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SAGE 2023 - Demo Super Mario Continuance - Sage 2023 Edition


CAUTION: Some cutscenes contain blood and gore. Future chapters will contain potentially upsetting themes such as mental illness, cannibalism, and the occult. It is not recommended you play this game if you are especially sensitive to such material.


Super Mario Continuance follows Riba from RPG Maker horror game "(Mario) The Music Box" on a quest to bring the Mushroom Kingdom's beloved hero, Mario, back from the dead. To do this, Riba must help Len Alwenia Foska (the god of rebirth) destroy an enigmatic entity who is traveling through time and erasing Riba from existence.

In the Open Zone levels, hunt for Green Stars to break down Barriers and progress through the hand-drawn visual novel story. Uncover the secrets of Riba's past in the Memory Fragment levels and fight for your life against two impossibly powerful bosses. Chapters 3 & 4 will be released at a later date.

BONUS - Included in the SAGE 2023 release is a Sage (Sonic Frontiers) outfit for Len.



Credits available after beating Chapter 2's boss.
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Latest reviews

Tried this game for the first time and it is amazing! The art is cute, and the story is dark but great and well written! (for the best experience, highly recommend that you check out the source material, Mario: The Music Box, which this fangame is based on).

Controls were hard at first, but once I got used to them it was a breeze. Levels are huge and very creative! Fair warning though, you need to explore every part of the levels because, without spoiling, there are things hidden that you need to find to proceed with future levels (no worries though, the game allows you to backtrack as many times as you want). Very grateful there are checkpoints and the Stars respawn every few minutes.

Bosses were VERY good. 2nd one was a little too OP though, because of health replenishing too much whenever you die. It is beatable though, and it requires a lot of speed and strategy. They are very creative though and give me hope for future bosses.

Overall, I love this game and I think it's worth checking out! 4-4.5 out 5!
It is extremely fun to zip around with the speed you can gain with the movement ability but i would often finish a level without the required stars to progress. Level design is fun story is dark but thats the point, cant speak too much to it as i do not have the content of the past game.

Worth Checking Out
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Very fun and addicting game. Simply jumping and running around with the partner’s abilities mixed in really just works so well. The story is enticing even for those that may not understand a lot about the source material (Mario The Music Box). The art is appealing as well! I think this will go somewhere. I recommend it!
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