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SAGE 2022 - Demo Headmaster Disaster

General Information


This game is a work-in-progress and will be constantly changing. Be aware that the demo is currently very short, and can be finished in around ten minutes. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let me know.

Play Now (Online Version 0.3)!
Play the Bonus Demo (Online Version 1.0 - 1.3 Sneak Peek)!
Headmaster Disaster's Website:

Alternate links can be found in Updates...

Headmaster Disaster is an original #rpg and #puzzle game meant to challenge the player's grasp on physics and movement by constantly changing gimmicks and obstacles. Take part in "battles" against teachers and students at Sawfish High school and uncover its mysteries.
It's a new school year at Sawfish High School, but with the entrance of a mysterious new principal, it's no longer ordinary. Teachers are acting strangely and students are ferocious and feral. Follow Hazel and Petros as they not only fight for their grades but also their minds and uncover secrets about their world's past. But remember, there's no homework, that is... because you may never come home.


Currently, the game is in a very early state, and many of the mechanics and sprites are simple. Here's what to expect:
  • Tutorial against Petros
  • Battle against Mr. Lindor
  • Battle against Sporky
  • Battle against Rufus
  • Dialogue
  • Automatic game saving

Basic controls include:
ARROW KEYS can be used to move around
E can be used to interact with Dialogue squares
Q can be used to speed up dialogue
SPACE can be used to exit or skip dialogue
WASD can be used for movement and Attack blocking
A+D makes a Horizontal Counterattack
W+S makes a Vertical Counterattack

Playing the Demo:
Currently there are two ways to play the Headmaster Disaster Demo (0.3) and I will explain them here.
1 - Playing online on the main Replit page or on the mirror GameJolt page (recommended) This one's easy to do, just click the link (at the top - version 0.3, or the "Play Game" on the GameJolt page) and it will play in the browser. If there are any loading errors (the music plays but the menu is still loading) reload the page and it should work. If your game is lagging, try playing on a smaller screen size by resizing your window and reloading.
2 - Running the HTML file from the SAGE 2022 Booth Download the zip file [] from the booth and to run the game, run the HTML file called index.html to run the game. The files are the same as what is run on the online versions, but assets may not load if your browser blocks them.

Playing the Bonus Demo:
Just in time for SAGE I was able to put together a short, battle-only demo which gives a sneak peek at what the next update of Headmaster Disaster will look like. The game has been remade in the Phaser framework in order to fix preloading issues, reduce lag, and allow for quicker updates on the game. This demo does not, however, have a tutorial, so make sure to read the controls before playing! Here is how you can play it:
1 - Running the EXE version of the game from the SAGE 2022 Booth Download the zip file [] from the booth and run the game. Check the README file for instructions and known bugs.
2 - Playing online on the Replit or GameJolt pages Click this link, or the one on the GameJolt page and play the game!

Meet the Characters:

Hazel the Axolotl-Ferret
A somewhat short-tempered axolotl-ferret that loves technology and (somehow) studying.

Petros the Ant-Pangolin
Hazel's best friend who's an expert at the Old Language. He's always optimistic although his tests can be annoying.

Mr. Lindor the Fennec Fox-Durian
A teacher at Sawfish High School, well known for his tennis skills. If you get him angry you better be fast at dodging tennis balls.

Sporky the Owl-Dog
A student at Sawfish High School with a strange obsession with sporks. He wears Spork-Cannons on his arms to store and use his sporks effectively. It does limit his ability to do things with his hands, though.
Spork Pic Test.png

Rufus the Kestrel-Cat
The current principal of Sawfish High School. Nothing much is known about him, other than his abnormal choice in clothes.


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