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  1. Isotropic Phoenix

    Sonic Advance Enhanced Collection

    This is the beginning of a huge undertaking to provide enhanced, quality of life improvements to the soundtracks of the Advance Trilogy. More to come very soon, so keep on the lookout!!!
  2. S

    I can't get Quick bms. Mirror needed

    the title explains it all really. My internet isn't letting me get to the site that is need and I really need the program. if someone could download it and upload it to google drive or any other file sharing site that would be great! please help I really do need it,
  3. Sonic: Lock & Load

    SAGE 2022 - Demo Sonic: Lock & Load

    Sonic: Lock & Load is a hyper-fast, action packed first-person shooter based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series of games and built on GZDoom. It draws inspiration from Sonic games, as well as titles like Sonic Robo Blast 2, ULTRAKILL and DOOM Eternal. It also features elements from other GZDoom...
  4. Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+

    SAGE 2020 - Complete Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+

    Can't get enough of Sonic Mania's boss fights? Want an extra challenge to spice up your next playthrough? Introducing Boss Rush+, a new experience for Sonic Mania that focuses on one aspect: the bosses! Fight the bosses back to back in the order of which they appear! Act transitions have been...
  5. Sonic Jam Rings for Sonic Mania

    Complete Sonic Jam Rings for Sonic Mania

    A minor sound mod that adds the unique ring sound effects heard in the Sega Saturn title Sonic Jam to your very own copy of Sonic Mania
  6. Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    My first ever article for Sonic Fan Games HQ involves what I feel is my most favorite 3D Sonic mod that's available. That is, of course, Chao World Extended. Chao World Extended, managed by DarkyBenji, Exant, mindacos and ChaoGardenBuster, is exactly what the name implies. It expands Sonic...
  7. Metrotropic Beach Zone

    Metrotropic Beach Zone

    "Metrotropic Beach Zone" is a 1-Act mod that was originally made for the "Hell of Green Hills" modding contest. The main gimmick here was the smooth transition from day to night via palette editing. Level design isn't perfect, but I think you'll find everything else makes up for it. Enjoy...
  8. Amy in Sonic Mania (WIP)

    Amy in Sonic Mania (WIP)

    Amy Mania (WIP) This is a mod that adds Amy into Sonic Mania. Currently the mod is WIP, although changes will be made in the future. Plus DLC is required to play this mod, as Amy is over mighty. Thank you for all of your support! If you are having any issues with the mod you can also contact...
  9. Pana der Hejhog Remastered - 2.0

    Pana der Hejhog Remastered - 2.0

    Hello again, fellow Maniaacs. With the success of the previous Pana Remastered, I decided to improve, and add upon it. This mod features an entire OVERHAUL of levels and sprites. With the custom character, Pana der Hejhog! All credit for Mystic Island and Pana der Hejhog goes to the amazing...
  10. Sonic Mania - The X-Mas Maniaac

    Sonic Mania - The X-Mas Maniaac

    Welcome to The Christmas Maniaac, made by a fan, for the holidays AND the fans. This mod includes the following: +Custom Zone Palettes, hand-made by me. +Fitting Music. +Custom Sprites. +Custom Physics(optional). -Frozen Water. -Removed Sonic.exe Merry Christmas, fellow Maniaacs. Download...
  11. Restored Palettes + Other Color Fixes

    Restored Palettes + Other Color Fixes

    (This game is a Gamebanana reupload to test the showcase feature on SFGHQ!) This mod sets out to restore some of the color palettes of various sprites to how they were before Sonic Mania Plus, as well as fix some general inconsistencies in the various color palettes throughout the game...
  12. Sonic Rediscovery

    Sonic Rediscovery

    Rediscovery will try to rework Sonic Mania Plus to feel more like a beta idea for Mania (so no GHZ etc.) with some extra ideas from me. In this demo: Title screen preview One fully completed act - Macro Jungle (Studiopolis downtown) In the final version: New plot implemented About 5+ new...
  13. Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    Sonic All Mix (SAGE 2019)

    sonic all mix is a sonic mania modpack that changes the normal things levels bosses enemies music etc. My friend and I have been developing a mod pack for Sonic Mania Plus. This mod features stages from well known sonic fan games like Sonic Before the Sequel and Sonic XG...
  14. Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    Super Mario Kart in Sonic Mania v0.8+

    "This is what happen when you place a Super Mario Kart cartridge in Sonic & Knuckles." A Special stages mod pack for Sonic Mania including 6 tracks from Super Mario Kart (SNES) with a complete original stage layout with blue spheres, rings and UFOs. The pack also features a custom menu to have...
  15. Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Sonic Mania and Sonic PLUS

    Without a doubt, one of the most well-known Sonic memes out there is the &Knuckles meme. Just slap "&Knuckles" at the end of any title, maybe sprinkle the Echidna's head over the actual characters, and wham! Quality meme material! But why should Knuckles get all the glory? After all, the game...