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Super Mario Generations

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The most asked Mario fangame is now a reality! Play as both Classic Mario and Modern Mario in remixed stages based on the levels of the past!


Controls (Which you are able to change by pausing, going over the key and pressing CTRL, then pressing the new key input):
Arrow Keys (NOTE: You can't change these.) = Up, Down, Left, and Right.
A = Run.
S = Run.
X = Jump
Z = Spin Jump/Dive/Long Jump
Enter (NOTE: You can't change this.) = Pause
Shift (NOTE: You can't change this.) = Changing Marios (Only in Peach's Castle.)
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Good. My only gripes with it are... (sorry if my criticism sounds harsh)

1. The physics... are super weird. It's as if you keep the same momentum you had before the jump, when in the air. And even momentum on the ground is kinda whack.
2. Super Mario Bros. 1 power-up physics... cmon just let me grab a fire flower when im small, or turn into big mario when im hit and i have a fire flower.
3. Goombas following your X axis, even when you're above them. And Koopas running away. Give goombas a charge move maybe instead, with them walking trying to follow your X-Axis, it's kind of unnatural. And koopas running away could be better but i mean they DO do that in super mario 64 so its cool i guess.
4. No Re-mapping controls? I mean i worked fine with the default but I mean for any game re-mapping controls is something that probably should be allowed. I dont remember being able to select things in the option menu.
5. There's a softlock where if you bring a koopa shell to the goal (i did this with modern 1-1 by the way), when you jump on the flagpole, and release the koopa shell, mario does a jump-flip off of it and goes past the goal... and... nothing happens... at all...
6... is there not a way to save?
7. Do you need to close the game and re-open it if you game over?
u know what since i dont like koopas running away, make them do the shell toss attack (they go in their shell, and launch forward at you) like from paper mario >:]

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