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Complete GT Battle Station Xross Generations


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Join Leo, Sonic, and Jotaro as they go on a quest to find and collect 5 shattered Crystals from 5 different generations and defeat the legendary god who made the plan up to save everyone's home generation!


When The Crystal of All Generations shattered into 5 mini crystals, the God Of All Generations sent in Eggman, Infinite, Dr willy, Madara, and DIO to keep protecting the crystals so nobody can get them. Meanwhile, 20 minutes later, Leo was sleeping inside Rocket's room until he looked outside and the huge blast is covering the entire field and Leo was sucked in! In the unknown place, a blue fairy named Navi wakes up Leo and explains what happened. They both got out of the place and landed in Sunshade Village, a sky-island village. Right after they meet Sonic and Jotraro, they formed a perfect team and so the search for the 5 shattered Crystals begins!


Featuring characters from every series, like Little Einsteins, sonic the hedgehog, Jojo's bizarre adventure, Keroro Gunso, Naruto, and more!
Listen to Japanese voice audio!
Fully animated story and battle cutscenes!
Jump into 5 different generations and fight your way to the boss to get the crystals back!
Use your controller to maximize the adventure!


There are a total of 13 achievements you can unlock*! Can you unlock them all!?

*Existing GameJolt account required.




Updates in this version:
-The game is now compatible with GameJolt Badges
-The final clip is more detailed

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