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SAGE 2023 - Complete Mario and Luigi: Superstar Simulator


Superstar Simulator focuses on the battle elements of the Mario and Luigi series and enhances them with new enemies to fight and characters to play as. The playable characters range from the usual such as Mario, Luigi, and Bowser, but there are also some characters you wouldn't expect in this format such as Paper Mario, Sonic, or even Peppino from Pizza Tower. Each battle has something special and unique to bring to the table, like a new mechanic while dodging or a phase 2 that changes things up. There are some extra things to do as well, like playing minigames or going on bounty missions by collecting wanted posters in the overworld/HUB area.


Dry Bowser boss fight:

Koopa Kids boss fight:

Luigi's Picture Poker minigame:


- Fire Mario transformation
- Waluigi sprite revamp
- Added random rain and day to night cycle to the overworld after every completed battle
- Revamped shop (Top right building next to the cafe)
- Revamped minigame select (Top left building next to the cafe)
- Added Sonic Run minigame
- Added Picture Poker minigame
- The save button in the middle of the overworld has been replaced with a save billboard
- Added wanted posters to the overworld

- Bounty list as of this update:
* Elite Octogoomba
* Shadow Mario
* King K. Rool
* The Noise

- Added clock to the overworld (collect to have wanted posters appear instantly)

- Battle background replacements:
* Octogoomba
* Shadow Mario
* Goomboss
* King K. Rool
* Eggman

- Jump attack now has proper physics similar to dodge jumping
(Applies to Mario, Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Wario's ground pound)
- GBA styled characters now have proper hit effects for their attacks
- Bowser's dodge moves are faster
- Peppino's attack speed has been increased
- Peppino's grab dash is faster and has after effects
- Peppino bounces back during his forward throw
- Sonic now has proper physics after bouncing back from the enemy during the Spindash and
Homing attack
- Added the first special attack for Bowser (Press D during his turn)
- New Luigi dodge mechanics:
* Duck (hold the down arrow key)
* Super Mario Bros. 2 super jump (Press Z when Luigi shines during crouch state)

- Shroob:
* New on fire attack
* Tutorial during the fire attack

- Goomboss revamp:
* The Blue and Red Goombas that spawn have new sprites
* Blue Goombas now have proper jumping animations and jump physics
* During angry state, 2 more variants of Goombas spawn (Paragoomba, Tanoomba)
* The Tanoombas that spawn have new sprites
* Goomboss can now become angry when enough HP is taken from him instead of just an amount of
his army defeated
* Goomboss gains some health back after becoming angry

- Bouldergeist attacks adjusted to compensate for Waluigi's changes

- King K. Rool:
* NEW MECHANIC - When his crown is thrown off screen, there is a chance it will not come back.
During this time, the jump attack is usable
* His animations have been smoothed out
* His cannonballs spawn faster
* He stomps any time the player presses down before he reaches DK at the start of his punch attack

- New phase 2 cutscene and background for the Eggman battle
- Further code optimizations to remove unnecessary file size of the game
- Darth Vader battle
- Dry Bowser battle
- Koopa Kids (Mario Party) battle
- Joker (Persona 5) battle
- First crossover battle (Dry Bowser being available to fight as Mario)


Every Mario and Luigi series sprite, background, ost, etc by Nintendo
Every Sonic series sprite, ost, etc by Sega and Sonic Team
Each custom spritesheet and background provided by various users on Deviantart, Spriters Resource, and Mario Fan Games Galaxy
Exclusive sprites and backgrounds provided by members of the official Discord server


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