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[if you're using OBS you're gonna want to use Game Capture. Wish I knew why]

NOTE: Version 1.0.8 has a major issue, cassie skips the second half of Valkyrie Bay. If you have this version please use the link above

Welcome back

Starbuster is a fast-paced action platformer, where a droid and a lizard slash and grapple their way across the galaxy. Featuring a focus on fast paced combat, exploration, and weapon customisation. Rocket around, slap things, grab weapons and build your arsenal. You can't solve every problem by shooting at it but that shouldn't stop you from trying!​

This years demo introduces both protagonists, Alpha and Cassie, and sees them have to work together to escape being stranded on a strange world. The daring escape from Laboratory 19, the invasion of Union Habitat, the surreal calm of the crashed starship Petrov, and the eerie depth of Valkyrie bay.

Take control of Alpha, the latest creation of the insidious grey imperium. Defy your creators and make a break for freedom, nothing will stand in your way!​

Or follow Cassie and the Petrov crew, as they run from the ever-advancing imperial forces. Run from your problems and maybe crash a starship or two, what could go wrong?​


Ever just wake up one day and the whole world is shooting at you?

Featuring an infinite dash, chargeable sword and gun, and special weapon slot for missiles, slowing time and more, Alpha specialised in fast, decisive combat, ready to cut through entire legions of imperial cyborgs.

Move: Arrow keys
Jump: Space
Dash: Shift
Sword: Z
Gun: X
Special: C

Who needs gravity anyway

Equipped with a grappling hook, 360 degree aiming and a handy rocket punch, she's no pushover when it comes to beating up cyborgs.

Move: WSAD
Jump: Space
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse
Grapple: Right Mouse
Punch: Shift

[Controller support available]
[All controlls fully rebindable]

Extra controls:

Start/Esc: open menu/skip cutscene

F4: Toggle full screen

F1,F2,F3: Change resolution (1x,2x,3x)


Each character can equip up to 10 modifications, to alter their gun, melee, core abilities plus special moves. From the simple pulse laser to the devastating starbreaker beam, there will be a weapon to suit every situation. I've not counted exactly but there's about 30 different mods to find in this demo alone. Plus a number of collectable music cassettes just in case someone gets bored.​


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Latest reviews

This is straight up my favorite videogame right now, even in demo form. I eagerly look forward to how this game shapes up with time!

So far I've put in about 30 hours worth of attempts at speedrunning the current SAGE 2020 demo. 20-30 more hours of untracked time was spent just dinking around with the physics or re-exploring all the areas to chat with NPCs and interact with environment details and flavor descriptions in the Petrov. My first blind playthrough session was roughly 4 hours long learning the basic gameplay mechanics, how mods worked, how to interact with NPCs, and boss patterns.

While there isn't a _lot_ of lore in the demo as it currently stands, there's plenty enough to give a sense for what this setting is like, a general sense of tone, interesting questions to consider about all of Petrov's main cast and their relationships, the scope of traveling around the galaxy while just trying to survive and get by, and some interesting points to speculate about what measure is a human, what makes a god, and what is the role of robots and AI in a far future where they're left to develop and refine themselves indefinitely.

Alien designs are varied and range from appealing to the mildly grotesque. Most of the combat currently in the game is against misbehaving automated machines, large battle-ready automated vehicles, and cyborg murderers seemingly built with the brains of humans who had already died. The cyborgs have a surprisingly versatile attack kit which covers closed range and long range attacks, while the other machines have a fairly simple behavior set that seems to imply what their function would otherwise be in a non-hostile state.

Also the game mechanics are cool. Cassie can swing around by dropping and grabbing ceilings to build momentum, jumping and grabbing the ground to launch herself, and do weird grapple stuff on walls to YEET HERSELF INTO THE SUN. Cassie goes fast and works out and punches stuff and can SLAM HER FOOT INTO HER ENEMIES AT HIGH SPEED. I like that!!

and alpha is plays like megaman zero but without the bad parts
if i die before the game is complete give cassie a balloon plz
but if i don't then do it aynway

I FREAKING LOVE THIS GAME. Easily looks like it might be a better game by the end than any of the individual games that inspired it.

anyway, bust a star why don't you


Damn. What an awesome game. 9/10. The only reason im giving 9/10 is because its only demo. This game world building, fight intensity, characters, story is almost on the same level as games like "Under tale", "Blasphemous". I will have to play the whole game to really realize the what it ends up being but for what it is atm, its pretty awesome.

You would be shocked that when I first time finished this game (was playing as droid). I couldnt believe that the game finished. I thought I had downloaded the whole game. Went to webpage again, downloaded another file. Finished the whole game within 40 mins almost and then I was so shocked as to why it finished. Came to this webpage again only to realize that this is a demo lol. I am this much invested in this game :emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing:.

Btw. Can you provide me discord link? I want to stay upto date with your game. Its so damn awesome. If there is no discord server. I highly recommend you make one. It will help many fans of this game like me to stay upto date with your game.
Yo glad you liked it, certainly a weird length for a demo ahahaha

We don't have a public discord set up yet (I'll do it as some point just haven't really figured out what to do with it), but if and when that happens I'll probably post about it on the twitter
I really love this game, man, i wish this game will be for Mobile too... i wish one day.
Btw i really like the story, the two main characters and the song, I almost have all the song so i can listen them anywhere I go.....
This game is awesome!

Great Job Starbuster Team!!


I only tried Cassie in this but had a great time. There's a lot to be said for game design that lets the player have fun instead of challenging them with incredibly difficult platforming or enemies at every moment, and having a grappling hook and all her other moves worked really well for that. If anything maybe a little too well... there were some swinging hook gimmicks or something like that toward the end of the demo, but I didn't feel any great need to interact with them, I was so mobile on my own. My triple shot, rapid fire, ricocheting bullets were likewise so powerful they tended to slow the game down a little. But hey, using them was a lot of fun! The characterization was also surprisingly good throughout, Cassie had nowhere near a generic protagonist personality and showed a surprising amount of depth across her various interactions. I did keep accidentally skipping lines of dialogue by pressing the key again, though, thinking it would make the line finish printing instead of skip it.
I love MMZ and this game brings tears to my eyes =')

I am an English Translation student and I would love to translate your game to Brazilian Portuguese, just for the experience and portfolio, I'm not charging anything. Could you give me an email so we can discuss this matter?
Damn, I got hooked on this game. The Xbox controller controls are a little clunky, but I got used to them. The world and characters of this game are so interesting. It leaves me wanting more.

My only gripe about the gameplay is that sometimes it's hard to gain the momentum to crash through glass.

The presentation in this is great, as well. The music, sounds, and backgrounds all impress.
I haven't Enjoyed a 2D-Hack and slash Platformer this much before, It's hard to believe that this is FAN made game. this has a lot of potential. I like the included 2 character with different play styles, I have played a lot of Alpha couldn't say the same for Cassie tho.
1. I have encountered a performance Bug, During the Final boss of Mission 0, When the boss lands his missiles If you go to the pause screen at a certain frame, The frame will decrease drastically decrease. In my experience I was running the game at around 60 fps but when the bug accorded my performance drop to 1-2 fps. Note : My Laptop is considered a Low spec. 8gb DDR3, Core I5, Intel Hd graphic 4000.
2. Not sure if this was a visual bug or not but, If u stand and face directly to a wall and you should your buster with an equipped ricochet mod, the projectile will be stuck with in a wall.
Do you ever planned with adding unique charge abilities to the Saber as well? like you did with the Buster?
2, I see a potential use of movement abilities with the Rocket Uppercut and the Charged Saber dash, Do you intend on using these abilities as a way to unlock Special Items, Secrets, Mod, Etc.?
3, As from my experience with the Special of Alpha Bar, It has a rather quick recharge this could turn down the game difficulty a bit by just spamming the specials but is needed because it also uses some saber skills, Do you plan on nerfing the recharge rate or reduce the skill cost consumptions?

PS : I Would pay good money for this game.
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I'm playing this game from Lenovo Probook 645 laptop and it seems that my Ipega 9088(PG9088) Bluetooth gamepad is not working. Please work on gamepad compatible and the in game settings for Gamepad. More power to the team. Wishing you all the best. ORA ORA ORA!
Just finished playing the demo, and I gotta say WOW. It just completely blew me away. Not only are the main characters really well designed, but the music is enchanting and the backgrounds are so well made. I loved the personality each side character had, along with some of the conversations you can have with background npcs. Each boss is really unique, and it was fun to try to find their weak spots. Moreover, I loved playing as Alpha. His move set is so familiar to the Megaman Zero playstyle that once I found a pattern to hack, slash, and shoot through the enemies, I was non-stop killing machine. I also thought customizing the color pattern is a wonderful add-on. Playing with Cassie was a bit different though. It took me a bit of time to find a keyboard set that worked, but once I did, going through each level as her was really cool. I really thought the addition of her underwater gauge and ability to swim was a really unique feature that made my playthrough with her completely different than the one with Alpha.

My largest trouble with Cassie's moveset was finding a way to use one hand to coordinate her punch, while another would be shooting and grappling. The mouse and keyboard dual compatibility also had me confused at times.
While navigating the pause screen as Cassie, I often tried to select the Inventory (and other options) by clicking rather than scrolling with the keyboard controls. Even though I still haven't gotten used to it, I'm sure over time maybe someone could. I also encountered one (minor) bug in the zero mission of Cassie. After I picked up the package with Cassie (I believe it was the Big something ), I died at that level. Since it sent me back to the start when I respawned, I had to replay the scene and was given another Big Item, which did not disappear even after I talked with the character who requested it. They took one of them, but the additional item remained with me throughout the rest of the game. Aside from these minor problems, the game was really enjoyable.

I would love to see how this project continues, and like many others are saying, am definitely willing to pay for such a game!
I really love this game, and excited for when it comes out, but something it going over my mind right now, what if someone took Alpha and made it a mod for SRB2, I am just saying this, I mean I would love to see it, but I don't just want it to happen by response, I am just saying what's on the top of my mind
I really love this game, and excited for when it comes out, but something it going over my mind right now, what if someone took Alpha and made it a mod for SRB2, I am just saying this, I mean I would love to see it, but I don't just want it to happen by response, I am just saying what's on the top of my mind
I would feel incredibly sorry for them because he is a bastard to draw from some angles ahahahaha
這是一款不錯的遊戲,但是當我玩一次並關閉它,下次我打開它時,他說他找不到 unityplayer.dll 但我沒有刪除任何東西,我只是想問為什麼會出現這個問題。(我在香港所以我的英語不好,對不起)

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