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Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

Project Overview

"This is what happen when you place a Super Mario Kart cartridge in Sonic & Knuckles."

A Special stages mod pack for Sonic Mania including 6 tracks from Super Mario Kart (SNES) with a complete original stage layout with blue spheres, rings and UFOs.

The pack also features a custom menu to have an easier access to the stages and character selection.


Alternate link :
(Plus dlc is only needed to play Mighty and Ray)

(WARNING : Make sure to disable all kind of cheats when playing this mod, this can cause the game models to glitch out.)

Screenshots and media!



Bonus Content

The pack include 6 classic tracks :

Mario Circuit 1
Donut Plains 2
Vanilla Lake 2
Ghost Valley 2
Bowser Castle 3

Rainbow Road

(All these tracks are adapted for speedrunning.)

You can also try to get the GOLD mach level !
You will need to fill up the Gold Mushroom to get it.

(doing this will reward you with a Continue, unfortunately useless in this mod, but you can still give it a try, it's pretty challenging !)

Some stages will feature original enemies from the Super Mario Series :

Monty Moles

Cheep Cheeps



The pack also change some sound effects and musics.
Compatible with other Character Mods. (3D model only).


Follow me and the project on the gamebanana page, twitter or my youtube channel :
Gamebanana :

Twitter : @Fou_mage
Youtube : Foumage

Mod Creator, Custom sprites & Models

Soyo Oka (Original Super Mario Kart composer)
MusicClues (Title Screen Dual Mix)
Turret3471 (Original Title Screen Remix)
RavenGames5923 (Donut Plains FrontRunning Mix)

Beta Testers

Special thanks
(Unused special ring model)
LJSTAR (Help with 3d model import)
Garrulous64 (supporting and showcasing the mod)
DaveAce (supporting and showcasing the mod)
Spriter Ressource
Retro Engine Modding Discord Community

Super Mario Kart - Nintendo © 1992

Latest reviews

Design: This mod is pretty okay, It's pretty neat to see something like this in concept, it's just that this mod has a few design-related issues. #1: Not enough rings. I found myself having collected more than half of the rings in the stage on the first lap more than once, and I've played the encore special stages! #2: Some stages have problems with bumpers bumping you all around the place as an "o b s t a c l e", which isn't fun nor fair game design (casino night has some leeway here bc its not a race). and #3: A big "fuck you" for taking the wrong path in the Ghost House stages which is pure B U L L S H I T.

Graphics: I actually liked the simple, yet remastered backgrounds from the original stages as well as the nice .dll modded menus. It all looks pretty good, being a (sort of) maniafied versions of these simple tracks.

~6/10 you need better design
Thanks for the review.
Sorry if the "troll path" in ghost valley offended you, the idea was to make it look like a trick made by the Boos, the entire stage was build around the idea of boos playing tricks to you, much like Super Mario World's Ghost House, with bananas and moving blue spheres, something that you fall into one time, by curiosity, not a real trap, but not everyone got the same sense of humour that mine I guess.

I also tried so much to correct the "bumpers being obstacles" thing. Mania's ramps have such a weird collision box and I tried as much as possible to prevent that. Look like the problem is still there. (mostly in Vanilla lake and Bowser Castle)

The design problem is also due to the fact that the original mario kart circuits are not made for this kind of gameplay, I should have made them bigger with more alternative paths to make it fit more rings or more blue spheres. At the end, they are still Mania's special stages after all. I know lots of people have difficulties playing them, so they are more accessible to more experienced players, unfortunatly. I will keep trying to find a better way to make it more open to more types of players.


It's such a goofy idea, yet it works. It can be kind of difficult to complete some of the stages without some sort of shortcut, but overall it's just neat to run around in.

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