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Sonic Utopia Early Demo

Average User Rating:
  • [​IMG]

    Sonic Utopia is an experiment that not only tries to expand on Sonic gameplay in an intuitive way in 3D, but also aims to capture the best of Sonic's style and tie it together in a cohesive experience. Nearly everything in this demo, from art to sound to the gameplay engine, was made from scratch. I created all of the models, animation, and most of the textures and sound, as well as the music. The 3D Sonic engine and the gameplay driving this vision was created by my programmer fellow Murasaki. We've been working together on this for a while and we're glad to finally share it, with a debut at SAGE 2016.

    Please read the included manual, which is packaged with the game as image files, can be viewed in game in the How To Play section from the main menu, and is viewable below. This covers gameplay basics, and I've seen a lot of comments and videos where people don't know something or make incorrect guesses when it's explained in the manual.

    Download Utopia Demo



    Mr Lange (myself) - Art, Animation, Sound and Music, Game Design

    Murasaki Fox - Engine and Gameplay Programming

    Tpot - Additional Programming

    PicsAndPixels - Additional Artwork







    "Are you still working on this/will it be a full game?"
    Yes, we are continuing to work on the game and intend to create a complete version, even if the full game is not very big. The Green Hill Zone demo level has been scrapped and is not representative of levels in the full game.

    "The level is too open/flat/there's nothing to do."
    This is essentially a tech demo, and the level is experimental. Proper levels will have much better design and the actual game will have objectives.

    "The camera is spinning uncontrollably when the game starts."
    This is a bug with Windows or Unity that occurs with some direct input devices. It's common with PS4 controllers, Gamecube adapters, and probably other things. Xbox 360 controller is recommended, mouse and keyboard work too.

    "I can't open the file/the game won't run."
    It is a zip file. It must be unpacked in full. The game will not run if you open the exe without the accompanying files (such as trying to run it directly from the zip, that won't work). You can use a program such as 7zip to unpack it.

    "(bug description)"
    We know most if not all of the bugs, and plenty of other things to work out. The demo was a bit rushed to make it to SAGE 2016.

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Henry99
    "Good Example of Open World and High Speed"
    For a demo that was released years ago, it is still enjoyable to play. I love the combination of Classic SonicĀ“s designs and open world of the Adventures games ( more likely Sonic Adventure 1). Hopefully we get a modern Sonic game with some similar mechanics and this fangame done.

    Good job guys!
  2. SuperSonic6579
    "Great game!"
    The only thing I have to say is that in a future update, could you make this compatible with PlayStation controllers please? (Duelshock4)
    (also, I'm on windows 10 and don't really know how to turn the camera all by myself, so I let the game do it. But I would really like to use a PlayStation controller as well. When I plugged it in, square was jump, X was peel out, R2 was pause, the joystick for moving worked but the camera kept spinning above Sonic's head. I could press L2 but that sends the camera spinning in the other way. Any help to enable the PlayStation controller to work will be greatly appreciated, Thanks :))
  3. Alta
    "Now this is epic"
    Probably the best 3D sonic fan game I have played. The music is great. Sonic controls really well and 1st act is great. Can't wait till the full game comes out.

User Comments

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  1. Thesonicfan21
    how to download it?
  2. Shadonic
    This was the best fan game I've ever played.
  3. Jyrz
    This is a very cool demo, I really liked the look and feel of everything. If possible, I'd really like to see a drop dash added in the future just because it feels like it could be there, but I look forward to any future levels designed around this. It's really solid.
  4. jackrose
    i cant play it because it does not work on my pc
  5. Sonic_Speed_206
    I played this for like 2 minutes and I feel like I'm playing the mania intro
  6. Sonicboy
    I had to create a stupid ass account just to play this so it better be good.
    1. Great Lange
      An account is not needed to download the game.
      Great Lange, Jan 30, 2019
  7. hugo
  8. Marcos
    metro encata pero me gustaria que pusieran mas ecenarios para elegir
  9. Pliskin
    I'm Game/Level designer and i really wanna help with the project, i have a masters degree in game design and 2 games published in PS4, if you want, im avaliable to help for free.
    Contact on Twitter.
      kirabate likes this.