Chao Fan Games


Press Start Screen
Sep 9, 2018
As much as I like a standard Sonic fan game where you race around zones with Sonic and collect rings, I was wondering if anyone has any good memories with some more chill chao fan games?

Me personally, I remember this one fan game that I wish I could find again but haven't had any luck. The presentation wasn't even that great, but it was a very basic chao game where the sprites could actually be edited so you could get the chao to look however you wanted, and there were chao who had actual dialog for you (since you didn't raise them with characters; you played as the chao at times). I think it was called "Chao Life," but considering I haven't been able to find it, I'm almost definitely wrong.

Anyway, that was probably my best chao game memory since the game itself is rather silly and I also figured out how to give my chao stats, so I would raise my chao's stats absurdly high and go crazy.


Marble Zone
Apr 13, 2018
Ever heard of Chao Resort Island? I believe it was made by the same person who made Sonic Vs Darkness and I heard it's very good.