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sage 2020

  1. SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    Complete SPS (Sonic Pet Simulator)

    1.3 version. something that i made in SPACE: sleep FEED: click chili dog
  2. SAGE 2020: Power Bomberman

    SAGE 2020: Power Bomberman

    BOOM! Bomb your foes in Power Bomberman, a fan game at SAGE 2020 that pays tribute to, well, Bomberman. Up to 12 players can participate in Battle Mode and Score Mode. Quick Battle, Local Battle and Online Battle can be found in Battle Mode, while a remake of the NES Bomberman, as well as a...
  3. SAGE 2020: Antonball Deluxe

    SAGE 2020: Antonball Deluxe

    2D platforming and brick-breaking collide in an arcade nostalgia trip. Ball included. Antonball Deluxe is here to greet you for SAGE 2020. Unfortunately for our heroes, a trip to a SAGE of their own, the Super Anton Game Expo, results in a trip to the sewers and an encounter with the Snick...
  4. SAGE 2020: Nova the Squirrel 2

    SAGE 2020: Nova the Squirrel 2

    It obviously isn't a Sonic game, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this at this year's SAGE. Nova the Squirrel is back for a sequel! Nova the squirrel 2 is "an open source 2D platformer game for the SNES". It has heavy inspiration here, including IPs like Kirby and Mario and specific...
  5. SAGE 2020: Sonic 2.5

    SAGE 2020: Sonic 2.5

    We're going really retro with this article's SAGE 2020 spotlight, it's time to look at Sonic 2.5! This fan game is very simple. As the creator, Slow the Snail, puts it, it's "a fan game that aims to mix elements of my favorite Classic Sonic games, Sonic 2 and Sonic 3". Sonic 2 gets the "music...
  6. SAGE 2020: Kirby's Dream Land Plus

    SAGE 2020: Kirby's Dream Land Plus

    Another article, another SAGE 2020 game. This time, we take a look at Kirby's Dream Land Plus! This game "keeps true to the original Game Boy Kirby formula, while adding more modernized twists and turns to it like Squeak Squad akin ability movesets, multiple playable characters, bonus minigames...
  7. SAGE 2020: Super Mario Flashback

    SAGE 2020: Super Mario Flashback

    Believe it or not, there is more than just Sonic content at SAGE. Other gaming IPs are featured there, as well as more original creations. For example, Super Mario Flashback is at this year's SAGE. It's "a fanmade love letter to the Mario franchise that brings back stages from his former 2D and...
  8. SAGE 2020: Chaotix Mania

    SAGE 2020: Chaotix Mania

    Like Sonic Mania? Like Knuckles Chaotix? Like both games? Then this is the SAGE mod for you. Chaotix Mania "will attempt to remake the game, Knuckles Chaotix, into Sonic Mania". You don't have to worry about dragging a partner character around with any ring bonding, and there's no roulette wheel...
  9. SAGE 2020: Syobon Action Nostalg

    SAGE 2020: Syobon Action Nostalg

    I'm no stranger to the Syobon Action games. I've played them for years, somehow. They're...uh...pretty infamous. So of course, there's another one, and it's appearing at SAGE 2020. Syobon Action is infamous for one reason and one reason alone. Trolling. Imagine Kaizo and Troll levels from the...
  10. SAGE 2020: Sonic GT

    SAGE 2020: Sonic GT

    Next up in my SAGE 2020 coverage is a fan game that has been getting a lot of attention this year. It's Sonic GT! Believe it or not, Sonic GT's SAGE appearance is not just as a demo. It's the final release, a full version of the game. The game has "4 huge levels, more than 3 unique characters, a...
  11. SAGE 2020: Sonic Galactic

    SAGE 2020: Sonic Galactic

    The first SAGE 2020 game I'm covering for SFGHQ is none other than Sonic Galactic! Sonic Galactic is a "2D Fan-game inspired by the Classics". The game features new sprites, new levels and zones, as well as a new character. Speaking of the characters, there are 5 of them that are playable...
  12. Sonic Aspect

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Aspect

    Sonic Aspect is a mod of Sonic Mania that takes the levels from the handheld classic Sonic games spanning from 1991-1994 and reinvents them as 16-bit full levels. There are 10 levels planned for the final release but this version contains the first: Great Turquoise (Sonic Triple Trouble).
  13. Ednaldo Pereira: MESCLADASSO

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Ednaldo Pereira: MESCLADASSO

    DOWNLOAD Due to SFGHQ's forums breaking frequently, the build was removed and just uploaded on gamejolt. I'm being unable to upload updates so for now just download it from the link below. Welcome to Ednaldo Pereira: Mescladasso! Ednaldo...
  14. Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    Sonic Recharged (SAGE 2020)

    (Original drawing made by Dolphman) Sonic Recharged takes place in a separate timeline / alternate universe (up to interpretation) which follows the events shortly after S3&K, right where Knuckles left off...
  15. Key Hunters DX - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Key Hunters DX - SAGE 2020 Demo

    Welcome to Key Hunters DX! A Re-imagined version of Sonic & Knuckles: Key Hunters! This is the "definitive" version of Key Hunters that was set out to be done after the original game was completed. Story: Tails has been kidnapped. This sets Sonic & Knuckles out on a quest to rescue Tails and...
  16. (CANCELLED) Sonic J (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    (CANCELLED) Sonic J (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    This game sucks don't play it.
  17. Sonic Worlds Delta Revamped

    SAGE 2020 - Framework Sonic Worlds Delta Revamped

    This is an Revamped Version of The engine Sonic Worlds Delta Adding New Gimmicks New Characters And More! Here's Some Screenshot's Form The engine
  18. The Great Frebbventure

    The Great Frebbventure

    What exactly does it mean to be cool, anyway? Bread and circus have always left a dry, bitter taste on Frebb's tongue, and he's been called just about every synonym for "lame" and "grouchy" that you could find in a whole stack of thesauruses. So imagine his surprise when he learned just how much...
  19. Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension

    Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension

    Sonic Flow 2: Next Dimension is a Sonic game that takes place 5 years after the events of Sonic Forces in the Classic Dimension. Following the story of the very very badly made first game, the gathering of the 7 Chaos Emeralds in Modern Sonic's frozen dimension causes his dimension and all...
  20. Out-Class Hunter SAGE 2020 Demo

    Out-Class Hunter SAGE 2020 Demo

    ALTERNATE DOWNLOAD WHAT IS OUT-CLASS HUNTER? Out-Class Hunter is a fast paced platformer that aims to bring back things like hub worlds and fast paced gameplay. It even sports a mix of retro art styles and modern lighting techniques. A simple Single Player focused title that doesn't have...
  21. Sonic Quartz [DEMO 5]

    Sonic Quartz [DEMO 5]

    SAGE 2020 DEMO Welp, its been a long time coming, but our fifth demo is finally here! We hope you enjoy!
  22. Antonball Deluxe

    Antonball Deluxe

    "Anton's an absolute douchebag" ~SomeCallMeJohnny "Antonball single handedly cured my insomnia and erectile dysfunction, put my kids through college and mowed my lawn. 2/10 not enough balls" ~Rob (Dinosaur Bytes) "I love Antonball" ~Endy "I hate Antonball" ~Apple "Wait, a brickbreaker and a...
  23. Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic 2 Chaos Adventure

    Description This hack aims to be a different take on Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with new power ups to be used for each zone. Since this is a demo only Emerald Hill Zone is playable, but there will be more levels added in later releases. Features - "New" power ups added with improvements (Pogo...
  24. Saga The Mouse SAGE 2020 Demo

    Saga The Mouse SAGE 2020 Demo

    THE MOUSE IS HERE! That`s right and he`s running N rolling into SAGE 2020! An orange robot named ROBO MOUSE used the key to reopen DANGERLAND, and it`s up to SAGA to stop this evil madness! TRAILER IMAGES
  25. Sonic Astral Engine SAGE 2020

    Sonic Astral Engine SAGE 2020

    THIS IS OUTDATED. CHECK OUT NEW VERSION --------------------- OVERVIEW --------------------- Astral Engine is a open source framework(aka Engine) made in GameMaker Studio inspired by the gameplay of Modern Sonic, the characters playable in this demo are Sonic and with several features at the...
  26. Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    Sonic Frenzy Adventure

    DOWNLOAD Here Or here Updated to version 1.2 Thanks to ScaleyFox, we managed to fix more than 100 issues. Some levels have been tweaked and some hints are given in key spots. Sonic Frenzy Adventure was born much before Sonic Worlds was a thing. The game was ambitious, with many fan...
  27. OttGiu - Earlier Demo

    OttGiu - Earlier Demo

    You are a blue Ott with a little blue floating bag. An fun 2D platformer inspired by classic and indie games. Only one unfinished level has made, but later, will be more finished levels. :) Jump on little robot enemys and go to adventures. In-Game Screenshots*: *From the SAGE 2020 early demo...