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SAGE 2022 - Demo Possess Quest Demo (SAGE 2022)

General Information

Possess Quest is a puzzle platformer where you play as the enemies. It is currently quite early in development, though I figured I'd release a demo to give everyone a chance to play it in advance. It contains 1 world with 5 levels, with the rest planned for the full release of the game.

Game Instructions:

Travel through each level and run into enemies to swap to them. Try to be mindful of which enemy is required to progress and watch out for hazards!

Controllers should work with the game, although be aware X-Input ones are recommended and right now there's only button prompts for Keyboard, Xbox, and PlayStation controllers.

Pressing the R key (or the select button on a controller) will reset the current level, though be aware any retries will be included in the results at the end of the demo.

You can also press the S key (or the Y/Triangle button) to freely move the camera around. This can help with figuring out the best way to complete a level.

If you want a challenge, try to collect as many coins and golden bills as possible without dying or resetting as quickly as you can. Though how you play is up to you!

Use Alt+Enter (in the downloadable Windows version) or F11 (in the downloadable Linux version) to make the game fullscreen.

The L key will bring you to level select and the O and P keys can be used to raise/lower the water on Level 1-5. These are mainly for testing purposes, but I thought I'd leave them in for people to mess with!

Getting it Running:

Windows: Just unzip the game into its own directory and it should work. Ignore any warnings your OS or antivirus may throw at you, I promise it's safe!

Linux: On some versions of Ubuntu (or Linux in general) you may need to install the following dependencies in order to play the game:


You might also need to check "Allow executing file as program" under the game's Permissions (in the executable's Properties) in order to launch it.

Additionally, the game may not work on certain Linux versions and distros. There is little I can do about this, so please understand that.


The game can also be downloaded and/or played at the following links:

Game Jolt:

You can also visit these links to keep up with my projects:



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