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Complete Hyper's Quest 2: High Voltage


Join Hyper and Agnes on a high-voltage adventure to defeat Dr. Robotnik's new robot and save Agnes' sister! Featuring an unlockable Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles with their own shared story campaign!



To access the game's save data, go to "C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Local\Hyper_s_Quest_2_High_Voltage"
The game supports Xbox controllers, but this feature has not been tested! User discretion is advised!


- SPINDASH (Press JUMP + DOWN, must be unlocked in the shop)
- ROLL (Press DOWN while moving)

- Nitro Kick (Press JUMP in the air)
- Homing Attack (Press ACTION in the air)
- Shield Abilities (Press JUMP in the air with a shield)
- Stomp (Press DOWN mid-air)
- Double Jump (Press JUMP + UP in mid-air)
- Nova Strike (Press ACTION + UP in mid-air, must be unlocked in the shop)
- Rocket Jump (Press ACTION + UP, will charge to certain length, must be unlocked in the shop)
- Wall Jump (Press JUMP when hugging a marked wall, can slide down walls faster by holding DOWN)

- Insta-Shield (Press JUMP in mid-air)
- Sonic Torpedo (Press ACTION in the air, press ACTION near the ground to roll, can be used to skip across enemies)
- Hyper Flash replaces this move when you unlock HYPER SONIC (by beating Cyber Knight's Challenge)
- Drop Dash (press JUMP while holding DOWN, press JUMP repeatedly to charge)
- Peelout (Press UP + JUMP)

- Tail Flight (Press JUMP repeatedly in mid-air)
- Flight Cancel (Press DOWN + JUMP)

- Glide (Press and hold JUMP in the air)
- Glide Cancel (Let go of JUMP in the air, can change directions after)


- Make selections with JUMP
- Speed the cursor up with DIALOGUE


- A is the JUMP button
- S is the ACTION button
- D is the DIALOGUE button
- Q is the SUPER button


- Go to the next page of a cutscene with ENTER
- Skip the cutscene with S


Past versions of the game up to v1.5.2 are included for archival purposes.



- Cutscene themes and the title screen theme are muted when the global music player is turned off
- Some levels have been slightly tweaked
- Super Sonic's roll doesn't slow the player down too quick anymore
- Top Hat Arcade's fan elevators have been replaced with springs
- Some cutscene text has been corrected
- You can talk to bystanders by pressing the up arrow
- You can no longer skip strings of dialogue by pressing the up arrow

- Exiting minigames with less than your previous high score doesn't crash the game
- Minigames on the first floor only require 500 points to unlock Knuckles, while the ones on the second floor still require 1000 points
- The bumpers in minigames always award points
- The final boss's second phase attack works properly

- Fixed a bug where quitting a stage doesn't clear the checkpoint, resulting in the player spawning in awkward spots when loading other levels

- Rustic Rainforest's background has transparency in its layers
- Animal types have been assigned across all stages with the final four levels yielding XP instead of animals
- The cursor on menus has been made smaller

- Sonic's tutorial text has been fixed a little
- The intro cutscene has been stretched to widescreen
- Getting a higher score in any of the minigames no longer crashes the game
- Super Sonic's ring count depletes by 3 instead of 5 in Walljumping Tom
- Hyper Sonic's screen flash lasts longer
- Rolling in super form doesn't slow you down too fast anymore
- The bumpers award more points after the first bounce and don't stop awarding points if you hit them
- Bumpers award 20 points instead of 10
- The fans on the left in the Fanboys minigame turn off when the fans on the right turn on and vice versa
- The middle fan in the Fanboys minigame has been removed
- Ember Mountain and Sunrise Island have new parallax backgrounds
- There are two new animal types that you can rescue from Badniks and capsules: Jumpy the Penguin and Blitz the Raccoon
- The dinosaur enemies release three animals when destroyed
- Sunrise Island has been renamed Rustic Rainforest
- Upper floor minigames have been tweaked
- You can toggle the music by pressing spacebar when you boot up the game
- Each update now has a proper and accurate update number

- You can move when performing any of Hyper's Nitro Kick or shield actions
- The Nova Strike functions like the original from Mega Man X
- A sound effect plays when you exit a minigame if you've earned enough points to earn its prize
- Pinball Patricia has been extended
- If you enter Walljumping Tom as Sonic, you can go Super Sonic and fly around the level at the cost of increased ring consumption
- Knuckles has a new waiting animation
- Popping bubbles gives you 10 points
- The minigames on the second floor of the arcade cost 10 red rings
- I Lava Good Chase has been extended and the difficulty increased
- Each character in Sonic's campaign other than Sonic has a different way of being unlocked: Tails by collecting all Chaos Emeralds and Knuckles by scoring at least 1000 points on every minigame
- Clearing Cyber Knight's Challenge unlocks Hyper Sonic
- The player is no longer immune to Cyber Knight's Challenge's mines if they have a fire shield
- Cyber Knight's Challenge and Cyber Core Act 2 have less rings
- Sonic's idle animation has been changed
- The score chain sprites have been restored (score chain was always there, but there were no sprites for it)
- Dying detracts 1000 points
- Super Sonic has a new sprite for going top speed
- New music
- Roll It! has been changed to Fanboys
- Almost all minigames have been altered in some way
- The Fire Shield dash has been nerfed
- Top speed has been buffed for all characters and Sonic's super and hyper forms
- Rolling deceleration as Super Sonic has been decreased
- Entirely new voiceovers for Knuckles, Hyper, and Robotnik

- The turrets in Cyber Core I fire multiple times
- Like with Balloon Buster and Roll It, the timer has been added to the Walljumping Tom minigame that destroys the floor below when it reaches 0
- More rockets fire in the Walljumping Tom minigame
- The amount of extra time you can get from the time balloons in Balloon Buster has been decreased to 2
- Levels have been altered
- Some shield abilities have been altered for Hyper
- Knuckles' glide can be restarted after letting go of the button
- Other small tweaks to animations and sprites
- More full voiced cutscenes and dialogue changes
- The spindash costs 50000 points now and can be performed faster
- The credits for Cyber Knight's Challenge have been shortened
- New sound effects, music, and sprites
- New minigames
- The Splash Orb has been removed and Hyper's Splash Orb ability given to a bubble shield like his other normal shield abilities
- Eggman bosses telegraph their attacks
- The act cards have been slightly redesigned with subtitles for each level and minigame
- The act cards for Cyber Core 1 and 2 have act numbers
- The logo on the title screen has been updated
- Sonic has new running animation phases based on his speed
- The results screen now shows if you beat a boss or cleared a zone/act
- The arcade has been extended to have a third floor and patrons
- The Mania badnik designs are here + a new digital badnik "Cyber Gus" and his bomb throwing variant
- Virtual Pinball has been renamed to Pinball Patricia
- Stage dialogue can be progressed with D and skipped with up
- Credits can be skipped with Enter
- Holding D in the menus speeds up the cursor
- Tails can cancel his flight by pressing down and jump
- Bosses can't hurt you after they die
- Physics and animations are tighter (higher acceleration and increased gravity)
- Hyper has a new victory animation for when he faces left
- There's a menu asking if you want to play the tutorial if you choose Hyper or Sonic
- Backing out of a stage before completing it doesn't unlock the next stage
- Super Sonic's palette works properly
- After the end credits, you'll be asked if you want to restart the story from the beginning and reset the levels back to the first
- Sonic's shields and the Sonic Torpedo have been mapped to the opposite buttons
- The final boss has a new design
- The Green Hill boss's spikes rotate every so often, indicated by a sound cue
- All menus run at 60fps instead of 30
- The camera locks for bosses until they're defeated
- The falling pillars in Sunrise Island have improved collision for when they're knocked over
- The menu graphics and some backgrounds have been updated or replaced
- The invincibility and speed sneaker themes don't overlap with the stage music when getting a 1-up
- The shop has been revamped
- The menus have been revamped
- The intro has been revamped
- Hyper can slide down walls faster by holding DOWN
- Sonic's Drop Dash can be charged by holding A instead of tapping it
- The tutorial levels have been tweaked a little
- There's a new badnik in Sunrise Island Zone
- There's an intro animation before the title screen
- Each character has a different pose when riding the minecart
- The sound that plays when points appear is different
- You can go to the restart story screen from the level select menu
- Sonic's bubble shield bounce has been restored thanks to PM13 (who's been helping with a huge chunk of the coding, so kudos to you!)
- There's new music for Cyber Core Act 2, the shop, getting a game over, and Electrode Castle's music has been updated a bit

- The original final boss music by Trevin "Jredd" Hughes has been restored!
- The timer from Balloon Buster has been added to the Roll It! minigame so you're no longer forever locked in
- Completing Sonic's tutorial stage no longer sends you to the demo level select
- The spin dash costs more in the shop (1000000 points)
- Victory animation whenever you open a capsule
- Hyper's Ice Wave and Spark Field abilities have been improved
- The turrets in Cyber Core I are improved

- Dialogue changes and lowered music volume in the intro cutscene
- Bumpers in pinball award 20 points
- Balloon Buster has been overhauled with a new balloon type and a countdown timer
- The end of Cyber Core 1 is fixed (you can't mistakenly die after opening the capsule)
- The credits send you to the character select screen when done
- The misleading stomp text in Hyper's tutorial stage is gone
- Dodging rockets in Walljumping Tom grants 10 points
- Fixes for the Frigid Fields, Faded Hills, and Cyber Core bosses
- The Faded Hills boss is a harder version of Frigid Fields
- End cutscenes have been fixed
- HUD fixes

- The end cutscene no longer glitches out
- Bumpers award 15 points each in pinball now
- Dialogue changes

- Nova's no longer in the shop
- Hyper's stomp doesn't get stuck on ledges
- Dialogue changes
- General bug fixes
- Bumpers award points in the pinball game

Big thanks to PM13 and KomiiWorld Games for their abundant help developing the game! Massive shoutout to Trevin Hughes and Cosmo Buggi for their incredible music!

See if you can find the hidden SonicTubers.

Got any questions or need to report bugs? The best way to contact me is on Discord @thereel1_!
Enjoy the game!


@PM13 and KomiiWorld Games for their extensive help in coding the game!
@LowPolyPixels for his incredible Sonic Mania-esque sprite art for Hyper and Agnes!
SPD64 and AkariSanDraws for letting me feature them in the game and use their characters!
Trevin Hughes (Jredd) and Cosmo Buggi (CosmoBG) for their amazing music!
UltraSonicHero, DaRandom101, and LilyCrusade for their outstanding voice work!


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