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Light and Shadow (Demo Sage 2021)

General Information

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light and shadow: it is an upcoming 2D platform game, a rare mix of puzzle and action shooting, play as Leo a boy with a prosthetic arm that allows him to shoot light, thus illuminate lamps and get rid of the shadow dark cloud that his weakness is the light

The demo contains a compilation of 4 levels together as if they were segments or acts of a single level. in the full game those levels will already be separated or if I can update it to activate the exploration
Default controls:
X = Jump
X = shot light
Down (Hold) + X = jumpshot light
Left and Right = moved
pause = space bar

update content ver.1.2:
- finally has checkpoint added
- also accessibility of dropped levels
- Cubin added at all levels


I will take it into account, although I do not know if to reduce the sizes
of the levels or whether to add checkpoint

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