1. Nitoba

    Working on a videogame...

    I've now started working on an RPG videogame in the style of Undertale and Off. I'm for now just working on some of the basic animations and on the general story line. The engine will be Unity and I can only show how I'm working on a sprite.
  2. JRPG_gamer105

    Game Jin Conception

  3. Sonic RPG Episode 10 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic RPG Episode 10 Demo

    This Episode 10 of the old series Sonic RPG It was made by fans so we prefer to call it: Fan-Made Sonic RPG Episode 10 Demo We thank MidNightMaren for his cooperation to this project by giving us the Seelkadoom voice and the animation for the first cutscene and all who encouraged us to make...
  4. Demon Legend

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Demon Legend

    Hello and welcome SAGE fans! (Notice: updated build can be found at https://demon-legend.com/sage-demo-build while the SAGE servers are unable to accept new downloads) The game: Demon Legend is a retro action platformer set in a Yokai apocalypse, and features many Japanese legends / Yokai...
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic the Hedgehog RPG: Entropy

    (Box art commission by SegaMew (@segamew)) UPDATE: Check out our website (www.satamrpg.com) for all the latest updates and demos! Sonic RPG is an ambitious project to create a full-scale RPG based on Sonic SatAM. Inspired by classic RPGs like Super Mario RPG and Chrono Trigger, Sonic RPG...
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus

    Sonic the Comic featured a villain named Brutus. He was a super badnik that was programmed with Robotnik's brain patterns. He didn't appear in many issues, but he left an impression on me. I wanted to take that character, expand on him, and see how he might fit into the games' canon. This...
  7. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2020 Demo)

    One year has passed since the heroic monkey Lloyd defeated the Titan Kronos at Chernobyl, but evil never truly dies. With Kronos amassing a new army of dark gorillas and putting the universe at risk, Lloyd is forced to team up with the alien princess Lura as she reawakens her magical powers. The...
  8. Project: Mania - SAGE 2020 Demo

    SAGE 2020 - Demo Project: Mania - SAGE 2020 Demo

    A mega collection of games and love letter to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic SAGE 2020 DEMO NOW AVAILABLE! Project Mania is a series of games in development that are presented and compiled as a single, greatest-hits collection celebrating the recently-concluded run of My Little...
  9. SJWebsterArt

    Fan Game Sonic the Hedgehog: Brutus (RPG)

    About this game Who's Brutus? Trailer Screenshots Credits
  10. Trinitroid

    Sonic and the Mayhem Master (New Update Available)

    "The first part of the full fix update is now ready! Witness the cackling disaster within the autonomous factory of Neembous Town, and solve the havoc from within." THIS GAME IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS This build may be a bit unstable. It is also VERY SHORT. This is just the second half of the test...
  11. MegaMan Star Force EndWave

    MegaMan Star Force EndWave

    Take control of the human Geo Stelar and the alien Omega-Xis as they fuse together to become the interstellar warrior known as MegaMan! Use a wide variety of specialized attacks, called Battle Cards, to take down powerful opponents in this fast-paced, grid-based action RPG! This is a Mega Man...
  12. Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo)

    Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo)

    Returning for SAGE 2019, this new demo of Lloyd the Monkey 2 offers a clearer display of the project's scope, having added many features to bring it more in-line with its inspirations. This year's demo includes: Town Stage (Byzantium Castle) Four Action Stages Power Mountain Forest Temple...
  13. Chaos War Zone - Act 2

    Chaos War Zone - Act 2

    Chaos War Zone - Act 2 UPDATE! v1.5 is now Available! In a World surrounded in complete Chaos! Sonic & Shadow find themselves facing off with a new Enemy, Alpha! Underestimating him, Alpha manages to Destroy the Master Emerald, Which then disrupts the balance of the whole Universe! Realizing...
  14. S

    Game Sonic RPG: A Sonic SatAM Game

    Showcase: SAGE 2020 Teaser: SAGE 2019 Trailer: Overview: This is an RPG inspired by Sonic SatAM, mixing elements of Super Mario RPG and classic Final Fantasy games. This project is being actively developed and you can follow what I'm doing on the project's development blog. Developer...
  15. Sonic and the Mayhem Master

    SAGE 2021 - Demo Sonic and the Mayhem Master

    THIS GAME IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS This build may be a bit unstable. This game is subject to change from a fangame to an indie game status in the future. Sonic and the Mayhem Master is a fanmade RPG game that is based on the Sonic Storybook series. The game offers a new look that fits to the...
  16. Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity

    Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity

    DOWNLOAD (Because it's just a tad too big...): https://www.mediafire.com/file/nu2ew29g5hahlvm/Temporal Shift SAGE 2017 Demo.zip Temporal Shift: Flow of Eternity (shortened to Temporal Shift) is an RPG heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. Plot Synopsis: The game stars Cythan Algato, the...