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SAGE 2023 - Demo Shang Mu Architect

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Shang Mu Architect is an unofficial stage builder fan game set after the events of the first Freedom Planet, featuring its own campaign mode to showcase the capabilities of the editor. (Currently in demo form!)

To train a new generation of warriors for future invasions of Avalice, Savvy Marigold is tasked with expanding Shang Mu Academy's battle arenas and facilities. She later recruits Lilac, Carol, Milla, and Carrie, (a fully-recreated beta character!) to assist in testing the safety (and fairness) of the challenges would-be warriors might face in the newly upgraded academy.

Hey, where do you think you're going?! You landed the job too! That's right! As Ms. Marigold's assistant architect in training, it is your responsibility to design new acrobatic challenges and simulated combat scenarios for Shang Mu Academy's students. The fate of Avalice depends on it!

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Current Features
  • Story mode with cut-scenes and hub worlds, fully playable up to Stage 3 in demo mode
  • 6 fully playable characters! (Lilac, Carol, Milla, Spade, Carrie, and Chiasa)
  • 40 to 60+ palettes for each character!
  • Alt costumes for Lilac and Milla by 23Lief
  • 3 finished campaign stages
  • 20+ backgrounds and pieces of music for user made stages!
  • 6 tile sets, with more on the way
  • 14 enemies from Freedom Planet 1, with all-new originals on the way
  • 36 items and pushable gimmick blocks
  • 66+ gimmicks for your user-made stages!
  • 62+ NPCs with a full-featured text editor system, allowing users to tell stories through their stages
  • Milla's Potion Shop, featuring 6 potions with a variety of effects
  • 55+ advanced node tools to modify your stages, and sound/ambiance triggers
  • 6 unique types of springs, 4 that are new to Freedom Planet's setting
  • Mod chips that change the behavior of enemies *and* bosses!
  • All-new stamps feature to streamline placement of more complex scenery pieces
  • Rail-grinding system similar to Freedom Planet 2's
  • Basic painting tools that allow users to directly draw all-new details onto their stages
  • 4 types of global bodies of water, as well as individual blocks for each to create local pools
  • Weather system with 4 types of conditions (Rain, Thunder, Tempest, and Slime)
  • 4 all-original bosses
  • Planned campaign length of 10 stages or so

SMA is still actively receiving updates as it reaches its completion of the game's full-length story mode. This include all new original bosses, multi-map stages, more tile sets, original enemies, and many more features yet to come!

(As well, an in-game uploading menu and downloads portal for custom user stages should be in the works after the campaign is finished! I am the solo programmer on this project, but I understand how high-priority this feature would be to users!)

If you discover any bugs and would like to report them, as well as feature-requests, please visit our GitHub issue tracker for the game! Our community members will label your bug reports by severity/priority as the main developer addresses them.

Want to keep up-to-date on upcoming updates for Shang Mu Architect? Follow the main developer on Twitter!

Want to talk about Shang Mu Architect with other players, and share your stages with everyone? We have an actively growing Discord community, and we are more than happy to see what you create!

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