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JohnGagz S19 Demo [Not Available]

Project Overview

JohnGagz SAGE 2019 DEMO download is no longer available anymore
But, play an earliest JohnGagz version "JohnGagzProject"
JohnGagzProject(New Title: JohnGagz)

JohnGagzProject(New Title: JohnGagz)

JohnGagzProject is a Player-mixed(Sonic, Mario, and Crash Bandicoot) for experts, whatever beginner-impossible levels to practice harder.

JohnGagz is a game with various mixed play styles inspired by Sonic, Mario, Marble Blast, Marble Madness and Crash Bandicoot, for expert gamers. Whatever difficulty level you want to practice at, ranging from easy to extremely difficult, you'll find the kind of challenge you're looking for here. Over 80+ levels, 10 bonus levels, and 4 playable characters: JohnGagz, Juddie, Jackman, and Bohel!

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

My first oc character turned beginner-expert of the game.


Made with Unity
Created, Artist/Art Design, Developer by: JP Alpasan
Level Editor: JP Alpasan
Composer: ThePinkBunnyEmpire(JohnGagz - Grotto Theme)
Code Inspired by: Inscope Studios, and GucioDevs, Jonas Tyroller, and other Game Devloper's Tutroials.



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