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Lloyd the Monkey 2 (SAGE 2019 Demo)

Project Overview

Returning for SAGE 2019, this new demo of Lloyd the Monkey 2 offers a clearer display of the project's scope, having added many features to bring it more in-line with its inspirations. This year's demo includes:
  • Town Stage (Byzantium Castle)
  • Four Action Stages
    • Power Mountain
    • Forest Temple
    • Norda Amusement Park
    • Byzantium University
  • Unlockable Abilities
  • Functional Save System
  • Opening Animated Cutscene (Mostly storyboards)
The full game is scheduled for release in summer 2020 for PC, and will feature twelve action stages, three town stages and some fun surprises.

Update (10/2/2019):
In response to some feedback received earlier today, we've made an updated demo with the following changes:
  • Bugfixes pertaining to cutscenes.
  • Most cutscenes can now be skipped by holding Defense and pressing Jump.
We encourage future players to download to get these updates.

Screenshots and media!

Bonus Content

One year has passed since the battle at Chernobyl, and it's safe to say Lloyd's honeymoon with Violet has gone awry. The return of Kronos' forces on unfamiliar territory forces Lloyd and Princess Lura to team up in a new adventure, but will the two of them triumph once again?

With gameplay inspired by Sonic Heroes and Mega Man X, Lloyd the Monkey 2 is a thrill ride that players will want to experience again and again.

Standard Controls (Keyboard/Xbox Controller)
AWSD Keys/Left Analog Stick - Run, Move Motorboat
J Key/A Button - Jump, Skip Movie, Next Line
K Key/B Button - Attack, Talk to NPC
I Key/Y Button - Switch Character
U Key/X Button - Defensive Manuevers, Talk to NPC
Enter/Start Button - Pause Game/Skip Movie
U Key + J Key/X Button + A Button: Skip Cutscene
If desired, you can customize the controls in the Launcher.


Game Staff
Original Concept:
Noah Meyer and April Zackowski
Character and Game Design, Art, Program and Scenario: Noah Meyer
Placeholder Assets from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 property of SEGA
Music: Hunter Lobdell
English Voice Cast
Lloyd, Rilassare:
Noah Meyer
Lura: Abbie Rieber
ADR Director: Noah Meyer
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