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SAGE 2022 - Demo Rad Venture (SAGE '22 Demo)

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Venture forth and... do community service?!

Venture into a magical world as Rad, the town’s local asshole, as he begrudgingly completes his community service. You’ll be able to explore whimsical locations using Rad’s innate powers and unlockable abilities . Take on kick-ass bosses against the Synergy Sisters as you unintentionally foil their plans.

A rebellious youth named Rad finds himself in a bind with the law and is ordered to capture a mysterious thief with the power to erase magic; the world's life source. Rad is now tasked with tracking down the thief, collecting the powerful McGuffinite crystals, finishing his community service, and fighting the sinister Synergy Sisters.

Explore a variety of locations and settings on your way to completing your community service. Walk from one level to the next with no loading screens or use the Fast-Travel Teleporter Pads to get where you want instantly!


Utilize Rad's move-set to the fullest as you chain together sprints, jumps, hovers, and grapples to help you traverse the world Discover collectables, and take on challenges and quests, and unlock new abilities to help you on your adventure.


Take on the Synergy Sisters, Iris and Lilac, in challenging boss battles! Dodge and counter your way around attacks and look for openings to take down the dangerous duo!



Download Rad Venture SAGE 2022 Alpha Demo

Level list

Vistabell: An open hub world and city containing secrets, collectibles, and quests to complete.
Shiver Swamp: The game's first level and is more of a linear, action stage split into two parts.
Synergy Silo: The game's first Boss Gauntlet, a difficult, linear stage inside a missile silo that leads to the first boss.
Missile Monarch (BOSS): The first boss battle in the game. Take on Lilac Synergy and her giant battle mech!
Test Room: A tutorial level used to test Rad's abilities and offers a tutorial course and challenge course.

Download Press Kit
Download the Rad Venture Press Kit, which includes visuals such as: Artwork, Logos, Character Renders, and Screenshots!


Help support development by joining our Patreon! For just $1/ month, you get behind the scenes content about the development of Rad Venture, including concept art, screenshots, videos, and more!

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Paul Chamberlain - Environment Artist
Lloyd Nguyen - Programmer
Jennie Chamberlain - Writer/ Editor
Tyler Baldwin - Programmer
Katherine Kehoe - Concept Artist/ Character Designer
Strider//Tempxa - Composer
Zhang Hui Shan - Sound FX
Brandt Howard - Character Artist/ Animator/ Level Designer

Rad Venture was recently updated to Unreal Engine 5. MANY things broke due to this update and we're sorry for any major bugs or glitches that may occur during your playthrough. We're trying our best to fix things, but some fixes will require complete restructuring of our game world. We did our best to at least make this build of the game mostly playable.


Really like what I'm seeing here. The environment design is great, and the character physics are very good. However, I also had a few annoyances. I don't like how the run and hover abilities are bound to the same button, as I would often find myself accidentally pressing the button slightly before landing after a jump, which would make me hover and delay my landing, when all I wanted to do was start running as soon as I landed. Also, the camera angle in the boss fight made the laser move frustrating to dodge, with the whole lack of depth perception. If the camera moved up a bit and angled down during that attack, it would solve the issue.

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