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  1. Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

    DOWNLOAD DEMO: (note: if you experience slowdown, try running your monitors in 60 hz) What if Sonic Triple Trouble had been originally released on the SEGA Genesis / MegaDrive, after Sonic 3 & Knuckles? This is a fangame re-imagining of...
  2. Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Illusion (SAGE '21 Demo)

    SONIC ILLUSION Sonic Illusion still does not have a very clear story, in which I will be working to make sense of the game, I can say that this fangame seeks to be a direct sequel to Sonic Mania, since Sonic Mania Plus, I took it as filler by not presenting anything new in the history...
  3. Mega Man X Synthesis (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Mega Man X Synthesis (SAGE 2021 Demo)

    Mega Man X Synthesis is a fan game being developed by our small team over at....well we don't have a name. We're workin on it. This demo has many known bugs, but after far too much testing, maybe we squashed most of them? Please try it out and let us know what new bugs and glitches you find...
  4. Mega Man Overdrive

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Mega Man Overdrive

    Overview Mega Man Overdrive aims to mix classic Mega Man gameplay with modern platformer design philosophy and art, to create a fresh new take on the Mega Man Classic series. -------- Story This early demo features one of the eight robot Masters stages - Thaw Man. Deep in the peaks of Mt...
  5. Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme

    Sonic 3D Blast Xtreme, is a 3D Fan Game based on Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Xtreme, This is a Full 3D Sonic Fan game, With new soundtrack, Heavy Metal like Sonic Adventure 2 There are 7 stages and 7 bosses, original Music, and please provide feedback, I am making a new Game. There is only one...
  6. Sonic Hoshi (2021 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic Hoshi (2021 Demo)

    Sonic Hoshi is a FanMade game of Sonic which goes inbetween the story of Sonic 2 and Sonic 3. The story goes like this: After the destruction of the Death Egg in West Side Island, and the destruction of the Death Egg Robot, Sonic falls into a new island which he wasn't familiar with. That is...
  7. Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel

    DOWNLOAD HERE: Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel by PVic - Game Jolt It is also highly recommended you read the manual, available here. __________________________________________________________ Dr. Robotnik's Badnik Quarrel is an ARENA BRAWLER in which up to eight teams battle against each other...
  8. El Akelarre de Lola

    SAGE 2021 - Complete El Akelarre de Lola

    "El Akelarre de Lola" is a platform video game starring Spanish singer and dancer Lola Indigo and with gameplay largely inspired by the classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. A crazy crossover between a music star and a video game series made in Lua using framework LÖVE2D as a base. By the way, the...
  9. Sonic J

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic J

    Sonic J is a Sonic fan game that aims to be a sequel to Sonic & Knuckles. This build is the New Physics Demo, which is for demonstrating the game's new physics framework in three different stages: The New Physics Room, Old Jex Island Act 2, And Motorola Zone. NOTE: This build is only an...
  10. Forces of Mobius (Final edition 2021)

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Forces of Mobius (Final edition 2021)

    Forces of Mobius, final edition available, July 23rd, 2021 Available here ---> (820Mb) Further info ---> Forces of Mobius was the final RPG I began working with in November 2015, and I released the first...
  11. Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Super Mario Unleashed (2021 Demo)

    The Difference is Night and Day! Super Mario Unleashed follows Mario in a race against time to save the world... himself!? When turned into a Midbus, an ancient Pig species, Mario must Travel around The World, Restoring it From Bowser after he separated for his evil scheme to make his country...
  12. Sonic Classic 2

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Sonic Classic 2

    NEW HOTFIX AVAILABLE IN UPDATES IN THE DRIVE LINK!!! Sonic Classic 2 is a 2D fangame that is a sequel to Sonic Classic by Hez which will include: Brand New Levels 4 playable characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Fang) New unique gimmicks Customizable shields SC1 revamped levels Online Play...
  13. Megaman X in Sonic Blasting Adventure

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Megaman X in Sonic Blasting Adventure

    This is a modified version of Sonic the Hedgehog: Blasting Adventure, featuring X and Zero from Megaman X series. Initially, X was going to be a secret character in the original SBA, but the project was split in two. As the new updates came, Zero eventually became a playable character along with...
  14. Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace (SAGE 2021 Test Demo)

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace (SAGE 2021 Test Demo)

    "It's a brand new game, in a brand new world" Introducing SAGE and SFGHQ's first Pokémon project, Pokémon: Chaotic Flame & Harmonic Peace is a game based on the 4th and 5th generations of the Pokémon games, but with its own distinct flair. This project aims to capture the spark the Pokémon...
  15. Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary

    Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary is a fan game telling an original story inside the world of Rayman. Synopsis Rayman awakens deep in the woods of the Glade of Dreams to discover that Nightmares have invaded the once peaceful land. With all his friends vanquished, Rayman must work with the Bubble...
  16. Sonic Ball

    Demo Sonic Ball

    Hey there! This fake submission is part of the SAGE '21 - Booth Guide: Make sure you check that out instead! SONIC BALL Story: One day Sonic was running around in Green Hill with his friend Tails, when all of the sudden he turned into a ball! Quickly realizing this was a plan by his...
  17. _Wr_Official

    Fan Game Sonic Zeta (WIP)

    My friends and I are now working on a Sonic Fan Game Project called "Sonic Zeta" which is made with Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer and Not So Simple Sonic Worlds Engine. This is the Concept Logo of this Project:
  18. The Magical Advenenture of Soggy Hoggy

    The Magical Advenenture of Soggy Hoggy

    This is a remake of "the magical adveneture of sanichegehog", a game that was made as a joke in an afternoon in 2015. We want to make original games in the future and wanted to try and get our feet wet with the Unity engine and try and put something very basic together, learning animation...
  19. Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    Star Man 2: Reupgraded

    Star Man 2 is a sequel to Blyka's Star Man, a game in which the player controls Mega Man 5 boss Star Man. Star Man is tasked with fighting against the Stardroids from Mega Man V on the Game Boy, equipped with his iconic Star Crash. The game is similar to a Mega Man title, although Star Man's...
  20. Sonic Powered Up

    Sonic Powered Up

    Sonic Powered Up, Is made by me by myself. So far, it is rough around the edges and in very much need of work. I started this project years ago and the current demo is a reflection of my progress so far. Only one act is available for play in this demo. Gameplay I envisioned the gameplay to be...
  21. Power Bomberman

    Power Bomberman

    The feature-rich tribute to Bomberman. NOTE: For the most up-to-date download, refer to BombermanBoard forum thread. Mirrors for the 0.7.5c version here: FEATURES: Frantic gameplay up to 12 players Battle Mode includes...
  22. Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

    Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

    DOWNLOAD DEMO: What if Sonic Triple Trouble had been originally released on the SEGA Genesis / MegaDrive, after Sonic 3 & Knuckles? This is a fangame re-imagining of the Game Gear game Sonic Triple Trouble in the style of the Genesis...
  23. Sonic J (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    Sonic J (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan-made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me) and has the purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles. It currently consists of two playable levels which are both acts of Jex Island, with two playable characters...
  24. Super Mario Generations

    Super Mario Generations

    The most asked Mario fangame is now a reality! Play as both Classic Mario and Modern Mario in remixed stages based on the levels of the past! Controls (Which you are able to change by pausing, going over the key and pressing CTRL, then pressing the new key input): Arrow Keys (NOTE: You can't...
  25. SONIC DELTA: Chaos Collision

    SONIC DELTA: Chaos Collision

  26. Sonic Encore

    Sonic Encore

    Sonic Encore is a fan-game that re-imagines the some of the classic levels from Sonic 2D era into a more modern 3D environmental setting. Not only taking visual cues from the classics, It is the an intended design goal that the playstyle of the game also feels reminiscent of the the classic...
  27. Sonic Oxilary

    Sonic Oxilary

    Hello there, and welcome to Sonic Oxilary, a passion project created by giga6152. This game was a major step up in my career as a game developer, after making many other Sonic fan games, most notably Sonic Adventure SX from SAGE 2018. After cancelling that game some time back, I have made this...
  28. Sonic Revert

    Sonic Revert

    Mirror link: About the game: Sonic Revert is a reimagining of the Sonic gameplay but where Sonic is controlled like a car when he's in running mode. The game features singleplayer time attack and online multiplayer racing mode. Some of the classic Sonic...
  29. BrazSonic 20XX

    BrazSonic 20XX

    BrazSonic 20XX is an actual reboot of the BrazSonic series, with no links with any previous games. The reason for this restart is due to the fact that the BrazSonic 1 is already very outdated, and also BrazSonic 2 does not have been succeeded over the last few years. The game is set in Brazil...
  30. Taldius

    Fan Game Klonoa - The Dream Chapter

    Hello SFGHQ people, I'm Taldius, nice to meet you. I know it's not a Sonic related but while I was waiting for my sound designer friends to produce the sounds of my Sonic fan game, I made this small Klonoa fan game. Play Klonoa - The Dream chapter on What is this game: I was...
  31. Ultimate Sonic Heroes Fighters (Alpha Version) - SAGE 2019

    Complete Ultimate Sonic Heroes Fighters (Alpha Version) - SAGE 2019

    Hello everyone, I know I'm missing since the last project in 2017. But I came back with news and this time is the introduction of my fangame, I introduce the Ultimate Sonic Heroes Fighters! This game contains battle style battles with 3x3 tags (Marvel vs Capcom game style) In addition to being...
  32. Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

    Sonic - Project Hero (2019 Demo out NOW!)

    "Sonic - Project Hero" is a 3D Sonic Fan Game & custom, CLOSED SOURCE Framework, made for the Unity Game Engine and developed by me, Hero. "Sonic - Project Hero" aims to launch Sonic, Tails & Knuckles into, simply, a fun 3 dimensional adventure through various locales, to stop Dr. Eggman's new...
  33. Sonic Hysteria (closed)

    Sonic Hysteria (closed)

    I did this already a half year ago but things changed and I closed the project. It won't get the full version. Added it because why not, there is not so many actual good attempts at all. (I'm not saying that this better)
  34. Sample Sonic Beta

    Sample Sonic Beta

    Sample Sonic was conceived as a simple fan project that will show many different zones. That's the whole idea. In the future you will be able to see more different zones of different types. Huge levels with a lot of other ways of passing and interesting secrets that gives the game...
  35. Team-Kosmos

    Sonic: The Murdering Insanity

    Sonic The Murdering Insanity is a RPG Horror Sonic game. With chases, complex boss fights and (in the future) voice acting. Game engine - Clickteam Fusion 2.5; Game template (engine) - Modified Sonic Worlds Delta 1.5.
  36. Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger

    Klonoa: Dream Trigger is a small project put together just after the announcement of this year's SAGE using the OpenBOR beat'em up engine. The idea is making a game based on the Super Mario RPG, but using Klonoa to see how interesting it would be to have him in an action game and presenting him...
  37. Megaman Legends 1.5 (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman Legends 1.5 (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman and Roll have picked up abnormally strong refractor signals deep below Merida Island. Join them as they uncover the mystery underneath this bustling town! CLICK HERE TO GET THE GAME ON GAMEJOLT
  38. Megaman X and Zero: Training Missions (Prototype Demo)

    Megaman X and Zero: Training Missions (Prototype Demo)

    In the time between Megaman X3 and X4, witness the grueling training that prepare X and Zero for the next Maverick outbreak! CLICK HERE TO GET THE GAME ON GAMEJOLT
  39. Sonic  Explorers v2 (Prototype Demo)

    Sonic Explorers v2 (Prototype Demo)

  40. I Can't Believe it's Not Sonic 1

    I Can't Believe it's Not Sonic 1

    I Can't Believe it's Not Sonic 1 (ICBINS1) attempts to recreate Sonic 1 (Green Hill Zone, at least) faithfully in the Unity game engine while adding some new features. Everything is written from scratch; no pre-made Sonic frameworks here. Best of all? It's all open source, with no paid Asset...
  41. Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    Sonic J (SAGE 2019 demo)

    Sonic J is a Sonic The Hedgehog based Work-In-Progress fan-made game made by jean_tha_n00b (me) and has the purpose of being an unofficial sequel to the classic game, Sonic & Knuckles. It currently consists of two playable levels which are the Tutorial and Jex Island Act 1, with two playable...
  42. Swixay

    Need a 2D Sonic engine for my fan game

    Hello I wanna start create my own Sonic fan game, but I don't know what to use as engine for the game. I research a Sonic engine for 2D Sonic game who don't need programming skill, but I don't wanna be too much limited I wanna edit sprites,hud,props and other things like that. So if you have...
  43. GraysonoftheNight


    Hey people! I'm new here but not new to the fan games that seem to come out of here. I am honestly looking for friends/future partners in projects. So if you guys have any advice to give when it comes to sprite work, fan games, partnering up in general that would be great!
  44. Hello

    Fan Game Toadette's Sweets Gallery - Delicious 3D Platformer

    The Sweets Gallery is an exhibit full of magical dessert paintings containing worlds within them. The ever curious Captain Toad was exploring these worlds when all of a sudden, the paintings lost their magic, and Captain Toad was left trapped inside! It is now up to Toadette to collect the power...
  45. I

    Game Sonic R Remake

    Hello everyone, I'm Ivar and here's a project I'm working on. A Remake of the great Sonic R by Sega Saturn. Here I leave a few screenshots of how it is going. I need to retouch and create new textures and models
  46. Sonic Pursuit (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Sonic Pursuit (SAGE 2018 Demo)

    Zone 1 Empyrean Island. Special Stages Follow us on Social Media and talk to us on discord!
  47. UpDownLeftRight

    I Need A Lot Of Help With Not So Simple Sonic Worlds

    So basically, I have a lot of ideas for games to make in NSSSW. I have the basics down. Level design, backgrounds, music, but there's a lot of specific things I need help on. If you would answer some of the questions I have, it would go a long way in helping me make my dreams come true. Thank you!

    Fan Game Sonic Xtreme

    After another victory over Eggman, Sonic decided to arrange a vacation. Together with Knuckles and Tails, they flew to the newly created resort on the Green Hills. But a week later Eggman attacked the Green Hills, and took away the poor animals, and besides Chaos Emeralds! Sonic does not know...
  49. Shantae & Asha: Dream Fantasia

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Shantae & Asha: Dream Fantasia

    Shantae and Asha: Dream Fantasia is an open-world 2D Platformer that blends action, RPG, puzzle, and adventure elements into one. It is a crossover featuring Asha from the 1994 Sega Genesis classic; Monster World IV and Shantae from the 2002 Game Boy Color classic; Shantae. It is a brand new...
  50. Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl

    Super Universe Brawl is a mod I started a while back for OpenBOR where I can work on new ideas I have and even older demos I started all in one place. -The first 3 stages from the menu are mostly random and just for people to play on. Demo1 specifically was based on the flash movie, VG Exiles...