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SAGE 2022 - Demo Light and Shadow - Demo Sage 2022

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Light and Shadow
"Light and Shadow" is a 2D platform game, you play as Leo, who ended up lost in the valley and his purpose is to return to his girlfriend Mia, who is worried about him, while avoiding meeting his greatest fear the "Shadow"


A 17-year-old boy who was born without an arm, so he uses a prosthesis whose energy is connected to his body. This grants him the ability to shoot light using his own energy.
Mia: 16 and a half year old. She is a shy girl, so she finds it difficult to socialize. That is until he met Leo and forged a friendship with him, to later blossom a romance between the two that grew stronger over time.
Michi: It's Mia's cat. There is no more explanation.
Shadow: It is a mysterious cloud of artificial origin, it is not known how or where it came from, but you better not get too close to it.


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