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Christmas SAGE 2023 Birdo's Holiday Brawl



The residents of the Subcon Kingdom are celebrating the winter holidays! To celebrate, Birdo decided to host a party, and sent invitations in the mail to her old friends: Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad!


But, to her surprise, on the day of the party, none of her friends had shown up! Soon after, she got a phone call from someone...

It was Wart!
"Wahahaa! You are formally invited to attend my holiday party at the Nightmare Palace! Come and meet the now kidnapped Super Mario Bros.!"


Birdo's Holiday Brawl is inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2 and Mario Clash! Levels consist of fighting through waves of enemies that pop out of jars in the ground! Defeat all the enemies, and you move onto the next level. Shooting enemies on the same layer as you will break them, but hitting enemies on different layers will cause them to ricochet and combo up points!



The game emulates an NES controller on both keyboard and gamepad. Left and right walk left and right. B shoots eggs, A jumps, and Start pauses the game. You can use these controls in numerous different combinations to achieve different things.


If you hold Up or Down when standing next to a log and then jump, you can hop across it into another layer, and attack from there! Things getting too hot on the layer you're on? Jump ship to somewhere safer!

You can also shoot eggs up and down by looking in the direction you want to shoot while holding B!


Developed by Super Squidoodle
New music by Ectogon

Special thanks to contributors of the Mario 2 page on Spriter's Resource for material referenced for sprite artwork

Latest reviews

Es un juego muy bonito, me encanta tener a birdo de protagonista, sencillo y divertido

aunque no esta libre de fallitos, puede sentirse algo facil para el tipo de juego que es, estos titulos de puntuacion dificil tienden a ponerse un poco mas complicados poco a poco pero aca no lo senti asi

aun asi esta interesante y me encanto la idea, aspiro a ver mas titulos como este
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Really big fan of this one! It's super fun to play, like a version of Mario Clash that's WAY cuter and doesn't hurt your eyes! The sprites are really good, as if they came out of a later era NES title. I also really gotta hand it to the music. Mario 2 Christmas remixes is just what I needed to brighten up the season!

Gonna be playing much more of this in the future! Great work!
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