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Step into the Grand Tour...
No, that joke is overused! Anyway...

Welcome! This is the release of the finally complete Sonic GT. We have 4 Huge levels, more than 3 unique characters, a fully voice acted story, secrets, a combo system, ranks, challenges you name it.

I hope you like it, it took me 2 years to get everything to this point and a lot of blood sweat and tears from everybody involved.


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Created and Developed by
Gabriel Gonzalez

Story Team:

Gabriel Gonzalez

Voice Actors
Drift&Miss as Sonic Mighty and Shadow

PinkoJunko as Tails

HyperVoiceActing as Eggman

KatieBVA as Ray

Story Renders


The Grand Tour for... Main Theme
by TrueChaos and Nuclear

Exciting Vacation for... Ocean Paradise
by TrueChaos and Nuclear

Miners In The Sky for... HillTop Zone
by Alongcame Adrian, TrueChaos and Nuclear

Construction Hell for... HellTop
by Alongcame Adrian

Speed Gambling for... Sunset Boulevard
by Nuclear

Pyramid Infiltration for... Hidden Base
by Luan Maziero

Here Comes Trouble for... Boss Fights
by Nebz Shady

Hell Party for... Final Boss
by Alongcame Adrian and TrueChaos

Heating Things Up for... Character Select
by ScrewStache

Let`s go Flying for... Main Menu
by Nuclear and TrueChaos

Speeding Up for... Speed Shoes
by Luan Maziero

Invincible Together for... Invincibility
by TrueChaos

Take a Breath for... Level End
by Alongcame Adrian

Level Design
Gabriel Gonzalez

Boss Design

Boss Development by Gabriel Gonzalez
Boss Modeling by Lordgimpet
Boss Design by Legdig

Bumper Engine Creator

Daniel (SuperSonic68) Coyle


Daniel (SuperSonic68) Coyle

Special Thanks to

D The Hedgehog
Matheus Gonzalez
O2xygen (Ben Nelson)
Caleb Cave
The Fizz Wizz
This is a bit...

Latest reviews

This is by far the greatest Sonic game made thus far, created by Sega or otherwise.

This is the peak Sonic experience to date. If the ideal Sonic game could be summed up in one word, it would be "flow," and Sonic GT understands this. The tools at your disposal (two types of homing attacks, bounce, trick flip, drop dash) are perfect for what the game needs to reach that excellent flow state. Sonic's speed is exhilarating, the level of control is amazing even at high speeds, the level design is branching and expansive, environments are beautiful, music is bangin', Sonic is expressive, and the game is an absolute blast to play. I love it so much and I have always wanted a game like Sonic GT. This is the absolute closest anyone has ever come to perfecting the peak Sonic formula. Literally 10/10 from me on all fronts, except for a few criticism listed below.

Of course there are always things to improve upon, so here are my constructive criticisms:

1. The story hahaha. To preface, I don't even care about the story really. For me, it's all about the beautiful physics system and level design, seeing Sonic at his peak during the levels. However, the writing is cheesy, the voice acting is god awful for pretty much every character except Eggman (no offense guys I know you all tried your best but I turned Sonic's voice off during the levels entirely, and this is coming from someone who thinks Sonic's voice in Sega games is hecka rad). Also, Sonic and Shadow do not hate each other. SA2 was pretty much the peak story-telling for Shadow, which solidified Sonic and Shadow as friendly rivals that have a mutual respect for one another. The bastardized characterizations of the Sonic cast from the last decade are awful and I wish this game didn't play into that, but like I said, it's whatever to me because the real selling point of the game are the actual levels, which are amazing.

2. The tutorial does not explain how the trick system works. I figured it out myself, but one thing I still don't understand is: in some levels or challenges, the trick system only rewards you based on your highest trick combo, while in others it adds all trick combos together. Can't seem to figure out why that is. Definitely need to explain that in the tutorial guys.

3. I understand why this next point is sort of necessary, but it still has to be mentioned: I love the fact that the game is non-linear and there are SO many branching pathways to reach the goal. However, every level is so large and the pathways are so numerous that it is almost guaranteed YOU WILL GET LOST first time you play them. Happened to me every single level. I personally don't mind this much because I enjoy routing an optimal path in a level and then finding more optimal paths once I get a sense of the levels direction. It adds so much replay value even after S-ranking all the missions and it's one of the reasons I really love this game. However, while it's not a personal gripe, I don't think people should get lost while playing the level first-time. That being said, I AM NOT in favor of making the levels more linear. With how fast Sonic moves, you NEED very large expansive levels in order to have branching pathways that actually make a significant difference in how you finish the level.
I believe the best fix for something like this are more indicator signs throughout the level (like how Sunset Boulevard has arrows that show the direction you should go). It shouldn't be too hand-holdy, but they should just give a general direction of where to go. More of those sprinkled in every level and this is entirely a non-issue.

4. This next point definitely has to be corrected I think: the trick system can be manipulated to easily grind points. By spamming bounce with every landing or by staying on the ground for a very short period of time (like .5 of a second), the trick counter will stay indefinitely. As I see it, the trick counter should work to reward you for doing cool stuff *while maintaining speed and flow*. However, seeing as how you can basically keep the counter the whole level just by bouncing and quickly hopping off the ground when you touch it, it rewards a slower and more grindy type of gameplay. By using these exploits, it actually *discourages* running and keeping a speedy flow. Definite fix needed there in my opinion.

5. Enemies and springs are hard to see from even a moderate distance. I know the map has to be huge to account for Sonic's speed, and making the enemy sizes and springs giant wouldn't really make sense in proportion to Sonic, so I'm not sure how to really fix this one. It may be inherent to the design of the game. Not a big issue, but worth noting.

6. I think it was the intention, but Hidden Base is TOO DARK and I hate it lol. Same goes for the shady areas of Hill Top. Granted, I do have a blue light filter on my screen which makes it harder to see dark areas, but it shouldn't be to the point of complete blackness, especially in an otherwise bright area like Hill Top. I'd definitely make these areas a little brighter.

7. The inclusion of the old Fire, Lightning, and Bubble shields are awesome. However, it is annoying how the shields replace your Right button command. I mostly play Sonic, and I feel like the drop dash serves as an integral aspect to maintaining the flow of the game, it doesn't feel right to not have it. So I find that once I actually get a Fire, Lightning, or Bubble shield, I immediately want to throw it out, because I would rather have the drop dash than the shield ability. I would definitely change this and move the shield ability to the Right trigger rather than the Right button. Right trigger is a completely unused button and that way we would not have to forfeit the drop dash or other character abilities when wearing a shield.

8. The bosses are literally better than any boss Sega has concocted in the last 20 years lol. However, the Eggman Tank and the boss at Hill Top still follow a similar formula, which is: wait till you can hit them. Hill Top's boss less-so because you can get in multiple hits every time he comes off the rail, but still speeds up to the point where you basically have to wait until you are both on the ground again. And also (I'm not sure if this was intentional or not), you can't hit the Hill Top boss while he is on rails, because the homing attack auto-targets the rails and never the boss. Still great bosses, but just prefer something with less "wait till you can hit them" approach.


Aaand that's all I got. Besides these relatively minor and very fixable criticisms, I think you got THE PERFECT FORUMLA on your hands here. This is coming close to my favorite game of all time and the only reason it's not my favorite game of all time is because it's only 4 levels long and because of some of the criticisms mentioned above. I've always wanted a game like this. The closest we ever got to peak Sonic experience before this was Spark the Electric Jester 2, which is I also really love, but Sonic GT's sense of flow, immaculate control, and creativity in level design actually beat out Spark's IMO. Big respect to everyone involved. I love what the team has done and am excited for any future projects, updates, or expansions.
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This game is amazing! but i have a few problems on the first and second levels i have a bit of slowdown but other than that its amazing!
Holy scrambled eggs, this game is awesome. The music is more ambient (and sometimes like the final boss i don't think that it matches well with what is happening in the screen) and less active, and the presentation in some areas aren't as polished as other parts. Trick system being stars that spin and change colors like in burnout games was great, the after images that indicates that your going fast is a great touch and the particles are well integreated in the world (some of them reflecting in the materials, great stuff), but the menus and some aspects of the hud didn't delivered as well for me (persona, sonic adventure reimagined and sonic heroes really spoiled me in this regard). Level designe dope, really fitting with the gameplay and lots of fun to run through (run and build speed through the stages really put me in the mood to skateboard again), and the gameplay might be the best we had in sonic games (but i really missed tails, although i know he would break some of the stages). Voice acting is very good, most of the voice lines and the actual voices really fitting with the characters (gotta give eggman props, he's great). The only thing i could criticize more is the length, because the game is so good i wanted more lol. Now I'm excited to what Greedy can do next.
Make an andriod port
Make it support 32bit and 64bit


Great game! I've played some of it today, and there's some things I like, and somethings that need to be tweaked.
The story is written with similar humor to a Sonic game, dare I say better. Some jokes were pretty good, and the VAs were great!
The momentum based movement always makes me feel like im moving so fast, even when I'm not. I really like momentum based gameplay, so this is a big plus for me.
The level design needs to be tweaked a bit. In the very first level, I found myself constantly getting lost due to tight speed requirements for some jumps, or just because the level sizes are HUGE, and constantly restarting so I can regain a sense of where I am. This applies to all levels i've played so far.
Unless I didn't see it, there NEEDS to be a way to fast forward text, because some of it scrolls, well, not anywhere near the speed of sound.
Overall, great game! If you just make it a bit more obvious where your supposed to go in the level, this would be a 10/10 game, but as it stands right now, this is an 8.5/10, which is still great. Good job!
Just played Sonic GT last night. The controls, physics, graphics, level design, and especially the enemy design are all pretty great. I like how the enemies pose a fair threat rather than basically being bowling pins that Sonic knocks over for special points. The level design also has a satisfying balance of feeling both open and linear. I liked the first boss that shoots bombs as you try to chase it, though I'm not too keen on the others. I personally recommend having more bosses that revolve around the concept of Sonic running forward while the enemy moves at a similar pace as opposed to running in a spikey arena or a relatively small circle.

However, I have to say that I'm not a fan of the writing. I'm probably gonna come off as a bit harsh here, but it's simply not interesting enough to justify it being completely unskippable. It should at least allow the player to skip the dialogue scroll instead of requiring them to wait several minutes after each level. I think allowing the player to read the dialogue at their own pace would help the pacing of the game as a whole. In terms of the actual writing, most of the jokes are pretty bad (Eggman smelling bad is just not funny, sorry), Eggman's motivation on stealing Mighty's shell is simply an absurd idea regardless of it's practicality (I shouldn't have to tell you what's absurd with stretching an animal corpse over a death weapon), the dynamic between Sonic and Tails is just "dumb arrogant hero who ignores the wisdom of his smarter and more mature sidekick who actually knows everything", and Sonic... hates Shadow?

Since when was that a thing? Shadow's not really much better than Knuckles in terms of having wronged Sonic, so does Sonic hate Knuckles too? It contradicts their rivalry shown in many of their previous games, and while Sonic was initially hostile to Shadow in SA2, that clearly changed around the end of the game and others onward when they worked together to stop the Biolizard. He was even friendly to him in Shadow's own gritty title, of where he greeted him with no hostile intent while the entire city was in ruins. To say that Sonic liked him better when he was dead is such a bizarre creative decision. I know I shouldn't expect Shakespeare from a Sonic game, but please find a better way to write Sonic than turning him into a spiteful and arrogant asshole. It just feels wrong on top of being unintentionally humorous.

That said, the gameplay definitely shines through and I'm excited to see more from this project. However, please consider adding a skip button for the dialogue scroll at the very least, as it really damages the pacing otherwise.
This game is close to perfect. The movement feels great, especially when you fully get going. It's also one of the best examples of open-ended 3D sonic design I've seen so far. Other fangames recently have been content with little test areas, or just one giant level like in green hill paradise or sonic utopia. I truly believe this style of game is perfect for sonic as a character and franchise, and I know it's very played out to say this. But I do hope sega is paying attention to games like this. it's a good indicator of where to take the franchise if nothing else in the gameplay department. That all being said, there are issues. Both minor, and major.

For one thing, the homing attack has a habit of locking onto new targets in the middle of attacking. This gets compounded by what I think was the weakest boss fight in the game. When you fight that bat-badnik at the end of stage 3. it'll decide when it wants to lock on to one of the different orbs last second before you can do anything. then you just get shocked. For me personally, it changed to the furthest one from sonic multiple times! even when the one I was attacking is right in front of him. This wouldn't be so bad if not for the fact that the boss is the only truly awkward boss fight out of the three. It often felt like it was luck I could harm it. both due to the haphazard homing attack mechanics, but also because it was awkward to skillfully hit it. I see what you were going for, and I like it. Sonic boss fights are so rarely challenging. But I felt like I was actively fighting the game to try and hit it. plus it goes on for way too long without actually changing it's pattern up. I eventually caught on to the mechanic where if you're too far it will start its wind attack. But even then, it just. adding on more electric orbs doesn't really justify the boss fight's length. it should mix things up, (that or be a shorter fight) and maybe make it a slightly larger badnik. there were many times where I went to bonk it carrying my momentum from my homing attack but it just missed entirely. even though it was right there. beyond that, the boss fights were one of my favorite parts.

the arenas were unique for each, and the mechanics for the grounder boss and Eggman's tank were fun to deal with. The only things I'd change would be, have the grounder pursue you if you somehow manage to get really behind like I did with ray. yes, you can simply turn around and that is nice. but I think it's add a lot if it suddenly went turbo and looped around to attack you with some drill attack or something. As for the final boss, I'd improve the lighting and I'd program him to not fire the egg laser as you respawn. that happened a couple of times. other than that, I'd just give health bars to all three bosses. that'd add onto the sense of progression and motivate the player to keep fighting.

speaking of lightning. That was my main issue with the stages. especially in the pyramid stage, and underwater in ocean paradise, I had a hard time seeing. I can tell that was the intention of the former. but even then I'd make it a bit easier to see. I was half convinced the void were pits until I shot off the platform. As for the water, the lightning is an issue, but the filter doesn't help. i'd try for a filter that gives off a water effect without making it too hard to see. either one of these would probably help alot.

then theres the adventure story. While i liked it was short and sweet, i didn't quite like the writing. I love that you were deliberatly going for cheesy. But the actual lines could use some work here and there. Not to mention i do think some vocal diliveries need redoing. But the reall issues are the lack of skipping, which for a sotry this short is... just unesscary?? But my MAIN issue, was how sonic acts. I do persoanlly love sonic to be kind of a cheeky dickhead. He needs bite to his personality. That being said... between some of his exchanges with tails feeling alittle to forced in "haha, they're opposite" dynamic. (seriosuly, why would tails think sonic and mighty running towards the base onfoot is a bad idea?? two on the gorund, and one in the air makes alot of sense. if anything tails should suggest it.) To the fact he is... just so hostiel towards sahdow. Sega may be trying to reinforce shadow's rival status int he main games, but even they didnt make sonic this hostile towards him. Like, in what era of sonic could you ever iamgine him saying "i prefered it when he was willign to sacrifice himself" ? sonic would never say somehting that horrible. atleast not to shadow. If shadow is the vegeta in this scenario. Sonic needs to be the goku to balance it out. or if nothing else have sonic's remarks towards shadow be less venomous... it just felt so out of character.

beyond that. the last issue the story needs to fix is it's quips. it isn't groan worthy, but sometimes i'd raise my eyebrow at a quip in confusion, or int he case of the final cutscene i'd find it kind of awkward. really the script just needs a rewrite or too to fine tune it. that and i'd make some better cutscene cg's. these served it fine. but i'd either replace them, or srping for better ones in your next game.

My last main critcism is i was kinda dissapointed with how little difference in moveset everyone had. Sure they all had their main abilities. plus the stats of who was better at what is a nice touch (like ray being much slower on ground, because you're encouraged to glide more often. Or how or how mighty's bounce dash had mroe force than sonic's) but it jsut felt like everyone was the same. Hell, why does sonic even have the bounce attack?? hell, why do they all have it? if wehave different characters they should all have their own unique abilities. The basic movement, spin dash/roll, stomp, and event he homing attack are enough to make the three comaprable. Have sonic's abilities focus on keepign his momentum going(get rid of his bounce, and maybe have his brake also have a second function to give him a sidestep for obstacles), have mighty be all about his rolling and bouncing being better than either sonic or shadow, ray is fine as is (i'd just get rid of his bounce attack), and shadow?? the kick is cool... but i found little use for it. really shadow is the only one i dont know how to imrpove. beyond that, the gameplay jsut needs some fine tuning to make everything feel even smoother... oh. and please. make the moto bugs abit larger, AND REMOVE. THAT SOUND EFFECT. The motor sound you found for them is grating on the ears.

i hope my long wall here wasn't too grating. i genuienly liked this game and i think you barely need to improve it. This games strentghs are something to build upon. it's jsut thsoe few things i felt needed work.
This is the first Sonic fan game I've ever tried, and I'm actually really enjoying it. The levels in this game are actually more fun than a lot of the official Sonic games out there. The gameplay always feels fast-paced, and I love the open-world approach to the levels. There is no set path you have to take to finish, and there's so much to explore. The graphics are also great, and I was surprised to see it make my GPU break a sweat. Thanks for the great game!
Any chance we'll get more stages to play in the future? Obviously the campaign is complete, but I'd love to see more stages to try out with the unique physics in this game. It's so fun! This game definitely deserves more content at some point.

Also obviously I know you guys worked really hard to even get the game to this point so I totally understand if you're done with it, or at least want a bit of a break before you put in any more work :)
Honestly I'm not sure if this is possible but, could you also add a link of the game to another website like google drive? If you answer thank you!
i don t know but can you put drift like sonic unleashed i think it will be awesome and boost idk the game is good within the boost but with the boost i dont know you can put it if you want in sage 2021
found glitch yes i found a glicht and i don t know if is knowed but all you have to do is have super sonic and you know the rings will fly to you you go to the part of the lightspeedash and you do it in the air and the glicht will appear for some reason the rings will start to multiply,multiply and multiply and kill tha barr of rings is a little fun i guess?
pls someone got a 100 save file i got it once but my computer break up a little part and mi save file got deleted pls upload just to me because some people can just download de save and got all the game without doing nothing
and i got an idea if someone upload a mod to use the boost is incredible i think the level design will match
Hey, so I have a question. Where is the save file??
Bacause my pc hard drive was replaced by another but the other one is still there, and it seems that I don't have my past save file, so i want to locate it in the old hard drive
Hey, so I have a question. Where is the save file??
Bacause my pc hard drive was replaced by another but the other one is still there, and it seems that I don't have my past save file, so i want to locate it in the old hard drive
it's in "C:\users\<yourusername>\AppData\LocalLow\Gabriel Gonzalez\Sonic GT\GameData.GT"
I've seen play but I wish I could play this on my chromebook. If there's a way you could make this able to play on chromebooks it'd much appreciates. I would LOVE to experience this beautiful game
Very, very good. I only have 2 problems. I can't figure out the combo system. It gets stuck at 28 and doesn't add any of the new stuff I do to it. I don't know how to end a combo before it fades out, and that info is not in the tutorial. (So if someone can help with that, I'd appreciate it. )

And the other is the homing attack. It needs to switch targets a little slower. And needs to be locked to a target once the homing attack begins. More than once I have had it switch mid target and I just end up missing both.

Other than that, this is really fun to control, the momentum you can achieve is amazing and I would love to see a full length sonic game approach it this way. Really good job! Easily one of my favorite fan games.
The game is very good and a lot of fun, several paths to choose from, it has very cool and very colorful levels, with great graphics! but it is very short ... I hope the game will have more levels in the next update, it needs at least only two new levels. maybe like extras

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