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Sonic Utopia Early Demo

Average User Rating:
  1. Henry99
    "Good Example of Open World and High Speed"
    For a demo that was released years ago, it is still enjoyable to play. I love the combination of Classic SonicĀ“s designs and open world of the Adventures games ( more likely Sonic Adventure 1). Hopefully we get a modern Sonic game with some similar mechanics and this fangame done.

    Good job guys!
  2. SuperSonic6579
    "Great game!"
    The only thing I have to say is that in a future update, could you make this compatible with PlayStation controllers please? (Duelshock4)
    (also, I'm on windows 10 and don't really know how to turn the camera all by myself, so I let the game do it. But I would really like to use a PlayStation controller as well. When I plugged it in, square was jump, X was peel out, R2 was pause, the joystick for moving worked but the camera kept spinning above Sonic's head. I could press L2 but that sends the camera spinning in the other way. Any help to enable the PlayStation controller to work will be greatly appreciated, Thanks :))
  3. Alta
    "Now this is epic"
    Probably the best 3D sonic fan game I have played. The music is great. Sonic controls really well and 1st act is great. Can't wait till the full game comes out.
  4. Sonicboy
    "Can't even turn the damn camera."
    1. Great Lange
      Yes you can. The game supports both joystick and mouse for camera control.
  5. Cupps
    "All aboard the Hype Train!"
    I'm at a lost for words. When I saw this game I had to make an account just to share my thoughts to such a wonderful product. This game has showed something far beyond the current sonic games by SEGA. The remix of green hill zone is beautiful, the graphics are beautiful, everything about this game is beautiful! I've never expected to have such an amazing feel when I went up a ramp and looked around the map. I can't wait to see the full product. Please keep this up!
  6. Spawnjos
    The best 3d Game of Sonic that ever has been created.
  7. Pihanas
    "This is so EPIC!"
    This is how I imagined Sonic 1 in 3D. I wish there were more Zones but the game is beautiful!
  8. Wilasauraus
    When I started up the game with my friend, we joked that this felt like Sonic meets Breath of the Wild, thinking we could pretty much go anywhere that was in sight.

    Turns out, we weren't totally far off - there was way more to explore than I could have imagined! Even though the world felt kind of barren (perhaps more enemies and/or obstacles to fill it?), it was a blast to find 'the end' of the stage. After I was convinced there wasn't one (unless I missed something), it was still so much fun to travel and find new hidden places. Also, the music was such a pleasure to listen to - it's upbeat and simultaneously relaxing. Kudos!

    Only one point of criticism - might be a bug, but when I started the game up a second time, the camera was locked and zoomed into Sonic's back until I quit and reset (photo below).

    Otherwise, amazing job to the team!

  9. Miles Prower
    "Amazing Fan Game!"
    Why Isn't This Just Amazing! Its One Of The Best Classic Sonic Fan Games Ever Made! Amazing Work!
    Damian likes this.
  10. shaymin the animator
    "this game is VERY good, however.............."
    the game overall is VERY good. however, for some reason when i use my Xbox 360 controller and press the A button, it pauses before jumping, and i have to unpause for it to jump. please fix that bug.