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SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

Project Information


This hack aims to be a different take on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new power ups to be used for each zone. Since this is a demo only Emerald Hill Zone is playable, but there will be more levels added in later releases.


- "New" power ups added with improvements (Pogo Spring, Rocket Shoes, and Snowboard)
- Some tutorial boxes added guide players with the usage of the powerups
- Pause menu added
- "Pinch" mode added to the boss
- New palettes for the levels (with the player's palettes adjusting to the mode of the level)
- New stage layout recreated from scratch
- New music added to Emerald Hill's and Invincibility's themes
- Lives system changed to be based off of rings




I will be continuously posting updates for this project through SSRG, Retro, Youtube, and Twitter.

Download for this current demo!


Project Leader: Jdpense

Tools and Assets Used

- SonLvl by MainMemory

- xm3smps by Nineko

- Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2 by Clownacy

- Sonic 2 2007 disassembly and SonMapED by Xenowhirl

- S3K custom item box sprite sheet and the Chaotix sprite sheet rips by Doc Melonhead and Techokami

- Sonic Rush misc items sprite sheet by Flare

- Sea Gate midi by Keoro


this is honestly an amazing rom hack the level design if amazing the power ups are super fun. i always loved romhacks like this, just really like this one!

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