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new power ups to be used for each zone. Since this is a demo only Emerald Hill Zone is playable, but there will be more levels added in later releases. Features - "New" power ups added with improvements (Pogo...
  10. Sonic the Hackable

    Demo Sonic the Hackable

    This hack is currently still in development. Be on the lookout for new updates in the future. Story TBD Controls A/B/C - jump A/B/C (midair) - air dash Left/Right - move Up - look up Down - crouch Down + A/B/C - spindash
  11. zersfers

    Hack Sonic 1: REV02

    Well, it's time to introduce a hack I've been working on now for a couple of months, a basic ASM hack known as Sonic 1: REV02! Doesn't introduce anything "new" per se, rather improves on what is already there (as in, bug fixes and such). However, there are also new things as well as bug fixes...