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Sonic Mania - The X-Mas Maniaac


X-Mas Maniaac - Title.png

Welcome to The Christmas Maniaac, made by a fan, for the holidays AND the fans.

This mod includes the following:
+Custom Zone Palettes, hand-made by me.
+Fitting Music.
+Custom Sprites.
+Custom Physics(optional).
-Frozen Water.
-Removed Sonic.exe

Merry Christmas, fellow Maniaacs.
Download links:
W/ Ice Physics:

W/O Ice Physics:

The credits for the music have been included in the description. And yes, I know of the spare tiles in HCZ1, and yes, I'm dying inside because of it.

Have some screenshots.
X-Mas Maniaac - HHZ.png X-Mas Maniaac - CPZ.png X-Mas Maniaac - SPZ.png X-Mas Maniaac - HCZ.png X-Mas Maniaac - SSZ1.png X-Mas Maniaac - SSZ2.png X-Mas Maniaac - MMZ.png X-Mas Maniaac - Summary.png


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