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JohnGagz(TBA) + Blitz S21 Demo [Not Available]

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JohnGagz SAGE 2021 DEMO download is no longer available anymore
But, play the earliest version of JohnGagz "JohnGagzProject" or see JohnGagz characters from the game on "MagnumAlpasan Original Characters Museum("

Mircosoft Windows ver. only, I will release Mac version if possible.
Choose .zip or .rar(.zip is a best one)

Please Read Carefully, If you want 720p? Create shortcut, then go to properties, change the target text like this (YOURCOMPUTER)\JohnGagzBlitzTester.exe -popupwindow -screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720.

JohnGagz is a game with various mixed play styles inspired by Sonic, Mario, Marble Blast, Marble Madness, Hoggy, Hamsterball, Tohou Project, Bejeweled, and Crash Bandicoot, for expert gamers. Whatever difficulty level you want to practice at, ranging from easy to extremely difficult, you'll find the kind of challenge you're looking for here. Over 80+ levels, 10 bonus levels, and 4 playable characters: JohnGagz, Juddie, Jackman, and Bohel!


The component city besides Davao or Cotabato in Philippines with both Filipinos and Americans are citizens with peaceful, look like Philippine/USA city style, and that doesn't exist your dimension/universe is called "Tiklap Rikano".

Then now JohnGagz, Juddie, Jackman, Bohel, Daisy, and Thunder will stop Francis Gravy from turning annoying horror city.

Humans, Anthropomorphic, and Talking/Non-Talking Animals exist in JohnGagz universe.

Krottaniks a.k.a Krottaloids are fictional creatures in Philippines like JohnGagz is a krottanik.

They will have hidden lores, incidents, and etc. ...

You just help their missions(Camusi, Fist, Jimmy, Stacley, Commander Solider Guy(W.I.P name), Furry Parrot Guy Sign(W.I.P name), and Witch Girl Store(W.I.P name)) to get Magical Thing(W.I.P name) to unlock Gravy's Cursed Forcefield.
(but, NOT IN ALPHA/SAGE 2021, Fist only)

in a new fun mode called:

A two-minute score attack game

(from SAGE 2020)
Q1: Is JohnGagz will be coming mobile devices?
A1: The mobile port will be includes in SECOND UPDATE, kids and teens using trendy things like social media, live cam at Instagram, Tiktok, playing MB(Mobile Legends), playing Voodoo and Playgendary games. This is why Mobile Legends is popular than LOL it was because many trendy people focus the ad and download MB, that's how promotion game to get popular works.
JohnGagz Mobile port will have touch controls SLIDE and BUTTON controls, SLIDE is walking movement, and BUTTONS are button controls(like Jump, Ability, and Use Power-Up). If you hate touch controls, It will have external/bluetooth controller support. So trendy people will play JG Mobile port than playing MB if interested. Also JG Mobile port is a pocket-size game for traveling, during earthquake, and after outdoor sport.

Q2: This game will inspired by FP and STJ?
A2: No. JohnGagz is inspired by Hoggy(Hoggy is a puzzle gravity-fliping game), Marble Blast, Bejeweled, Hamsterball, Marble Madness, and I said it at "What is JohnGagz". I will play FP and STJ after developing JG1.

Q3: Is JohnGagz will might be an Adult Game?
A3: Of course, It's PG-13, E10 or Teen as possible. JohnGagz story is inspired by The Flintstones, The Simpsons, Spongebob Squarepants, Regular Show, and Sonic. Also DON'T WORRY JohnGagz is for kids, teens, and adults.

Q4: Where is a release date? You said it's delayed to 2019, 2020, or 2021.
A4: Unfortunately, It was computer's power problem at last ago, I will tell you an release date when is adding features are finished because it was delayed again to TBA(To Be Announced)

Q5: Is JohnGagz is a next to Super Smash Melee, Marble Blast Games, and Hamsterball?
A5: Yes, It will have my hidden techniques for sure.

Q6: Is JohnGagz will be coming at consoles like Switch, PS5, and XSX?
A6: Only Switch port will have possible as budget and includes SECOND UPDATE, PS5 and XSX will have future releases after going road to building company because I'm in a homemade company.

Q7: Why Sliobs are the annoying enemies?
A7: Yes, because they are annoying enemies that waste your time.

Q8: Why JohnGagz's voice is awful.
A8: In short, It was because of poor microphone recording, We will buy the new high quality mircophone for possible as budget.

Q9: Why JohnGagz Menu Music is a placeholder?
A9: In short, Yes because it just a placeholder, JohnGagz Theme will keep the music sheet, and JG Composers are late.

Q10: Is JohnGagz will have humans in universe?
A10: Yes, find the word "Story" at this page and read full "Story"'s description.

Q11: JohnGagz is an fan game?
A11: No, JohnGagz is a original indie game. Read "What is JohnGagz?"'s description.

Q12: JohnGagz is TJPTHA?(The Jean-Pierre the Human Animal)
A12: Yes but, The JG story has been changed and TJPTHA was originally going to be Sonic fangame.
The reason I changed JohnGagz's name at 2016 it was because of real name( and I'm Jean Pierre Alpasan at Facebook).
If you are Facebook Sonic user when you saw and friend me in 2014, I'm glad you to revisit the TJPTHA in 2020, and I'm sorry to annoy and tagging you for forcing joining JP website team because I was very dumb when I was 11.


NOTE: SURVIVAL is not available in Alpha/Pre-Beta, Play ADVENTURE and BLITZ mode instead.


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