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Pana der Hejhog Remastered - 2.0


Hello again, fellow Maniaacs. With the success of the previous Pana Remastered, I decided to improve, and add upon it.

This mod features an entire OVERHAUL of levels and sprites. With the custom character, Pana der Hejhog!

All credit for Mystic Island and Pana der Hejhog goes to the amazing MarkeyJester. I couldn't have made this without him. (MJ's youtube channel:
Included is the google drive link which will constantly be updated until the mod is out of it's Demo status.

Current playable stages:
Pana Remastered - Level Select.png
Mystic Island Zone
Pana Remastered - +Sonic.png Pana Remastered - Mystic Island.png Pana Remastered - Mystic Island(2).png
Pana Remastered - Mystic Island 2.png Pana Remastered - Special Ring.png Pana Remastered - Mystic Island 2(2).png Pana Remastered - Mystic Island 2(3).png
Snowing Skyway Zone
Pana Remastered - Snowing Skyway 1.png Pana Remastered - Snowing Skyway(1).png
Genocide City Zone
Pana Remastered - Genocide City.png Pana REmastered - Genocide City 2.png Pana Remastered - Genocide City 2(2).png Pana Remastered - Genocide City 2(3).png
Palmtree Panic Zone
Pana Remastered - Palmtree Panic.png Pana Remastered - Palmtree Panic 2.png Pana Remastered - Palmtree Panic 2(2).png Pana Remastered - Palmtree Panic 2(3).png
and a completely custom stage, which isn't anywhere near finished yet.

Enjoy, my Maniaacs.
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