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Hello, and welcome to the page! This page will have a few things written about our project so that you can get a general gist of what's been cooking up!

About Sonic Galactic

Sonic Galactic is a 2D Fan-game inspired by the Classics. Taking a more "Saturn" approach with its art direction, Galactic aims to be a sort of continuation to where the classics left off. Aiming to follow the classics, Galactic features new zones, brand new sprites, and a new character! This energetic mole is more than willing to join the team in their battle against Dr. Eggman!

This has been a fangame under the works for about 3 years, and is currently using Hatch Game Engine, an engine built from the ground up with accuracy perfectly replicating the classics.


The group assembles! These 5 are the ones responsible for putting an end to Eggman's plans this time around.

Sonic the Hedgehog: The blue blur filled with attitude, Sonic's always itching to embark on a new venture! With the prolonged absence of Dr. Eggman after their last battle, he starts to gain a false sense of security during his vacation, little does he know of what was to come...

Miles "Tails" Prower: Sonic's closest ally and most trusted friend, this curious fox is always willing to follow alongside Sonic in his adventures! After scanning the badniks that disturbed their vacation, Tails (alongside Sonic) make haste for their source location, Dr. Eggman!

Knuckles the Echidna: The steadfast protector of Angel Island and the Master Emerald. Knuckles quickly caught on to Dr. Eggman's resurfacing with the badniks that attacked Angel Island. None of them coming to target the Master Emerald raised Knuckles' suspicion well enough. Understanding what this meant, Knuckles meets up with Sonic and co. to take Dr. Eggman down for good.

Fang the Sniper: This cunning weasel always has a plan to make himself a bountiful profit (most of them to his detriment...). Fang didn't take too kindly to being abandoned in the Atomic Destroyer by Dr. Eggman, so he's teamed up with Sonic and co. to take him down... for purely selfish reasons and rewards, of course!

Tunnel the Mole: This excitable young mole is adventurous and always up for a challenge! After noticing the abnormalities of Illusion Island caused by Dr. Eggman, Tunnel makes the decision himself to follow Sonic and co.'s trail after deciphering they're to be trusted to get to the bottom of what's going on!

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If you'd like to keep up with Galactic's progress, you can find us through Twitter! Here's our handle:

Latest reviews

This is a fantastic Sonic fan game; everything about it is amazing. I love the music; the character selection is great! Love the art style controls were great just a very smooth game overall and I would love to see more of this game in the future highly recommend This is amazing you should defiantly give it a chance you will not regret it at all and I would defiantly do a full gameplay if there is going to be a full version of the game in the coming future.
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The best sonic fan game i've ever played. I Love almost everything about this game! The animation, The art, The music and the levels are so good! I can't wait till the full game comes out and wish everyone who worked on this good luck. also it would be really cool i fyou added mighty and ray. You did a really good job!
So I was told my cousin was working on this game and that demo of it was out and that I should play it and give some feed back so that's what I'm here for. I'm not trying to complain about anything since it is just a demo so things can be changed this is just supposed to help make the game the best it can be. I also tested the game multiple times to make sure what I'm saying is correct.

1. I feel like Sonic should be faster as he is now he is the worst character to choose as every other character is just as fast as sonic yet they all have abilities on top of being just as fast as Sonic which considering the game is named after him is not good.

2. There is a bug in the game where if you die and respawn at a checkpoint the timer get's reset to zero instead of continuing where you left off.

3. Tunnel (Dig the mole) is a bit broken with him being able to tunnel into into both the ceiling and the walls. It breaks a lot of the platforming as you can just tunnel and jump up insane heights skipping the platforming entirely making him an easy pick for best character.

4. The bosses are pitifully easy. The worm takes about 3 hits before he scampers towards you but you can just roll at him and finish him off before he even reaches the other side of the screen and I once was only able to hit him twice but then I just pass straight through him as he reaches the other side of the screen. Eggman is just a joke with you being able to attack him both while he is one the ground and in the air. Perhaps it be a good idea to only be able to hit him when he is in the air and having to dodge him while he is recharging on the ground to make him more challenging but still have him feel like a first boss.

The rest of the game however is made really well. The art gives the same feeling mania did and the animations are extremely clean but tunnel can sticks out a bit when looking at every character side by side but maybe that's just me. The platforming is also done well but makes Sonic feel even worse when playing other character. The music is definitely one of my favorites but I get the impression they loop to quickly and it can get annoying if you want to explore the level a bit longer also.

I hope this helps and the rest of the game will be just as fun as the demo was to play. (why does the options menu not work tho.)
I completely agree with your point on Sonic's speed. It's always struck me as unusual that every character has identical velocity and acceleration. Perhaps Lilac, you could increase Sonic's top speed or accel value slightly, or even add a Peel-Out to actually make Sonic faster.


Well... This fangame is amazing! everything is so vibrant and amazing! the only problem is a bug i found, when as fang, use the popgun at the ring box, it will destroy it, but do it again. Yep, you gain another box. But other than that this game is amazing! Bug:
WDYM "removed by the editor", the glitch is super easy to replicate.
Incredible fangame I loved it, I just have one question can you add the peel out or the insta shield or they will add a cooperative mode to play on the same pc or to put mods because it would be super cool if they do that but only if they want and sorry for the inconvenience, good bye.
alright i beat the game with every character with save mode this time. i very like the characters
Wow this was very well done! I was pleasantly surprised to see this announced and try the alpha build. The physics are spot on, graphics are great, and level design is thoughtful with a few new features that feel organic to the franchise. I was bummed the special stage isn't available yet but I'm excited to see what it will be. Hopefully nothing too frustrating, as other Sonic Special Stages have been a sore spot for me. Sonic 2 had the most fun one IMO.

I think the only criticisms I have are with a few areas the graphics seem like they could use some polish- the little tiny helicopter guy's blades don't really look like they're moving, some added animation there would go a long way. The sand texture needs a bit of work as right now it looks too repetitive and "patterny" lol. Also some of the background scenes like the trees and water could use a tiny bit more detail added, because they're very smooth looking and it contrasts in an odd way with the foreground graphics which are more detailed and textured.

But don't take those criticisms as any kind of bashing, they're just things I've noticed that could use polish, and I understand this is an early build!

VERY well done!!
hey, so i downloaded the game, but i cant seem to get the game to work, as in everything i try wont open it. is there something i need to download for it to work, or what? thanks!
Where are the links to download these games? I created an account for this and Quantum Collision, but there doesn't seem to be any place to download them. Is there something I'm supposed to do first?

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