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SAGE 2022 - Complete Green Crab Grab (SAGE 2022)

General Information

Green Crab Grab is an arcade-like clicker game where you catch invasive crabs. Just figured it would be a good, small project to work on for my first real game. And as it's now finished, I figured why not submit it to SAGE?

Game Instructions:

Click on the green crabs to catch them while avoiding robotic ones, collecting powerups whenever possible.

That's pretty much it, different crabs have different point values too however, and the game speeds up the longer you play.

If you lose, keep practicing and feel free to share your awesome scores and times on social media!

Use Alt+Enter (in the downloadable Windows version) or F11 (in the downloadable Linux version) to make the game fullscreen. Playing this way is recommended if possible.

Pressing the R key instantly causes you to lose while the space bar can be used instead of clicking if desired.

Getting it Running:

Windows: Just unzip the game into its own directory and it should work. Ignore any warnings your OS or antivirus may throw at you, I promise it's safe!

Linux: On some versions of Ubuntu (or Linux in general) you may need to install the following dependencies in order to play the game:


You might also need to check "Allow executing file as program" under the game's Permissions (in the executable's Properties) in order to launch it.

Additionally, the game may not work on certain Linux versions and distros. There is little I can do about this, so please understand that.


The game can also be downloaded and/or played at the following links:

Game Jolt:

You can also visit these links to keep up with my projects:







Green Crab Grab Screenshot 5.png


Neat little game!
Thanks! I'd also encourage you and anyone else who might be interested to check out the Possess Quest demo (it's the other game I submitted) as it's a more serious project which people seem to enjoy more so. But I appreciate you trying this out and leaving a comment!
The game is a fun and addictive arcade.

The things that could improve the games:
  • Make the robot crabs more evident, as their speed make it difficult to spot them. Make them red or entirely grey or something.
  • A different sprite or shade in order to distinguish if the net is deployed or not in the clickdrop mode
It has the potential to be a great mobile game for causal play sessions.

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