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SAGE 2023 - Demo Mekanikko



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Mekanikko is a RPG that takes place in the world of modern retro steampunk. Explore the world of automatons, as weird things are always about to happen. Meet wacky characters with each of their own story tell. Solve cases with your sugar-freak partner, and find out the truth of a tale in this mechanical city.

This build does not fully represent the final outcome of the project, as it will be change. All of the graphics, spritework, and programming are done by the creator. None of the soundtracks are officially made. This project has been moved from fangame to indie game status recently. Yes, this game was previously known as Sonic and the Mayhem Master.

If you want to see some active development stuff or updates before the next builds, I recommend checking out the GameJolt page, since most of the stuff has been archived and published. I'll try my best to send dev logs every now then in this page. The link is down below after the warning.

Features (Soon-to-be)
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  • Explore an unique pre-futuristic world of steampunk, with characters that know how to tickle your fancy (or not).
  • Venture through different chapters, each of it has its own mystery and story to share.
  • Take control on this multitasking battle system, where the pressure goes on until you drop.
  • Battle against a huge array of mechanical foes and engineers as each of them have their own gimmick and style.
  • And goofy and witty dialogue! What? Not your type of humor?

  • W/A/S/D ========= Movement
  • E ============== Talk / Interact / Gadget Activate
  • Left Click ========= Interact/Shoot
  • W ============= Jump
  • S ============== Crouch
  • W+S ============ Drop Slam
  • A/D ============ Gadget Select / Attack (only when it's your turn)




What's New? // (1.1.4) -- September 6, 2023
  • The major points for Chapter 01 are done and ready for the public to try.
    • This include the revamped intro segment and plot.
    • Juncture Tower is ready to be explored as the final area of the chapter.
      • V03:The timer for the third maze has been slowed down considerably by half.
        • V04: Timer has been reduced to 1/4 of its speed.
        • V04: The number of enemies has been reduced.
    • Ilumina's boss fight has been redone and improved.
      • V03: The fight has been tweaked, making it a bit easier to handle.
      • V03: The volume for the boss theme has been increased.
  • Auton and the rest received a new makeover (mostly).
  • Changed the textbox design for reducing clutterness and improving visibility.
  • Introducing the Ambush System, where enemies lend each other a hand during combat.
  • Improved some systems that benefit the stability.


This game is created and programmed by James Luigi A. Lising (Trinitroid), and it is done in GameMaker Studio 2.
The Boss Theme music is composed by John Laurel, who did original music for the game.

Most of the music and sounds do not belong to the actual creator of this game. Some tracks need to be mentioned, though;
  • MegaMan 5 - Gravity Man (Remix) = Synthescissor
  • Celeste - Checking In = Lena Raine
  • MegaMan Starforce 3 - Meteor Server (Remix) = KokiRemix

Other Information
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Latest reviews

I just got done playing it. It was a blast! I just adore the game's art and visuals. All the characters and enemies are very cute and the writing was great and even made me chuckle at times, even if English is clearly not the dev's native language. I can see Deltarune inspiration in some of the game's areas, it's really cool! I also love the battle system. It's really unique and actually kinda reminds me of 'The World Ends With You', what with the button/mouse hybrid system. It also reminds me of 'Sonic RPG' or 'Final Fantasy VII' with attacks being tied to a meter that you wait to fill up. The field puzzles and enemy attack patterns are all engaging and fairly challenging. The puzzles in Juncture Tower were actually pretty tricky and I spent a little while finding the right solution for some of them. Jumping in battle is a little bit buggy. And I really wish there were a run button. But other than those two issues, the game is still really good. I can't wait to see more of the game soon!
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So, I almost passed this up cuz there was no gameplay trailer or anything on this page. I ended up looking at your Youtube page to take a glance at gameplay. Looked interesting so I quickly went to play this myself. I'll just get my only real critiques out of the way. English is definitely not your first language, but I'd barely call that a problem. I understood everything no problem. The lack of diagonal movement bothered me a tiny bit, but I adjusted fairly quickly. Small nitpick.

Those aside, I loved everything about the battle system. It started pretty simple at first, but holy crap the boss went in hard and I loved every second of it! That was a perfect taste of the battle system's potential. The only thing that confused me in that fight were the green arrow projectiles they fired. At first I thought that even the arrow lines would damage me. I eventually did learn that only the arrow heads could deal damage. Maybe make the arrow lines a different color to indicate that they're harmless or don't include the lines. The arrow even lose their lines once they reach their second phase, I'm not sure why they're there in the first place.

I'm already in love with this project and I'm eager to see more!
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I am always up for games to combine silly and serious when done right, this might be it.
The gameplay is great, I do like the action oriented combat with the use of my mouse and keys at the same time, so it creates a natural dynamic.
The sound and music I don't have much to say since it's taken from other games but I'd say is fitting enough.
The worldbuilding and characters are really well done, very good characterization and very cute style, I dig it a lot.
And the writing, my god the writing, it's just the good kind of silly and I love it, every time it strikes me with something that has me smiling or chuckling, albeit you also know how to create serious or tense moments, IE: Auton going into an existential rant.
In summary I do like this game for what it is and I am hoping to see more of it soon.


There needs to be a thorough explanation of the battle system and more of highlighting of what which things does, cause i still have no clue what win condition is and why battles end without me attacking once

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