1. Chao Bandstand (SM64 Level Hack)

    SAGE 2021 - Complete Chao Bandstand (SM64 Level Hack)

    Story: One faithful afternoon, Vanilla was helping the lil' chao prepare a bandstand till suddenly, all the instruments were stolen! The poor chao ever so upset and Vanilla in no shape to find them, asks her daughter to go out and find them. Cream has to explore the aptly themed Music Plant...
  2. Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    Mod Spotlight: Chao World Extended

    My first ever article for Sonic Fan Games HQ involves what I feel is my most favorite 3D Sonic mod that's available. That is, of course, Chao World Extended. Chao World Extended, managed by DarkyBenji, Exant, mindacos and ChaoGardenBuster, is exactly what the name implies. It expands Sonic...
  3. Chao Sound Effects and Vocals

    Chao Sound Effects and Vocals

    A collection of sound effects and noises made by Chao.
  4. C

    Chao Fan Games

    As much as I like a standard Sonic fan game where you race around zones with Sonic and collect rings, I was wondering if anyone has any good memories with some more chill chao fan games? Me personally, I remember this one fan game that I wish I could find again but haven't had any luck. The...
  5. overlord nigel

    chao sprites

    good day all i have been slowly moving on with my chao games but i hit a small stump in no good at are so i'm here asking if anyone can help there project i need sprites for rpg maker mv and there for moving around the world map iv tried to find some but non work with mv. obviously if you can...
  6. overlord nigel

    help making a chao game

    im working on 2 sonic fangame one on rpg maker mv and one on clickteam fusion but i what to add a chao garden game to the rpm maker mv project where not only can you look after multiple chao but race and fight them (at mo i can't even evolve them) as a side part of game. the click team fusion...
  7. Donnie the chao Final Mix

    Donnie the chao Final Mix

    Donnie the chao Final Mix is the last update of the hack that formerly was known as Donnie the chao Special Edition which was shown on SAGE 2016 and Sonic hacking contest 2016. This update features new level layout for Marble and New layout for Spring yard act 1. Donnie the chao Final mix...
  8. Starturbo

    Game Roblet Land

    Roblet Land is a 2D pet simulator where you take care of robots. Keep in mind, this game is a heavy work in progress, so the images and video here do NOT represent the final game (although the artstyle is likely final). Feedback is welcome though regardless!