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Sonic Utopia Early Demo

Project Overview

Sonic Utopia is an experiment that not only tries to expand on Sonic gameplay in an intuitive way in 3D, but also aims to capture the best of Sonic's style and tie it together in a cohesive experience. Nearly everything in this demo, from art to sound to the gameplay engine, was made from scratch. I created all of the models, animation, and most of the textures and sound, as well as the music. The 3D Sonic engine and the gameplay driving this vision was created by my programmer fellow Murasaki. We've been working together on this for a while and we're glad to finally share it, with a debut at SAGE 2016.

Please read the included manual, which is packaged with the game as image files, can be viewed in game in the How To Play section from the main menu, and is viewable below. This covers gameplay basics, and I've seen a lot of comments and videos where people don't know something or make incorrect guesses when it's explained in the manual.



Mr Lange (myself) - Art, Animation, Sound and Music, Game Design

Murasaki Fox - Engine and Gameplay Programming

Tpot - Additional Programming

PicsAndPixels - Additional Artwork


"Are you still working on this/will it be a full game?"
Yes, we are continuing to work on the game and intend to create a complete version, even if the full game is not very big. The Green Hill Zone demo level has been scrapped and is not representative of levels in the full game.

"The level is too open/flat/there's nothing to do."
This is essentially a tech demo, and the level is experimental. Proper levels will have much better design and the actual game will have objectives.

"The camera is spinning uncontrollably when the game starts."
This is a bug with Windows or Unity that occurs with some direct input devices. It's common with PS4 controllers, Gamecube adapters, and probably other things. Xbox 360 controller is recommended, mouse and keyboard work too.

"I can't open the file/the game won't run."
It is a zip file. It must be unpacked in full. The game will not run if you open the exe without the accompanying files (such as trying to run it directly from the zip, that won't work). You can use a program such as 7zip to unpack it.

"(bug description)"
We know most if not all of the bugs, and plenty of other things to work out. The demo was a bit rushed to make it to SAGE 2016.

Latest reviews

I love this game.
wheres the download link?
its easy
Oh my lord- the devs of this project has done something that Sonic Team has not been able to do for decades: they translated 2D gameplay into 3D gameplay! From the start, I just absolutely love the 90s kind of instruction manual in the game controls, its a great way to get a concept of the game without having to go through a tutorial stage(i mean yeah green hill is kind of like a tutorial stage, but the game doesnt really help you through it). The engine is amazing, when you need to do precision platforming, slow down a bit and you get a lot more control. AND OH BOY the rush of speed you get when you sucessfully roll down a slope is so amazing it reminds of the classics, but it feels more fluid. I feel like there are some thing that need to be tweaked, while the homing attack is really fun to use, its also a tad bit weird for Sonic to kind of thrust upwards to a Buzz Bomber while standing still in range, idk could be me, but I feel like it could use something more, maybe an animation or an effect idrk. I haven't even gotten to the visuals, but I love the SFX used for Sonic's Figure 8 Peel Out, it actually sounds like he's about to take off like a rocket and it's so COOL! The enemies are also so lively, and you do have to actually avoid some of the shots, I got hit like 2 times so yeah the enemies are somewhat of a threat, but I like the animations they do before shooting, as well the SFX; makes them so much more livelier. Overall, this is probably what the best transition from 2D Sonic to 3D Sonic will probably be as far as I'm aware. The engine itself is so fun to play, riding down slopes is awesome, I can't wait to see how the levels begin to accommodate for Sonic's playstyle rather than a sort of sandbox map.
Captain F
Captain F
Sorry to say this but this is the only build of the game that has come out and it came out in 2017 which was 5 years ago at the time of me writing this comment.
6 years now


Very fun, & definitely a great interpretation of classic sonic in a 3-Dimensional space
Did you make This? ive seen the Origanal page for this game and it twas by a different user CARE TO EXPLAIN?
Did you make This? ive seen the Origanal page for this game and it twas by a different user CARE TO EXPLAIN?
This is the original page for this game. I don't know who or what you're talking about. My name is right there in the credits in the game.
Absolutely love the game, but i was wondering if there was any way to un-invert the camera for mouse+keyboard
So If You Guys Want A RETRO Sega Gensis,Sonic 1 Felling,Follow These Steps,Don't Worry It Happened To me So I Am Not Lying. So Open Up The File To Start The Game And Normal Start The Game,But Before That Hit Windowed Then Play Open The Game,Next Close The Game And Do The Same Exsept This Time Hit The Windowed Box AGAIN Disabling It,Hope It Works! I tried it And I Did For Me!
how do u play the game im new to this website
You Hit The Link That Says Download Above it And Once Its Down Loaded Open The File,Copy Everything In The File,Create A NEW File Folder And paste It In there Then Hit The Unity Engine Thing And Your Ready To go!
I'm Game/Level designer and i really wanna help with the project, i have a masters degree in game design and 2 games published in PS4, if you want, im avaliable to help for free.
Contact on Twitter.

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