SAGE 2020 - Demo Sonic Galactic - SAGE 2020 Showcase Demo

I just finished playing both acts with all the characters. And I must say, I can't wait to see the full game. The graphics are excellent, the level design and music are very good too. I actually didn't expect to see the Drop Dash, but I really like it, and I love the gameplay of Fang and Tunnel, it's very original and very well implemented. You guys are doing an excellent job, keep it up!
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I love this game! It's the true Sonic 4 when it's complete. You may say Sonic Mania is the true Sonic 4, but this game follows the triagly's tradition of a new character. They are both god tier though.
Review: I love this game I love playing as Tunnel. He has shortcuts that make you feel like speedrunner but there's no possible way I can speedrun. The 1st zone is very good in level design. The the sprites are very good. I can't wait for this to be finished.
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Where u link download?
Great game so far; good music, amazing sprite work and a warm welcoming presentation. Galactic has spot-on physics and provides us with some clear, polished level design that lets you pinball through the level with varied, geometric structures like the classics. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all function as expected. (Quick Knuckles nitpick, the proportions on his head sprites tend to abruptly change sizes, which looks weird during gameplay)

The new character Tunnel The Mole has a nice, fully realized design that keeps it simple. You can really see the 90's Sonic Team influences that don't look out of place next to the established cast.

Tunnel continues the tradition of characters having a species-specific ability tailored towards gameplay (for Sonic 1 it was Sonic curling into a ball, for Chaotix on the 32X it was Espio sticking to walls and Charmy's quick flight, and finally Mania Plus's Mighty having shell armour and Ray's glide ability), and having paths exclusive to his digging ability is a cool way to utilize him based on that criteria. The cool thing about his wall/ceiling jumps is that, in addition to being able to navigate levels in a fun new way, it's also basically Mighty's Hammer Drop but better because it PRESERVES MOMENTUM when landing on sloped terrain; It's really fun to pull off.

Fang is a cool addition as well, having his pop gun function as a chargeable double jump and an attack is a clever way to implement him into a playable role. Everything looks solid and I'm looking forward to whatever comes next.
the game doesnt work for me.when I launch it . a black window apperirs
Pls help
Love goes all around for this game! Bringing back fang was one thing but ORIGINAL BOSSES? unheard of and background adapting to a sunset in act 1? you guys are making sonic game mechanics unique.

adding a story and options menu is a minior gripe from me.
Quotes from my friend includes;
"only issue i have is that i have to press the stick directly down to spin dash, instead of a 45 degree angle at the bottom but thats an easy fix"
"a tad easy, but its the first zone"

i give a 4 star because there are some other gripes such as the mole OC kinda being hard to use for a game with speed, maybe make the mole crawl fast while digged in? also because i can't edit controls yet [but thank you so much for adding controller support i love you]
still a really good game tho don't let my criticism get you down.
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My interest is in making the movesets a One-Off deal that doesn't force momentum being cut out, or doesn't get complicated. It's also to be only useful as a move to use in air. This is modeled after what style is adapted for the classic moves. This and being able to shoot while on ground (ala SRB2) being useless in 2D is why I personally have no interest in going that direction.
Does anybody know how to play in fullscreen?
SuperSonicDez9 I scoured the internet for an answer and couldn't find one, so I button mashed until I figured it out; it's F4. Hit F4 and it'll fullscreen.
Very fun level design, and the new characters fit in perfectly, especially Fang! Music is catchy and well composed, and the sprite work is some of the best I've seen in a fan work, and even in official works! So excited to see where this game is headed, because the framework is certainly set for this to be one of the best sonic fan games ever created. Nothing but praise from me! (Love love love the menus too)
Thank you! Me and the team absolutely appreciate your comments, please do look forward to more in our future!